Macao opens resort complex to cater diversified tourists

MACAO, May 27 (Xinhua) — Hong Kong based corporation Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) rolled out Macao’s major resort complex since 2012 here Wednesday, providing travelers with diversified leisure and entertainment choices.

The resorts will help pull in more tourists by significant diversify relaxation offers catering to various desire, including Macao’s largest “wonderland” for kids, a 575-meter long skytop adventure river ride, and a 3,000-seat theater to host live shows, bands, street entertainers.

The 100,000 square meters shopping arcade “Promenade”, features over 200 shops from luxury flagship stores to high-street lifestyle brands including many brands’ debut in Macao, which boost the retail scene of the city.

As for gluttons, there are over 120 restaurants providing comprehensive range of food and beverage treats from gourmets by Michelin-starred chef to traditional snacks which host local small and medium restaurant businesses

There are six major hotels boasting 4,000 rooms and suites, venues for exhibitions and conventions capable of accommodating 3, 000 persons, which are the ideal destination for business visitors.

The brandnew resort complex Galaxy Macao Phase 2 and Broadway Macao marks the corporation’s new try to go beyond gaming business, also underlines its commitment to helping the city fulfill the potential as a “World Center of Tourism and Leisure,” to nurture local talent and to promote local culture, said Lui Che Woo, Chairman of K. Wah Group, owner of Galaxy Entertainment Group in the press conference.

Despite the recent reduction of tourists arrivals and spending as well as the slowdown in gaming revenue, Galaxy Macau Director of Operations Richard Longhurst said he still confident with the new expansion saying the launch of new projects would be a ” catalyst” for growth, adding that the company is planning to invest 10 billion yuan to build sports resort in Hengqin area.

Vice-chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference National Committee Edmund Ho Hau Wah, Chief executive of Macao Special Administrative Region(SAR) Chui Sai On, director of the Liaison Office of the Chinese central government in Macao SAR Li Gang attended the launching ceremony.

Rich white liberal outsiders trying to keep BC First Nations bands poor

Ezra Levant of reports that 28 different BC Indian bands have signed on to a new liquified natural gas project. This should bring them the kind of prosperity that Alberta First Nations bands have enjoyed thanks to the oil sands.

But rich foreign groups like the Rockefeller Brothers Fund are trying to prevent that from happening, by hiring First Nations activists to act as spokespeople.

Date Lab: carousel rider goes on date with beta male


This date features a fun times girl with a clueless beta who brings flowers.

Quote:Becca: He brought flowers, which was nice. To me that was a little weird. … He told me his roommate said he had to do it.

She essentially calls him a loser for not being “fun”…

Quote:Becca: There were certainly different things about him compared to guys I’ve been with in the past, but not necessarily positive traits. He doesn’t really seem to have as much fun going out and getting a drink. … I don’t want to make him sound like a loser because he certainly was not.

Maybe 10 guys or so?

Quote:We were talking about back in college … I can pull out 700 crazy college stories. … The craziest night he probably had was he finished three-quarters of a bottle of Fireball.

He also wasn’t tall enough:

Quote:Becca: He was a little shorter than my type. He was at least my height if not a half-inch shorter, which is a turnoff.

He made a cryptic comment about her weight:

Quote:She was … a little shorter than me. Definitely not like 100 pounds petite. But definitely healthy and in shape and very good-looking. Not my normal type. … I don’t know why, I’ve just always found very petite girls quite attractive.

Her LinkedIn has a photo that suggests non-petiteness…

She also has a criminal record:


And of course she has some SJW cred:

Quote:Communications Intern
National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV)

What a disappointment for her to not find a guy who has had the “fun” that she has had in life. And what a bullet dodge for him.


Quote:Becca: He was dressed really nicely. He said he lives with … a girl, and the girl was giving him all this advice, like he had to get a haircut and make sure he shaved for the date — but also make sure he didn’t shave everything; keep, like, a stubble.

Becca: He brought flowers, which was nice. To me that was a little weird. … He told me his roommate said he had to do it

He broke a cardinal rule of Game: Never, ever listen to a woman for romantic advice.

Flowers on the first date? With your typical American white carousel rider?

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stop attending universities: NorthWestern Professor: Faculty Now Fear Students Demanding ‘Safe Spaces’

A Northwestern University professor was accused of retaliation and investigated after students claimed an article she had written had a “chilling effect” on students’s ability to report sexual misconduct.

Writing on Friday in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Laura Kipnis describes an academic climate in which professors lay awake at night in fear of losing their careers over a single careless word or missed trigger warning. A new academic culture is rising in which hurt feelings are considered evidence of an attack. This hypersensitivity is being abetted by an expanding process of Title IX charges which allow anyone with an agenda or a grudge to go on the offensive against the faculty:

As I understand it, any Title IX charge that’s filed has to be investigated, which effectively empowers anyone on campus to individually decide, and expand, what Title IX covers. Anyone with a grudge, a political agenda, or a desire for attention can quite easily leverage the system.

And there are a lot of grudges these days. The reality is that the more colleges devote themselves to creating “safe spaces” — that new watchword — for students, the more dangerous those campuses become for professors. It’s astounding how aggressive students’ assertions of vulnerability have gotten in the past few years. Emotional discomfort is regarded as equivalent to material injury, and all injuries have to be remediated.

Most academics I know — this includes feminists, progressives, minorities, and those who identify as gay or queer — now live in fear of some classroom incident spiraling into professional disaster. After the essay appeared, I was deluged with emails from professors applauding what I’d written because they were too frightened to say such things publicly themselves. My inbox became a clearinghouse for reports about student accusations and sensitivities, and the collective terror of sparking them, especially when it comes to the dreaded subject of trigger warnings, since pretty much anything might be a “trigger” to someone, given the new climate of emotional peril on campuses.

I learned that professors around the country now routinely avoid discussing subjects in classes that might raise hackles. A well-known sociologist wrote that he no longer lectures on abortion. Someone who’d written a book about incest in her own family described being confronted in class by a student furious with her for discussing the book. A tenured professor on my campus wrote about lying awake at night worrying that some stray remark of hers might lead to student complaints, social-media campaigns, eventual job loss, and her being unable to support her child.

The fear being described is not theoretical. Kipnis herself is now the target of two Title IX complaints based on a previous essay titled, “Sexual Paranoia Strikes Academe.” Contained in the article were two paragraphs about a student who had filed a Title IX lawsuit against the university over an incident in which a professor allegedly fondled her (he denies it).

The point of Kipnis’s two paragraphs wasn’t to attack the student or the professor (neither of whom were named) but to suggest Title IX was infantilizing women and being used as a blunt instrument by university administrators. Nevertheless, students at Northwestern did not respond well to what Kipnis had written. Some of them marched on the university president’s office demanding he condemn the article.

Noise and protest are certainly one legitimate way to respond to ideas one does not like, but two individuals took it beyond that. They filed Title IX complaints against Kipnis claiming that her words had chilled the environment on campus. The university hired an outside law firm to investigate the claims.

In Kipnis’s recounting, a Title IX investigation is a Kafka-esque experience. It was never clear to her what the process was or how it would be judged. Could an adverse judgment trump her right to academic freedom as a tenured professor? She didn’t know, and there was no one who seemed willing to explain it to her beyond forwarding her a few web links. She was told she definitely could not have an attorney but could have a “support person” with her. (Later, she was told her support person also had a Title IX complaint filed against them, so Kipnis would need to find a new support person.)

Kipnis was unable to get a copy of the accusations against her in writing. Initially, the attorneys sent to investigate her said they would inform her of the accusations and interview her at one meeting, leaving her no time to prepare a response. She eventually got the attorneys to agree to inform her of the charges by video conference. What she learned was that both charges had been filed by grad students. One had no connection to anything she’d written and was filing the complaint on behalf of the university. The other was one of the people Kipnis had mentioned (not by name) in her essay. This person filed the accusations because of the essay but also based on a single tweet Kipnis had written after the essay was published, which mentioned no one in particular.

The outcome of the process is still pending for Kipnis. She wrote the current essay in the belief that no Title IX process can trump her rights to free speech and adds that if the current essay spawns more Title IX complaints, she will probably write about those too.

More From Feminist Tumblr


Autumn is a 24-year-old cisgender queer Muslim, who posted this:

“Hands up if large groups of aggressively loud
white boys in your vicinity freak you out.”

To which spyderqueen (“mental health stuff, feminist rantings”) added:

“One of the things that bonds women, POC, and LGBTQA+ together: The fear of white men in numbers.”

That comment got more than 300,000 likes and reblogs in nine months. This is what feminism is really about: The promotion of completely irrational (but politically useful) fear.

My advice to “white boys” is: Always travel in large groups and be aggressively loud, because it makes feminists freak out.


Is every teenage girl with a Tumblr blog mentally ill? “Rebekah, 19, Bi/Pan/Queer . . . abusive father . . . self harm . . . anxiety and depression” has deep thoughts:

“So much f–king heteronormativity in this house”

Let’s see, what else? Her mother is a racist, and Rebekah frequently applies the word “pathetic” to herself, e.g.:

“I always feel so pathetic because I would literally love to hang out with anyone whether they’re friends from Pacific or friends from high school (that I haven’t spoken to in two years) because I’m bored and sad and lonely, but I don’t think anyone wants to hang out with me and no one ever has.”

“I missed out on what were probably my only chances to hang out with people this summer because who would want to hang out with me?? No one, that’s who. I’m pathetic and no fun and people are only ever friends with me out of the convenience. They’re only friends with me because they see me every day at school and it would be more effort not to be friends with me.”

What a lively bundle of cheerful optimism!

The thing about Tumblr feminists — as with all feminists, really — is their bedrock conviction that men know nothing. All men are bad and wrong and stupid, the feminist believes, and the only things men ever do is (a) enjoy male privilege and (b) oppress women.

Fortunately, the suffering victims of oppression have Tumblr, where they can advertise to the world how pathetic they are, and how racist/heteronormative their mom is, etc., etc.

When I call attention to these pathetic creatures, I’m sometimes accused of an intent to “bully” or “harass” them. Because this is the definition of “harassment” in 2015: Quoting what people publish on their blogs.

All I did was search Tumblr for “heteronormativity,” see?

Strange people you can find, if you know how to find them.

Would I like to help these crazy people? Sure, but feminism by its nature means that nothing I say is valid, all my ideas are wrong, and no advice I might offer would be helpful. The young feminist must only ever listen to what her fellow feminists tell her, because everybody else is evil in this world full of heteronormativity, misogyny and, of course, racism.

They have been catechized, as it were, into this belief system. When you see a teenager slinging around jargon like “heteronormativity,” you know this isn’t something they just picked up at random. Eight syllables? How many teenagers do you know who routinely use eight-syllable words? No, “heteronormativity” is a word that is being taught to these kids, and the obvious question is, why? Think about it. If you know any actual 19-year-olds, you are aware that very many of them are almost completely ignorant of the classics, the Bible, Shakespeare, history, literature. How many college sophomores know any Latin? How many of them could tell you anything about, say, the Boer War or the Battle of Midway? Yet amid this vast ocean of ignorance . . . heteronormativity!

When I first encountered this bit of feminist gender theory jargon a couple of years ago and quoted it in a blog post, everybody laughed. “Heteronormativity? WTF? ROTFLMAO!” Yet gender theory is to 2015 what disco was to 1977 — it’s the hot new sensation that’s sweeping the sensation. Gender theory is now hotter than John Travolta and the BeeGees were when Saturday Night Fever topped the charts.

Like I keep saying: People need to wake the hell up.