Europe’s tolerance tested by Islam

Europe has welcomed immigrants with the idea they would become part of the established culture but some groups are taking advantage of the largess.

HERNDON, Va., May 28 (UPI) — In 1995, herpetologists began observing frogs in the U.S. with various mutations and genetic defects. Suspecting the cause was environmental rather than natural, they launched a decades’ long study linking pesticides and other toxins to disturbing nature’s balance.

If so few herpetologist observers could identify such a dangerous trend evolving and isolate its cause, why then is it so difficult for social scientists to do so concerning human behavior within democracies that is disrupting stability’s natural balance?

A series of articles by author Soeren Kern underscores this trend in Europe.

Switzerland is a land famous for not having had to fight a war for centuries. Generations of its citizens have proven adept getting along with all cultures. With no standing army, it opted instead to provide for its national defense with a people’s militia.

But recently, to enhance public safety, it armed transport police as robberies and assaults on Swiss trains have drastically increased — the crime rate having doubled since early 2011. A society once secure in the warm glow of peaceful human co-existence now suffers from insecurity as 70 percent of voters say they want an increased police presence.

In Sweden this May, riots broke out in Stockholm as hundreds of mostly young people torched vehicles, set fires and threw rocks at police. The unrest spread to 15 other parts of the city with police stations, schools and community centers set on fire.

In London, youth gangs verbally harass passersby. Their main targets are women and gays. But more aggressive gangs warn non-members they intrude on the gang’s turf at their own risk.

Just like herpetologists isolated pollution as disrupting nature’s balance for frogs, the cause for the above changes — ongoing in Switzerland, Sweden, England and elsewhere — is more obvious. A pollutant, again, is at fault — one disrupting security’s natural balance within these democracies.

These countries, long embracing Christianity while welcoming other religions, opened up to Muslim immigrants who have used that openness against them. With Muslim immigrant populations radically growing in these countries, the “guest” is brazenly taking on the role of “host.”

In March, Swiss authorities acknowledged significantly increased recruitment of jihadists and of women being forced into marriage. Muslim gangs have been forcing disadvantaged children to convert to Islam and then sell drugs for them.

Ironically, while indications are otherwise, a governmental study claims all is well. With 5 percent of the Swiss population now Muslim, it downplays Islam-related violence, putting responsibility upon natives to be more accepting, less labeled as Islamophobic.

A Swiss Islamic group, publicly declaring its intentions to impose Shariah law on Switzerland, enthusiastically supported the study’s results. Meanwhile, its critics dismiss the report as a “case study in political correctness.”

As the government soft-pedals Islam’s impact, the natives are getting restless. A recent poll is most telling: 50 percent of those asked say they see Islam as a threat; 58 percent say it doesn’t belong in the Western world; two-thirds say Islam conflicts with their values.

Interestingly, the early 2011 date marking the start of increased criminal activity coincides with Switzerland having opened its doors to a massive influx of Muslim immigrants escaping the Arab Spring’s violence.

Meanwhile, Muslims say others are politically insensitive to their “suffering,” making outrageous charges.

They complained to Swiss Airlines about “offensive” advertising, simply for depicting a plane bearing the Swiss flag’s red and white cross with the words “Cross is Trump” (as in the card game). Outraged Muslims alleged it a “Christian slogan used as a provocation and attack against Islam.” As a Christian symbol, they say the cross “no longer corresponds to today’s multicultural Switzerland.”

Yet they build mosques in Switzerland with defining domes and minarets symbolic of Islam.

Islamic groups report their intention to establish their own parliament in Switzerland based on Shariah. This is an effort to get Shariah’s “nose under the tent” so jurisdiction will grow, initially as a “parallel” system of law but eventually replacing Swiss law.

With the most generous immigration laws in the world, Sweden attracts hundreds of thousands of Muslims — now comprising 5 percent of its population as well.

Offered free housing and welfare benefits, poorly educated immigrants unable to speak Swedish are hard-pressed to find work. While openly accepting such welfare, they criticize their hosts, seeking to impose their own non-productive culture upon them.

Their hosts’ reward for their generosity is the creation no-go zones where non-Muslims are unwelcome. In England, Muslim gangs ban non-Muslims from even walking by a mosque.

If a block representing only 5 percent of Sweden’s population aggressively seeks to impose its culture upon the host majority, one can only imagine what the future holds that minority grows.

What has enabled democracies to survive after opening their doors to immigrants is a willingness to assimilate voluntarily. Because Islam prohibits assimilation, Islamists asserting incompatibility of their religion with democracy are absolutely right.

Thus, the mission of Muslim immigrants becomes one of transitioning the host democratic state into an Islamic one. An Islamic leader, told Sweden historically is a Christian state, commented: “So it was perhaps before … Now it is a new era.”

A similar claim in England met with the response: “This is not a Christian country. To hell with Christianity. Isa [Jesus] was a messenger of Allah … Allah is great! We are coming!”

Swedes, too, now sense Islam’s threat “to destroy the West from within” is real.

A radical imam in England warns: “This is a wake-up call for society to ask ‘Where are we headed?’ There is a clash between Islam and liberal democracy in hotspot areas of London.”

This cleric has led an effort to convert 12 British cities into independent Islamic states. His bravado is motivated by a Muslim population that has doubled and “white British” in London becoming a minority for the first time.

Unbelievably, a British newspaper suggests those concerned about the increasing Muslim population are “Islamophobes.”

Muslim immigrants follow a modus operandi in imposing Islam upon a democratic state’s majority — witness the German government’s recent attempt to hold a conference on German-Muslim relations to engage “moderate” Muslims to combat Islamism.

The government’s concern was Muslim violence becoming endemic in countries like Sweden and Switzerland. Substantive discussion on the matter was sought but attending Muslims became offended at the suggestion Islam could become radical. Instead, they pressed the government to make “Islam equal to Christianity” in Germany.

At the same time Muslims avoided substantive discussions addressing Western concerns, they also suggested they only sought equality with Christianity. Readers of the Koran know it preaches Islam’s superiority to all other religions — thus, equality is a no-go.

A rational non-Muslim call to discuss such concerns is denied by Muslims claiming Islamophobia.

Islam has disrupted stability’s natural balance within Europe’s democracies. It is an intolerant toxin that leaves “freedom’s canary in the mineshaft” gasping for air.

(Lt. Col. James G. Zumwalt, a retired Marine infantry officer, served in the Vietnam war, the U.S. invasion of Panama and the first Gulf War. He is the author of “Bare Feet, Iron Will–Stories from the Other Side of Vietnam’s Battlefields,” “Living the Juche Lie: North Korea’s Kim Dynasty” and “Doomsday: Iran–The Clock is Ticking.” He frequently writes on foreign policy and defense issues.)

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Islam’s War of Annihilation Against India’s Hindus

A thought-provoking essay written by Narain Kataria, president of the Indian American Intellectuals Forum, sounds a familiar alarm. “Hinduism Faces Eclipse” reveals that “the anti-Hindu forces within and without India are working in tandem on an insidious mission to destroy our civilization and culture, and obliterate Hinduism from the Indian soil.” Kataria further contends that Indians are not facing terrorism, but worldwide jihad, which he calls a “fully globalized franchise…working overtime to destroy all non-Muslim nations.”

Muslims currently comprise 20 percent of India’s 1.2 billion population, the rest of which is overwhelmingly Hindu. But as Narain points out, Indian Muslims have engaged in a series of attacks on Hindu citizens, temples, religious festivals and unarmed pilgrims. He reminds us that a month after the 9/11 attacks in the United States, a proclamation was issued on Al Jazeera television promising that “Hindu India” would also be targeted for jihad. Two months after that, a suicide squad assaulted India’s Parliament House in New Delhi on December 13, 2001, killing 9 and wounding 18.

Since then thousands of terror attacks have besieged India. The city of Mumbai alone has been terrorized on four separate occasions. On March 12, 1993, 13 separate explosions in various parts of the city killed 257 and wounded more than 700. Most of the terrorists involved received arms and training in Pakistan, and Indian authorities contend the Pakistani intelligence agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), was actively involved as well. On July 11, 2006, a series of pressure-cooker bombs exploded on commuter trains, killing 209 and wounding over 700. Once again, the ISI was involved, along with the Pakistani Islamist militant group Lashkar-e-Toiba, and the Students’ Islamic Movement of India, according to Mumbai police. On November 26, 2008, another wave of terror attacks perpetrated by Muslims targeted two luxury hotels, a Jewish center, a tourist restaurant and a crowded train station. Another 166 people were killed and more than 300 were wounded. And on July 13, 2011 three separate bomb blasts killed 26 and injured 130.

As recently as July 2012, riots in the state of Assam initiated by Muslim infiltrators from Bangladesh resulted in at least 74 deaths. Several Hindu women were raped and then chopped into pieces during the attacks.


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London attack: hacking victim named; two more people arrested, police say

LONDON — Two men accused of butchering a 25-year-old Afghanistan veteran soldier on a London street had been featured in investigations by security services, a British official said Thursday.

And two more people have been arrested by counterterrorism officers, police said Thursday evening in London.

A man and a woman, both 29, were in custody at a south London police station on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder.

The two original suspects, men aged 22 and 28, remained in hospital in stable condition, police said.


Six residences are being searched, police said: three in south London, one in east London, one in north London and one in Lincoln. The searches are ongoing.

“This is a large, complex and fast-moving investigation which continues to develop,” Metropolitan police said in announcing the new arrests.

The Ministry of Defence identified the soldier as 25-year-old Lee Rigby, who joined the army in 2006 and served in Afghanistan as a member of the fire support group.

Rigby, the father of a 2-year-old boy, was “an extremely popular and witty soldier (with) a larger than life personality. He was a passionate and life-long Manchester United fan,” the Defence statement read.

His attackers boasted of their exploits and warned of more violence in images recorded on witnesses’ mobile phones. Holding bloody knives and a meat cleaver, they waited for the arrival of police, who shot them in the legs, according to a passerby who had tried to save the dying soldier.

A British government official told The Associated Press both suspects were part of previous investigations for possible terror links.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak about the investigation, said he could not provide other details because the suspects may face trial.

Investigations by Britain’s domestic security service, MI5, can include undercover surveillance, phone tapping and communications intercepts.

BBC also quoted sources as saying the attackers had been investigated but were not an immediate threat.

Gangs of ‘Youths’ Overrun Stockholm

May 22, 2013 By

Husby is a neighborhood in western Stockholm which in 2007 had just over 11,000 inhabitants, fully 81.9% of whom were immigrants or the children of immigrants. The other interesting fact in the brief Wikipedia entry on Husby is that the area contains “many runestones…remnants from when Vikings used to live here.”

There are, alas, few other signs of the area’s Viking heritage.


The story begins on May 14, when Stockholm police were forced to shoot a man who was wielding a machete at them. He died. The cops were immediately accused of police brutality. A “community group” called Megafonen urged locals to demonstrate “for social justice and again st police violence.”

Last Sunday evening, apparently acting upon this suggestion, Husby erupted in the kind of wide-scale “youth” violence that has plagued suburbs in France and elsewhere for years. A school, a garage, and almost 100 cars were set on fire. And a gang attacked a cop.

On Monday evening, in further accordance with the Gallic precedent, things got even worse. Chaos reigned. Different reports provided different details, some of them sketchy. There were explosions. As of 9:36 PM Monday, Stockholm time, it was being reported that police officers were “running for their lives from youth gangs.” Twenty or so masked “youths” threw rocks at police officers and firefighters.  A reporter for the newspaper Expressen narrowly missed being hit by a metal pipe. One report mentioned “youths” stealing fire hoses. When “youths” set fire to a parking garage, police had to evacuate fifty people from a nearby apartment house. Four or five “youths” beat up a cop on a bridge before he managed to flee. As he ran off, a girl could be heard laughing and shouting “Allah akbar!”

In Husby, at least three police cars were reported to have been vandalized. Meanwhile reports began to come in of cars on fire in other parts of western Stockholm. “The situation is escalating constantly,”  a police spokesperson said on Monday evening. Late that night, The Local reported that over 100 cars had been set on fire in Husby and that a local shopping center had been vandalized, causing injury to three police officers.

Although Megafonen had itself urged its readers to demonstrate against police violence, it “explained” the rioting, in one statement, as an expression of frustration over high unemployment. “There is a great deal of hopelessness and powerlessness among the young people here,” read a comment by the organization, which added that it was important to “understand” the root causes of the rioting “and to find out what we can do” to make things better. In what seemed to be a contradiction, Megafonen spokesperson Rami Al-Kamisi called the rioting a “reaction to police brutality against citizens, our neighbors,” and said: “We understand that people react like this.”

In Norway, Ragnhild Bjørnebekk, who works at the Oslo Police College as a “violence researcher” (in the otherwise stagnant European economy, there’s a growth field if I ever heard of one) said that the rioting in Husby is only the latest of several “youth disturbances” in Europe sparked by “suspicions of police violence.” (Yes, you know those trigger-happy Scandinavian police.) Mentioning riots that had taken place in recent years in Greece, Gothenberg, Malmö, Copenhagen, and various French cities, Bjørnebekk attributed them all to anger over police conduct. (“Allah akbar,” of course, is Arabic for “Down with police brutality.”) Still, Bjørnebekk found it important to mention that this kind of rioting is a relatively new phenomenon in northern Europe. “Setting fire to cars and trash containers during riots is typical of countries like France and Greece, but unusual in the Nordic countries,” Bjørnebekk said. (As if differences between Scandinavian and Mediterranean cultures had the slightest thing to do with any of this!)

To be sure, Bjørnebekk was right in suggesting that nightly car-burnings and the like are still not a fixed part of the cultural landscape in the Nordic countries as they are on the outskirts of Paris, Marseilles, and so on. Yes, there are stabbings, rapes, gay-bashings, Jew-bashings, acts of vandalism, and other gang activity aplenty; non-Muslims who live in certain parts of Stockholm, Malmö, Copenhagen, and (increasingly) Oslo are systematically tormented in schools and on the streets by “youths” who seem to grow bolder and more aggressive by the year. And yes, there have been “youth” riots in Scandinavia: on a couple of nights in January 2009, a violent mob of “youths” descended on downtown Oslo and smashed in the front windows of businesses in an area of several square blocks, effectively paralyzing the very heart of the city. The rioting, which was supposedly a response to Israeli actions in Gaza (and which has pretty much been dropped down the memory hole), stretched police resources to the limit. But no, I guess it’s fair to say, as Bjørnebekk does, that so far regular car-burnings haven’t been a major element of the Nordic mix.

As is usual, of course, in such cases, Swedish media reports on Monday night were almost uniformly careful to avoid using any word other than “youths” (or some equally innocuous term) to characterize the perpetrators of the violence. Although here and there between the lines it was clear enough what was going on, there was nothing you could really put your finger on until Dagbladet – the Norwegian one, note, not the Swedish one – dared to mention that girl shouting “Allah akbar!” By Tuesday morning, the Swedish media, while providing reasonably extensive coverage of the night’s events, seemed to be making an effort to suggest that it hadn’t really been all that bad and to emphasize that,  in any event, things had now quieted down. I did a pretty thorough online search of the major Swedish media, but couldn’t find any report on the rioting that included the word Islam or Muslim or any reference to the girl who shouted “Allah akbar!”


The emphasis was, shall we say, on other matters. One article inExpressen, for example, focused on the fact that a policeman had actually – gasp – dared to draw his weapon during the hubbub. (The paper actually had a video of this horrible act.) The cop put his gun back after being informed that the rioter he was aiming at was only thirteen years old. (Police later told VG that several of the participants in the evening’s festivities were as young as twelve.) On Tuesday morning, Megafon held a “well-attended” press conference the obvious intention of which was to turn the criminals into victims and the police into villains. The organization accused the police of deploying “excessive force” against the rioters; one speaker added the charge that cops, during the rampage, had used offensive language to describe immigrant-group members. Another speaker asked: “Who should you call when it’s the police who attack? I have no idea.” The meme that it had all been the fault of police overreach quickly established itself, with Norway’s Aftenpostenstressing laments by Stockholm “youth” that the police are never punished for their abuse of power, while the “youth” are always blamed.

Meanwhile, a police officer who has worked for many years in western Stockholm (and who apparently preferred not to be identified) told Aftonbladetthat the rioting, though horrible, amounted to “a typical day on the job.” He added: “People generally have no idea how serious it is, but there have been so many incidents in the past year that I’m sure it’ll end up with a police officer being killed.”

The latest reports, at this writing, confirm that all this is plainly only the beginnning. The early hours of Wednesday morning saw a new round of stories in the Scandinavian papers announcing that Stockholm was being beset by riots for the third night in a row. Among much else, stones had been thrown at a police station and a school had been set on fire. The rioting, moreover, had spread even further, to several other parts of the city that had been previously unaffected. Brief video here. Stay tuned. There will certainly be more developments on this front in the days to come.

Islamic based terror attack in Woowich, England

A dramatic video tonight emerged of a man with bloodied hands, carrying knives and ranting ‘We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you’, after a serving soldier was hacked to death by two men just 200 yards from an Army barracks.

The man can be seen and heard talking to the camera. The video came as terrified eyewitnesses saw two men shot by police marksmen after the machete attack in Woolwich, south-east London.

The two men are thought to have waited around for 20 minutes until Metropolitan Police officers arrived and then tried to attack them – but were swiftly shot by armed policemen, including a woman.

They apparently shouted ‘Allah Akbar’, which means ‘God is great’ in Arabic, and tried to film the attack, the BBC’s political editor Nick Robinson said.

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Friend of Tamerlan Tsarnaev shot dead by FBI after ‘pulling a knife as he prepared to sign a confession to 2011 triple homicide’

  • Ibragim Todashev, 27, reportedly turned violent during an interview with an FBI agent
  • He was being interviewed over his ties to Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev
  • Todashev, from Chechnya, was shot dead by the agent just after midnight Wednesday
  • He had reportedly confessed to the FBI that he played a role in a brutal triple slaying in the Boston area in 2011
  • Todashev had met Tsarnaev while he was living in Boston and last spoke him about a week before the bombing
  • He was arrested on May 4 in an unrelated incident after he knocked a man unconscious in a fight over a parking space

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Islamic countries are among the most racist and Intolerant places on the planet


40% + (of individuals surveyed would not want a person of another race as a neighbour)
India, Jordan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong

30 – 39.9%
Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea

20 – 39.9%
France, Turkey, Bulgaria, Algeria, Morocco, Mali, Zambia, Thailand, Malaysia, The Philippines


0 to 4.9%
United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, Britain, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Australia, New Zealand

5 – 9.9%
Chile, Peru, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Belarus, Croatia, Japan, Pakistan, South Africa

10 – 14.9%
Finland, Poland, Ukraine, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia

15 – 19.9%
Venezuela, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Macedonia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Russia, China

Source: World Values Survey

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Published on May 19, 2013

Like I have mentioned before, many times with proof, that Islam is the only “religion” where converts who join become assassins, terrorists, plotting terrorism and assassination. There is no other religion where this happens, it only happens with Islam. Converts to Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity or atheism never do things like this, never. This is growing in Europe, Canada, Australia and USA, America. Here is the story about her;





Free speech? It appears guest speakers at synagogues now have to register their opinions in advance with police






Pamela Geller is a New York liberal, concerned about shariah law.

Most Canadians don’t know who she is, but she did something for us that no Canadian did: She arranged for a proper gravestone for Aqsa Parvez, the teenaged Canadian girl murdered by her father and brother in a so-called honour killing in 2007.

Aqsa was murdered for daring to dress like a Canadian, instead of wearing a punishment sack, as women in shariah countries like Saudi Arabia are required to do.

But Parvez was also victimized even after she died. No Muslim cemetery would agree to have her buried there. Nor would they allow a marker of any sort to commemorate her.

It’s almost as if the leaders of the Muslim community blamed Aqsa and tacitly agreed with her murderers, that she was dishonourable.

For two years, until her family arranged for an inscribed stone, Aqsa was buried in an unmarked grave, in a public cemetery.

For two years, all that was on her tomb was a number, 774. Her murderer father must have been pleased; he got his wish, didn’t he? His daughter was erased from life and, for a time, erased again in death.

This did not sit well with Geller. She set about raising funds for a proper memorial for Aqsa.

Once the Muslim cemetery refused, she proposed to have a small memorial built at the University of Guelph’s arboretum, with the simple inscription: “Aqsa Parvez: Loved, Remembered, Free.”

Tasteful and understated. A small gesture of justice and freedom for a murdered girl. Paid by donors.

And the university refused.

Eventually, Geller found the one place that would accept a memorial — not in Canada, but in Israel.

Geller has a tough side, too. She organized New Yorkers, especially firemen and cops, to oppose a massive Ground Zero victory mosque proposed for the site of the 9/11 attacks. And she raises funds for ads on American subways and buses warning against jihad and terrorism.

She’s an enormously popular speaker — partly because she’s an energetic doer, too.

Which is why she was invited to speak in north Toronto next weekend, at a Jewish synagogue.

But then Insp. Ricky Veerappan of the York Regional Police got wind of Geller’s speech. Veerappan is with something called the diversity, equity and inclusion bureau of that police force. You’d think he’d want to meet Geller, to learn about honour killings

Geller’s a bit of an expert in that.

But Veerappan didn’t want to meet Geller.

Nor did he want anyone else to meet her. He contacted the rabbi at the synagogue, and told him to cancel Geller’s speech — and that if he didn’t, the rabbi would lose his position as a police chaplain. The rabbi caved.

What crime did Geller commit?

Veerappan was happy to tell QMI Agency: “Some of the stuff that Ms. Geller speaks about runs contrary to the values of York Regional Police and the work we do in engaging our communities.”

Really? Like what — offering a proper burial for girls killed in honour killings? Standing up for women’s rights, against shariah law? Warning against terrorism? But even if her values were “wrong,” what business is that of a cop? Do guest speakers at synagogues now have to register their opinions in advance with the police?

So that’s who’s banned. But who’s welcome?

As I write this, a student group not affiliated with the University of British Columbia is scheduled to host a conference on campus with a guest speaker, named Leila Khaled, appearing via Skype.

Unlike Geller, Khaled doesn’t believe in peace and security. Khaled is a Palestinian terrorist, convicted of hijacking planes, twice.

That’s Canadian “diversity, equity and inclusion.” Our police will bully a Jewish rabbi into cancelling a speech from a Jewish New Yorker whose chief contribution to our country was to give Aqsa Parvez a proper gravestone.

But a convicted terrorist? No problem! Help yourself to our leading universities, paid for by public tax dollars. Maybe police will even provide security — to keep out any troublesome Jews.



Muslim patrols still operating in London? Where is the UK government? This is a hate crime


After it was reported by the English media that Moslem men are intimidating people with their brand of Islamic Sharia Law on the streets of London England the police reportedly stopped it, but that is just a smoke screen. The Muslim patrols have NOT stopped and they are still patrolling London streets, harassing and intimidating Londoners and tourists with their hate filled Islamic Shariah message.

I have heard these type of patrols are also happening all over Europe and in many European cities, meanwhile the media and the governments of those western countries remain silent to this hate crime.