Numerous cases of threats against Christian refugees by Muslims in German refugee homes

Allah's Willing Executioners

Christian refugees have reported discrimination by Muslim refugees in the initial reception centre Rotenburg on the river Fulda in Hesse. The two Iranians Hamed F. (24) and Morteza G. (33), who were accommodated there from February to August, said they were insulted as ” unclean” in the facility and locked out of the communal showers several times. Their statements are in a report by the organisation Open Doors, which works for persecuted Christians worldwide.

” An unclean person is not allowed to take a shower,” he was told, said Morteza G. He reported this several times to the security guards, but received the answer: “If nothing bad happens, we can’t do anything.

According to their own statements, both refugees had come to the Christian faith in Iran and fled from there because of reprisals by the police. “At first everything was good,” said Hamed F. “But when we started going…

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