Larisa Ciortan (Aris) Romanian Singer Reveals Her Boyfriend

Larisa Ciortan (Aris) Romanian Singer Reveals Her Boyfriend

Interracial Marriage

Interracial love is blossoming everywhere. In Romania, Aris X factor Romania has found her love in interracial coupling.

Your love and support makes me strong and ready to move mountains 🌎. We share the same dreams and we fight together till the end! 🌈 May God keep you healthy, happy, determinated, focused on your goals and for sure you will reach the stars. 🌟🌟🌟 I promise to always be by your side!

A huge birthday shout out to you my cutie pie! Knowing you has been the best gift God has given me. Your voice still gives me the chills like it was the first time i heard you. Love you loads!

While their relationship is romantic it is business as her interest is also her manager. We have seen this in the music industry a lot. Where lead singers get romantically involved with dancers, and other producers in…

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Situation Update, Dec. 13th – Trump readies evidence to leverage against Biden, Gen. Perna announces “vaccine D-Day… the beginning of the end”

Highlights of today’s Situation Update for Dec. 13th, 2020: (full podcast below)

  • CIA assassination squads are active in America, taking out election fraud witnesses.
  • We are all now living on an active battlefield (CONUS).
  • Millions of Americans being held as Prisoners of War (POWs) by Democrat governor lockdowns.
  • Media hit pieces and smears have morphed into acts of journo-terrorism.
  • Censorship by big tech has now reached the level of domestic terrorism.
  • Trucker blockades coming. Siege warfare against blue cities will begin.
  • New executive order alters chain of succession at DoD in case Secretary of Defense is killed.
  • Biden, Harris to be named in DNI Ratcliffe’s Dec. 18th report… huge implications, Trump can leverage against Biden to try to force Biden to concede.
  • Gen. Perna Operation Warp Speed / Vaccine D-Day briefing: Perna says “vaccine D-Day” is “the beginning of the end.”
  • China is surrounding the United States via Canada and the Caribbean, and plans a combined land invasion and missile attack in the future.
  • Forensic audit of Dominion voting machines confirms their algorithms alter votes. Absolute proof now exists that the election was stolen via rigged tabulation software.
  • Sidney Powell readies criminal RICO / Racketeering case against Dominion conspirators.

Listen to the full Situation Update podcast here (1 hour, 20 minutes), and see more detailed notes and sources below.

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Sources and notes from the Situation Update

CIA assassination squads ACTIVE. “Key witnesses are being taken out. Fourth one this morning. MSM hiding everything.”

Bitchute video at this link.

Situation Update, Dec. 13th – Trump readies evidence to leverage against Biden, Gen. Perna announces “vaccine D-Day… the beginning of the end” –