Feminism Is a Totalitarian Movement to Destroy Civilization as We Know It


Emma Sulkowicz lies about rape and Hillary Clinton lies about everything, but feminists insist that no woman ever lies about anything. Feminism is an ideology based on the belief that women have a monopoly on virtue. All women are intelligent, kind and honest, according to feminist theory, and all men are stupid, selfish and untrustworthy. Therefore, women have a right to everything, and men have no rights at all — except, perhaps, the right to remain silent.

Because SHUT UP!

The Women’s Liberation movement of the 1960s and ’70s was inspired by the idea of a Leninist “revolutionary vanguard” seizing power on behalf of women as a collective “oppressed class.” The Redstockings Manifesto of 1969 declared:

We identify the agents of our oppression as men. . . . All power structures throughout history have been male-dominated and male-oriented. . . .
We regard our personal experience, and our feelings about that experience, as the basis for an analysis of our common situation. We cannot rely on existing ideologies as they are all products of male supremacist culture.

Prior to 1969, in other words, the “existing ideologies . . . of male supremacist culture” had kept women ignorant of their own “experience,” about which no male knows anything. Because women’s “personal exprience” and “feelings” are the only valid basis for feminist analysis, everything anyone claimed to “know” prior to 1969 was automatically invalidated because all “knowledge” prior to the feminist revolution was produced by a male-dominated “power structure.”

Nothing is true unless feminist leaders say it is true. You cannot believe anything a man says . . . What? A man said something?

Whatever else being a feminist might mean, it means that men can never speak without permission and, because men are stupid and dishonest, everything men say is wrong, anyway.

Therefore, SHUT UP!

Of all the “existing ideologies” which feminists set out to destroy, none was more dangerous than the idea that human beings are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.” This is obviously false, according to Feminist Logic™ because:

  1. It was written by a man;
  2. It was written prior to 1969;
  3. There is no “Creator”;
  4. Men have no rights.

Only women have rights, according to Feminist Logic™ and if any man says he has rights . . . What? A man said something?


The five characteristic modes of feminist discourse are:

  1. The anti-male lecture;
  2. The victimhood testimonial;
  3. The dishonest slogan;
  4. The slanderous accusation;
  5. The angry rant against anyone who dares to disagree.

It is impossible to debate a feminist because disagreement is hate and yet, because of the so-called “First Amendment” — a male-supremacist ideology if ever there was one — some men still believe they should be allowed to speak and write things feminists don’t approve. These dangerous oppressors are called “Men’s Rights Activists” (MRAs) and, believe it or not, even in 2015 it is still legal for them to have their own website called “A Voice for Men.” This is obviously a misogynistic hate crime and, because I am so notorious for engaging in patriarchal heteronormativity, I was asked to contribute an article:

A movement organized with the death of innocents as one of its basic demands is not a movement that will be honest or ethical in the pursuit of its other demands. Feminism’s lies are therefore never accidental or random. Rather, deliberate deception is necessary to the movement’s success. Feminists lie because if they told the truth, their movement would be recognized for what it is, and would collapse in discredited failure.
Having spent more than a year researching feminist theory, I have exposed what can only be described as a bottomless abyss of perverse insanity. . . .

Read the whole thing at A Voice for Men. It’s not illegal, yet.

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