‘White Privilege’ lesson in Wisconsin high school draws national attention

a white parent is upset because a school decides to teach the kids the whole truth about white privilege and institutionalized white racism in American Society. kids of white parents like this are the ones that go on twitter calling for hate crimes  and death threats against Asians after they see a movie about Asian communists taking over America, go to college and throw balloons filled with bleach at black Asian and Latino kids on college campuses, commit other hate crimes against non-white kids on campus while university/college officials look the other way. go into the tv and movie business and incite racism against Asians and other minorities which lead to hate crimes. call black women reporters on tv who have thier natural hair poor and dress in rags etc



National attention has been drawn to a Wisconsin high school’s “American Diversity” course after one parent alleged that students are being taught white people are oppressors of minorities, reports Fox News.

One parent of a Delavan-Darien High School student spoke to Fox News.

“They’re teaching white guilt.  They’re dividing the students,” this parent told said.  ”They’re saying to non-whites, ‘You have been oppressed and you’re still being oppressed.’”

The parent, who requested to remain anonymous, claims she became alarmed by the content on some handouts that her 18-year-old son brought home from school.

A class handout defines “white privilege” as:

A set of advantages that are believed to be enjoyed by white people beyond those commonly experienced by non-white people in the same social, political, and economic spaces (nation, community, workplace, income, etc.)

Students were also instructed to visit the toy section of a local Wal-Mart, where they were to count the number of white dolls versus the number of black dolls.

School district superintendent, Robert Crist told Fox that “a lot of red flags go u in my mind when I look at the materials.  Her concern has merit.”

“Ideally, you would want to present one theory that might be way on the left and another theory that may be way on the right and if you find one in the middle you can present that, too,” he continued. “Now you have a well-rounded discussion in my opinion.”

Crist noted that the course has been suspended, while it is under review.