#college #university People are tweeting #ItsBiggerThanKSU to support a black student accused of harassment by a college advisor

A Georgia university is conducting an investigation after a black student was accused of harassment by a teacher for allegedly attempting to keep an academic appointment.

Kevin Bruce, a Kennesaw State University student, uploaded a 30-second video of his apparent encounter with Abby Dawson, KSU’s Director of Advising and Internships. The video has gone viral and Twitter uses are using the hashtag #ItsBiggerThanKSU to share their own experiences with alleged racism.


Josie Cunningham ‘I’m drinking and smoking because my unborn baby is a BOY’

who is the dumbass that got this feminazi bitch pregnant?

femicunt that should be sterilized

  • Josie Cunningham admits she has been smoking 20 a day while pregnant  
  • Says she is not proud of having a cigarette when she discovered baby’s sex 
  • Also drank a small glass of wine in a bid to overcome her disappointment
  • Considered terminating the pregnancy so she could appear on Big Brother  
  • Last week she said she would give up smoking if the taxpayer funded it 
  • Also revealed she will be releasing a ‘raw’ autobiographical book this year
  • Will be unedited, so spelling and grammar mistakes will be left in  

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Toronto Man Wrongly Fired From Job After “F*** Her Right In The Pussy” Incident

While we’re accustomed to people having their lives torn apart by angry Twitter lynch mobs over things they’ve said, sometimes you don’t even have to do that much to lose your job. Witness Shawn Simoes, a Toronto man who was fired from his job at Ontario electricity company Hydro One after he was involved in a “FHRITP” (Fuck Her Right In The Pussy) incident with CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt:

Shawn Simoes didn’t even have to say the words.

The soccer fan who used vulgar language with CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt in a “FHRITP” video has been fired from his high-paying job at crown corporation Hydro One, Toronto Sun reporter Jenny Yuen tweeted Tuesday.

As the HuffPo report acknowledges, Simoes wasn’t the one who actually yelled “fuck her right in the pussy” at Hunt; his involvement was limited to explaining why he thought it was funny. In the video, Simoes is the man at the end wearing the yellow Fly Emirates shirt:



Additionally, Simoes didn’t volunteer the information himself: Hunt asked him questions and he gave her answers, which is what people who are interviewed by journalists aresupposed to do.

Simoes’ termination for simply answering a reporter’s questions honestly—not even engaging in questionable conduct himself, but being asked about questionable conduct—represent a new low for Western society. While online SJW lynch mobs have been enforcing crowdsourced censorship on individuals for a while now, Simoes’ firing shows that if you’re merely in the vicinity of someone they dislike, you’ll get the boot.