Rallies, events held across Japan on Constitution Day



Various rallies and events were held in many cities across Japan on Sunday to mark Constitution Day.

Representatives of the major political parties spoke at events with the main focus whether or not Japan should revise its pacifist constitution.

In Tokyo, a group of conservative lawmakers and their supporters launched a campaign to get 10 million signatures calling for a national referendum to be held on revising the constitution at the same time as the upper house election is held in the summer of 2016, Fuji TV reported.

Meanwhile, at a Yokohama outdoor rally opposing constitutional revision, Nobel laureate Kenzaburo Oe criticized the government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for trying to revise the constitution to enable Japan to exercise the right to collective self-defense.

Oe said any revision to a law that would send Japan to war again should be rejected outright.

Other participants at the rally said Japan should be proud that its armed forces have never fired a bullet at anyone since the end of World War II.

Conservative Japanese want to rewrite the U.S-drafted constitution as a matter of national pride and because they say it does not reflect the realities of the modern world. They also argue that revision would not increase the risk of Japan becoming involved in military conflict.

A constitutional revision needs approval of two-thirds of each house of the Diet and a majority of voters in a public referendum.

Abe’s ruling bloc has a two-thirds majority in the lower house but will have trouble duplicating that in the upper chamber in a 2016 election, so revisions need support from the opposition.

Xi spells out conditions for `equal’ Taiwan talks to KMT chief


President Xi Jinping offered the head of Taiwan’s ruling Kuomintang “equal” talks to resolve their political differences, but only if the island accepts it is part of the mainland, a concept many Taiwanese balk at.

Xi, in his role as head of the Communist Party, yesterday met KMT chairman Eric Chu Li-luan in the Great Hall of the People.

It was the first meeting between the leaders of the old political rivals in six years, Xinhua News Agency reported.

While business ties between Taiwan and Beijing have improved to their best level in six decades since Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou took office in 2008, there have been no talks on the island’s political future. Xi told Chu that the two should settle political differences through equal consultations, Xinhua said.

“The two sides can consult with each other on equal basis under the principle of `one China,’ and reach a reasonable arrangement,” Xi was quoted as saying.

Xi said both parties “should be brave when facing lingering political differences and difficulties, pool wisdom of compatriots of both sides and actively search for a solution.”

Chu’s KMT is viewed as pro- Beijing, while the opposition Democratic Progressive Party is seen as leaning toward independence, something the mainland says it will never allow.

Chu said he hopes Taiwan will be allowed greater participation in international organizations.

Xi said Beijing would ensure more economic opportunities for the people of Taiwan as the motherland continues down its path of reform.

This trip is expected to bolster the influence of Chu.

He has said repeatedly that he will not join the race for the presidential election in January, but he remains the most promising candidate to rival DPP candidate Tsai Ing-wen.


#letstalkmen #womenagainstfeminism White american woman complains about dating in HK



White american female self-entitlement meets the harsh reality of a market saturated with feminine and cute Asian pussy. ‘Where have all the (white and tall) men gone?’ wonders our today’s featured author. Classic case.


White american woman – check
Disappointment after relocating from US to SE Asia – check
Terrible aging – check
Pet in avatar pic – check
Smirking in pic – check

Quote:The dating scene in Hong Kong wasn’t hopeless, but it became almost a cliche in my friend circles to complain about dead-end prospects. We were jet-setting and making huge strides in our careers, but our love lives felt stunted. Why, I wondered, did this otherwise vibrant, diverse city seem so lacking when it came to young, single men?

It’s not lacking, heck, there’s loads of young, affluent, very well dressed young guys, including many entrepreneurs. But you’re invisible to them sweetheart.

Quote:Dating is daunting just about everywhere. But dating as an expat — “expiration dating” as some call it — brings its own unique set of frustrations.

I gave my blessing to my friend, but their courtship fizzled after a second date.

I was 25 when I moved from New York to Hong Kong, a city that, despite an obsession with new architecture and modern infrastructure, still classifies unmarried foreign women as “spinsters” on official visa documents.


gawd her pic… she looks 45 .. also it’s interesting the way she talks about “the dating scene for 20-somethings– including men and women implicitly in that group. As if over-30 adventurers like myself aren’t not only going for 20-somethings– I don’t even go after girls over 25 !!

I still don’t like kicking people while they’re down– really First World women are the beneficiaries, but also the victims of Feminist indoctrination, how can you expect them to see the whole picture when they:

1) Don’t understand the role of women in history prior to the last 50-75 years ( or have been convinced that was all an aberration, and the last 50 years is normal and the prior 3000 years was a mistake or oddity. )

2) Haven’t had a chance while young to see their real market value somewhere where men don’t kiss ass, like the Philippines.


uote:Hong Kong, a city that, despite an obsession with new architecture and modern infrastructure, still classifies unmarried foreign women as “spinsters” on official visa documents.

Yes. Because they’re spinsters.

Quote:She lived in Hong Kong for three years before repatriating to the U.S. in late 2013.

I’m surprised she stuck it out so long. 90% of the American women I’ve met living in Asia have this same concurrent sense of entitlement and lack of sexual competitiveness. I’ve yet to meet any long term expats who were women and under the age of 40; men is a different story.

Feminism will hurt women more than men in the long run. It has exposed to men the true ignorance and self hatred women have and how they want to lash out at men for no reason what so ever.

If the white knight truly cared about women, they would be working with red pill men to get women out of the voting booth so they don’t destroy their own futures.

With that said, it is damn funny seeing an American woman have to face reality for the first time. Their entire fantasy world crumbles before their eyes and the truth they know deep down is let out of its cage.


A fat american mid 20s girl (also short hair) works at the same school I teach at in Thailand. Me and another male teacher were talking about women in Asia and I brought up how hot Korean chicks are and fat chick jumps into the conversation saying “They are all plastic”. I laughed at her comment and said to the male coworker “whatever they do is working they are some of the hottest chicks in Asia”. Fatty then mumbles but loud and clear enough that I could hear “well then that kind of makes you a shitty person” To which I call her out “why are you shaming me for my sexual preferences?” Fatty doesnt really have a response and says “I wasnt shaming you” then looks at the ground and makes an excuse to leave. When she leaves male coworker turns to me and says “Yea dont pay attention to her she is really sensitive since she has very low self esteem as she hasnt been getting any attention from men since she moved to Thailand she admitted this to me when she was drunk last week.” LOL

more at


Senior Labour figures face backlash after segregating women from men at rally


Parliamentary candidates Tom Watson, Liam Byrne, Khalid Mahmood and Jack Dromey, along with MEP Sion Simon, attended the political rally in Birmingham.

Pictures posted on Twitter showed Muslim women sitting in a small cluster on one side of what looked like an Islamic community centre with the men seated opposite.

The meeting took place yesterday morning in Hodge Hill, an inner city district with a large Muslim population.

When challenged by the Sunday Express Mr Mahmood, candidate for Perry Bar, admitted he attended but said: “And?”

When asked whether he thought it appropriate to address a segregated audience, he appeared flustered and said: “I didn’t organise it. You’ll have to speak to the organisers”.

He made no further comment.

Mr Watson, Mr Dromey and Mr Byrne were unavailable for comment last night.

Mr Simon uploaded the photos on to Twitter with the message: “Last weekend before the election? Must be Hodge Hill rally time.”

He was soon inundated with tweets criticising his apparent disregard for sexual equality.

Former Conservative MP Louise Mensch left a sarcastic tweet that read: “I see a woman there!”

Other Twitter users were more scathing.

One fumed: “Gender apartheid and votes at any cost the party of equality should hang its head in shame”.

Another asked the West Midlands MEP: “Seriously, @sionsimon would you be prepared to speak at a rally where the audience were segregated by race? Or sexual orientation?”

Why was Muslim activist Hussein Hamdani suspended from Public Safety Canada?


Lawyer Hussein Hamdani, frequently described as a “moderate Muslim” activist, has been suspended from his sensitive position with the Ministry of Public Safety.

I talked with Marc Lebuis, an expert on Muslim terror networks, on why Hamdani was suspended — after being lauded as a voice of moderation by the Globe & Mail and others.

You can read Lebuis’ dossier on Hussein Hamdani here.

It lists his many positions of influence in the Canadian mainstream — along with his simultaneous ties to the Muslim Students Association (which issued a guide that called for the “Islamization” of campuses) and the controversial Revival of the Islamic Spirit convention at which Justin Trudeau was a guest speaker.

Lebuis jokes that Hamdani must be very “unlucky” since he always seems to be “one or two degrees of separation” away from organizations which later lose their charitable status due to their ties to terrorism.

Woman to become NY firefighter despite failing crucial fitness test


The FDNY for the first time in its history will allow someone who failed its crucial physical-fitness test to join the Bravest, The Post has learned.
Rebecca Wax, 33, is set to graduate Tuesday from the Fire Academy without passing the Functional Skills Training test, a grueling obstacle course of job-related tasks performed in full gear with a limited air supply, an insider has revealed.
“They’re going to allow the first person to graduate without passing because this administration has lowered the standard,” said the insider, who is familiar with the training.
Upon graduation, Wax would be assigned to a firehouse and tasked with the full duties of a firefighter.
Some FDNY members are angry.
“We’re being asked to go into a fire with someone who isn’t 100 percent qualified,” the source said. “Our job is a team effort. If there’s a weak link in the chain, either civilians or our members can die.”
Wax’s graduation comes as the city celebrates the FDNY’s 150th anniversary and as the department is under pressure by the de Blasio administration to hire more women.
Only 44 of the FDNY’s 10,500 firefighters are female.
While Wax fell short, two other female probies in the graduating class passed the FST with flying colors.
“They’re kicking butt. They’re doing better than 50 percent of the class,” the insider said. “When they get assigned to a firehouse, they’ll be welcomed with open arms because they’ve done what everyone else has gone through.”
But those women aren’t pleased about Wax’s treatment, either.
“A lot of the girls in the field are pissed because they feel like they’re getting lumped into the same category of a female getting special treatment and not meeting the same standards as the males,” the insider added. “It devalues what the women in the field have accomplished.”

The Real Consequences Of Women In The Military

Just like every other bastion of tradition and masculinity, the military is under attack by the forces of progressivism. The military is by its very nature masculine, hierarchical, and undemocratic, as it must be to succeed in its core business of engaging with and killing the enemy. This also makes it a target.

Of all our institutions, the military is the one which has best resisted progressivism, in large part because of the nature of the job. One does not simply turn up and demand equality in the military. Incoming does not discriminate.

However the military is ultimately a servant of the political classes, and this is where the pressure to bow to feminism originates. Everywhere they go women moan, demand special treatment, and undermine hierarchy. This has happened to the military and sadly there is not enough will remaining today to resist it, as we have seen with the recent humiliating sight of soldiers walking in high heels.

Unless there is some change in leadership this can only get worse.