2 thoughts on “What Is A S.I.M.P.? comment by Tommy Sotomayor

  1. ★Simp slang definition★
    1) A man that puts himself in a subservient/submissive position under women or a woman in hopes of winning them/her over without the female bringing anything to the table or put out. for instance: a captain save a hoe.

    2) A guy that claims they are players/pimps when they are with a girl they spend their money on, their quality time and pampering the female telling the female that they love’em and etc; but all alone, the brawd is playing him!

    3) Simp contains the root word for a guy who is a sissy and or a looser usually who’s wearing the panties in a relationship. Also a simp is a dude who is a sissy that usually has a gf so in a fashion sense → a male wussy in the relationship, becasue he is so sprung/insecure on the female that makes her the dominant figure of their relationship. A guy who lets his girlfriend/wife be the dominant figue or take control of their relationship; hints the word simp; for instance→ a p#ssy whipped dude.
    4) S.I.M.P.
    Someone Idolizing Mediocre P#ssy
    →→→S.I.M.P abbreviation←←←

    This usually applies to a guy who takes up for or admire an immoral woman to gain or win her favor just to impress her/show interest in her around others and taking up sides with her whether she’s in the wrong and no matter how immoral, promiscuous, negative or ignorant she maybe in her bad behavior pattern, negative upbringing and or her awful way of thinking or bad life decisions.

    4a) A guy who’s chasing/courting a woman who already have 2,3,4 baby daddies or a promiscuous woman and the guy thinks that he have hit the jackpot or a chance with her for all she is worth,for instance: a captain save-a-hoe thinking he have a chance of getting laid by striking up a relationship with her. Usually this applies to guys or a dude who is a looser usually with low standards and or low self-esteem who usually end up with the short end of the stick later on in a relationship or non-relationship by being the butt of her jokes or her promiscuous game playing strategy with no intention on being serious with him…….
    (Internet forum simp)
    4b) A guy that comes to the aid and or defense/rescue for an unjustified immoral woman (taking up for her) around other guys to make himself look good just to impress her when getting upset and want to fight, flame, troll and etc on the internet forums with other guys in hoping to gain or win her favor or prove his point as intelligent when it’s really not,also; usually a guy like this are too emotional/sensitive like a “female or lets say, wearing the panties in a fashion sense” } and looses all credibility from other guys by not manning-up by making his own decisions by being narrow minded and always agreeing with a female about what everything she says.
    4c) (Simp in General)
    This also apply or refferd to a guy who does not use his critical thinking or judgment and let a female do the thinking for him in a relationship or a non-relationship.

    (verb) to simp. Tricking, groveling, or basically just letting females or a female walk all over him for no apparent reason other than his own “b#tch-made-ness” and not manning-up to her.

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