A Month of Islam in America: November 2020

Creeping Sharia – A Month of Islam in America: November 2020 (tumblr.com)

November 2020. The greatest coup in American history. A color revolution.

We Were Warned – For The Record (posted November 3rd)


There was plenty of jihad activity in November, but the stolen election was, and continues to be, the crisis of most importance so we are posting that section first.

Due to recounts and challenges, it might be a while before we can officially determine how many jihad and sharia sympathizers were elected – legally or illegally. However, Hamas-linked, UAE-terror listed CAIR projects 57 Muslims won seats in November 2020 elections

Please click the links above/below for more details including a link to the original source (most often from the DOJ/FBI websites).

Election Jihad:

Joe Biden’s Biggest Fundraisers are Tied to Islamic Terrorists

Kamala Harris pledges to restore U.S. taxpayer funding to Palestinian terror (video)

MinneapolisMuslim city council candidate says she witnessed Democratic voter fraud (video)


MichiganDemocrat Gun-Grabbing, BLM-Supporting Muslim State Rep-Elect Threatens GOP Canvasser’s Children in Racist Diatribe


CaliforniaGrandson of Islamic terrorist (1972 Olympic’s Munich Massacre) projected to lose Congressional race


IndianaRepublican House Speaker attacks newly elected Republican over anti-Islam, anti-Catholic, anti-Pope posts

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) Brutalizes Ilhan Omar in Devastating Tweets Over Her Illicit Brother Marriage

Jihad in America:

New YorkMuslim immigrant who funded & scoped out NYC landmarks for al-Qaeda granted “compassionate” release by judge – 8 years early!


OregonMuslim immigrant who provided support to Islamic State (ISIS) for 5 years is charged…and released!


IndianaElkhart woman who helped her husband and brother-in-law join ISIS & took her children to ISIS in Syria gets just 6 years prison


OhioMuslims planned to attack Texas prison to free a convicted al-Qaeda jihadi – NO ONE ARRESTED!


New Jersey:

Sussex County Woman – Former Army National Guard – Arrested for Sending Money, Weapons Advice to Syrian Jihad Group


TennesseeISIS supporter arrested for jihad threats against Clarksville Police Department and the Fort Campbell PX Exchange


UtahMuslim Pleads Guilty – Distributed Bomb Making Videos for ISIS Terror Attacks


PennsylvaniaBangladeshi Husband and Wife Immigrants to US Plead Guilty to Helping Her Brothers Become ISIS Jihadis


South CarolinaMan Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Provide Material Support to ISIS


MinnesotaSuperseding Indictment Charges Two Anti-Police “Boojahideen” With Conspiracy, Material Support to Islamic Terror Group Hamas


OhioCourt of Appeals upholds conviction of Jordanian immigrant who tried to join ISIS


CaliforniaMuslim who stabbed 4 in 2015 jihad attack planned to praise allah while slitting the throats of Univ of California, Merced classmates, shoot others


State Dept Designates 2 Senior al-Shabaab Leaders as Terrorists; Sanctions Hezbollah-affiliated “Christian” politician in Lebanon

More Jihad in America:

New York City Islamic foundation’s Arabic-language website calls for the killing of those who insult Muhammad

New JerseyMuslim supremacist removed from flight, arrested after altercation with passenger


US Seizes 27 Additional Domain Names Used By Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps To Further A Global, Covert Influence Campaign

Previous monthly reports here.

Immigration Jihad also known as Hijra:

FBI’s 2019 “Hate Crime” Statistics Show anti-Muslim Crimes Decrease Again, While Crimes Against Christians and Jews Skyrocket


MichiganDoctors arrested for helping more than 1,249 immigrants from jihad areas fraudulently enter U.S.

Trump still taking in refugees in 2021, ceiling capped at 15,000 with many exemptions

Most of 1,100 Muslim refugees denied entrance to Australia have, or will beresettled in the U.S.

Rape Jihad (caused by Immigration):

MinnesotaTwo Somali’s arrested in St. Cloud gang rape


New York CityCab driver arrested for attempted rape, sexual assault on two women, released


IllinoisConvicted Child Molester from North Carolina Arrested in Brideview After Passenger Drug Overdose


VirginiaPakistani doctor who sterilized women, performed unnecessary, irreversible hysterectomies without consent is found guilty


Fraud for Jihad:

TennesseeMemphis Physicians Agree To Pay More Than $340,000 for Alleged Over-billing

Texas7 Charged in $16M Covid-Relief Fraud Scheme


CaliforniaBrother of San Bernardino terrorist gets 3 years probation in marriage fraud scheme


Government collusion with and failure to prevent jihad:

Iowa Law Enforcement Academy Course Features Pro-Sharia Muslim Speaker and DOJ Whitewashing Jihad


Jihad in Education:

WashingtonMuslims use DOJ to shake down Federal Way Public Schools over alleged bullying

New York University virtual event featuring Islamic terrorist canceled by Zoom

Straight up sharia in America:

NYPD submits, ends policy requiring hijab removal for mug shots

VIDEOIslamic Censorship of The U.S. Constitution

Emails: Hillary Clinton plotted with Qatar to establish $100M ‘Voice of America’-like media channel for the Muslim Brotherhood

Previous monthly reports here.

Big Tech Jihad:

Twitter locks out Creeping Sharia for tweet exposing jihad risk of Joe Biden’s Muslim migration pledge

Sadly, it was worse overseas where hundreds were beheaded, killed, raped and brutalized by those seeking to impose Islam on the world yet governments continue to submit to sharia supremacists.

At least 110 dead – dozens beheaded – in Nigeria after Islamic terror group Boko Haram attack

Islamic State beheads more than 50 men and boys in jihad attack in Mozambique

AustriaMuslim kills 4, injures 17 in Vienna jihad attack; killer had been jailed for trying to join ISIS but released early!

New Zealand Police have introduced a hijab into their official uniform

If Patriots don’t stand and fight now with every ounce of energy they have, a Biden administration will be stacked with Muslim Brotherhood, jihad and sharia sympathizers where we’ll see a crackdown on Americanism and those who oppose Islam.

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