Ongoing War on Asians: racist hollywood fans on a roll after Kenichi Ebina wins America’s got talent

the latest news in Hollywood’s inspired war on Asians. fans of racist hollwood continue to act out what they see in cinemas.



Convicted terrorist and jihadi in Syria declared a martyr by a Toronto mosque. Prayers requested.

Posted on September 26, 2013 by Eeyore

Only CTV had the common sense and integrity to report this important component of this story. To be honest, I don’t care that he managed to get out of Canada and walk into Assad’s meat grinder in Syria. I wish all religious muslims that think as he does would do the same. But it is important that Canadians know, that a Toronto mosque would bestow the highest honour available in Islam on someone who spent time in jail for training and planning to do major terrorist attacks on Canada and her institutions, and was not just unrepentant, but then went on to fight jihad in Syria.

Is this news to readers of sites like this one? Of course not. We expect this would be the case. But the media as usual is doing the scrub down and that is unforgivable. Except for CTV. At least there is that.

Tainted hotdogs found at Oakvale Green Park

TORONTO – A warning has been issued to pet owners and parents after the discovery of hot dogs laced with a “suspicious substance” in a park near the Danforth.

Toronto Police say the frankfurters containing “an unknown substance” were located Monday in Oakvale Green Park, south of Danforth Ave. — just a couple of blocks from where a similar incident killed one pooch and made more than a dozen others sick nearly a decade ago.



Interesting comment at the SUN page:

I don’t know if it is related or not but this park is behind a Mosque in an area of the Danforth that is heavily Muslim. We know Muslims hate dogs (along with just about everything else).

I also found this interesting Hadith:


From Bukhari Vol. 4, #540

Narrated ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar: Allah’s Apostle ordered that the dogs should be killed.

From Abu Dawud #2839

Abd Allah B. Mughaffal reported the apostle of Allah as saying: Were dogs not a species of creature I should command that they all be killed; but kill every pure black one.

The Hadith’s note for #2839 says, “The prophet did not order the killing of all the dogs, for some are to be retained for hunting and watching. He ordered to kill the jet black ones. They might be more mischievous among them.

From Muslim #3814

Ibn Mughaffal reported: Allah’s messenger ordered the killing of dogs and then said, “what is the trouble with them (the people of Medina? How dogs are nuisances to them (the citizens of Medina)? He then permitted keeping of dogs for hunting and (the protection of) herds. …[and for] for the protection of cultivated land.

From Muslim #Number 055…

(And it goes on like that for some time)

Google Earth reveals a rather large masjid (Muslim radicalization structure) quite close to the park in question as well as halal pizza places etc.