Sherman Alexie on Living Outside Cultural Borders

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Sherman Alexie on Living Outside Cultural Borders

April 12, 2013

Born on a Native American reservation, Sherman Alexie has been navigating the cultural boundaries of American culture in lauded poetry, novels, short stories, screenplays, even stand-up comedy for over two decades. Alexie joins Bill to share his irreverent perspective on contemporary American life, and discuss the challenges of living in two different cultures at the same time, especially when one has so much dominance over the other.

“I know a lot more about being white than you know about being Indian,” Alexie tells Bill.

Alexie’s latest collection of stories, Blasphemy, was published in October, 2012. He joins us for an online live chat on Tuesday, April 16 @ 1 pm. Get details and submit your questions.

Interview Producer: Gail Ablow. Editors: Rob Kuhns & Andrew M.I. Lee. Associate Producer: Robert Booth.

Photographer: Alton Christensen.