Learn about Councillor Ana Bailão’s illegal unpaid internship scam.



Ana Bailão, the embattled City of Toronto Councillor for Ward 18, has been advertising for a number of unpaid internship positions to assist her “core office functions and special projects” (the advertisement appears below). Councillor Bailão is following in the rich history of other Ontario politicians who have exploited young workers. Over the last three years I’ve documented various breaches of workplace law at different levels of government, see: Liberal MPP Laura Albanese, the former Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Labour illegally used interns; Sarah Thomson, the one time Mayoral candidate, exploits young journalists at the Women’s Post by illegally misclassifying as interns; and, Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto, engaged in wage theft to squeeze unpaid overtime out of his political aides in the 2010 municipal election.
The positions that Councillor Bailão is advertising for simply are not legal. She wants persons that can make a minimum commitment of 8 to 16 hours a week. The duties of the positions are: socia media monitoring; drafting letters and other correspondence; data cataloguing; canvassing; event coordination; research on local and city-wide policy initiatives; translation; delivering event notices; community asset mapping; and, completing forms and graphic templates.








Suicide bomber in Somalia was “Canadian” Mahad Ali Dhore? Imam Said Rageah spews taqiyya


The RCMP is looking into whether one of the suicide bombers who struck in the Somali capital Mogadishu on the weekend was a Canadian citizen.

“We cannot provide specific details but are working with relevant domestic and international partners to gather information,” Sgt. Greg Cox, an RCMP media relations officer, said Monday.

A half-dozen terrorists detonated suicide vests at the Mogadishu court complex on Sunday, killing 29 and injuring 58. A car bomb also exploded near the national airport.

The armed Islamist group Al Shabab claimed responsibility for the killings on Twitter, writing that the attack showed “there is no safe haven for apostates in Mogadishu!”

The Somali Prime Minister, Abdi Farah Shirdon, said in a statement he was concerned about “foreign involvement” in the attack but said it would not derail the African nation’s progress.

According to an official, there are indications one of the attackers was a Canadian, possibly one of a half-dozen radicalized Toronto men who left for Somalia in 2009 to join Al Shabab.

If confirmed, it would be the latest act of terrorist violence committed by a Canadian abroad. It comes as police are investigating how two young classmates from London, Ont., ended up dying while apparently taking part in an attack at an Algerian gas plant.


Whitewashing in Bitten


The first book of Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series ws optioned to become a TV show last year, and production just started yesterday. In the books, the character of Jeremy is described as dark-haired with “tilted eyes.” In another book in the series, it’s revealed that his mother (who he was taken away from as a baby) is Japanese.


This is Greg Bryk, the actor playing Jeremy in the show.