Muslim clerics warned against hate sermons

should the Tanzanian police put Muslim clerics and their sheep under surveillance?

Muslim clerics have been warned against sermons that provoke religious tensions.
The warning was given here yesterday by Ansaar Muslim Youth Centre (AMYC) director Sheikh Salim Barahiyan, when commenting on a Muslim preacher’s sermon on Friday afternoon which annoyed Christians and Muslims after one of the Ansaar’s Sheikh Juma Ali Juma preached at a Makorora mosque.

Sheikh Barahiyan, who is also Mudir of Ansaar, insisted that Islam was a religion which embraced peace and love among its faithful and other non-Muslims. (Paskal Mbunga)

He said even the holy Qur’an stressed the importance of peaceful coexistence between Muslims and non-Muslims.
He condemned the use of hate sermons, saying the country could not make any stride if there was no stability.
“Supposing you aim at convincing a non-Muslim to join your religion, obviously you are going to speak the good of your religion, but if you are wise enough, you won’t scorn other people’s religions,” he said, adding: “While we call for religious tolerance, we should not entertain hate sermons.”

Last Friday in Saad bin Mwazi mosque, Sheikh Juma was quoted in his sermon as calling on Muslims not to cooperate with Christians because they were infidels. He insisted that Muslims should not take part in Christian festivals like Christmas, Easter and other celebrations, including baptism and confirmation.

The Ansaar Sheikh went further calling on Muslims not to participate in Christian funeral services, saying Christians were supposed to be buried as dogs because they were just infidels.

“Let me tell you if you came from a Christian father or mother, but you got assimilated, consider yourself you are lucky. But if one of your parents is deceased, you shouldn’t burry him or her, but just put him/her in the grave as if you doing it to a dead dog,” he said.

However, when the cleric was called by his boss, Sheikh Barahiyan in the presence of reporters, he agreed to have preached hate sermons, but regretted for offending the non-Muslims, promising not to repeat it.

Since the founding of the Saad bin Mwazi mosque in Makorora half a decade ago, most residents of the area, including Christians and Muslims have been listening to hate sermons uttered in the mosque.


Bill O’Reilly’s Christmas Crusade Praised By White Nationalist Hate Group Founder



Given that Bill O’Reilly has lamented the demise of the white, Christian, male power structure and seems to be concerned about how “the white establishment is now the minority” in a country where the president was elected by minorities who want “free stuff,” it’s not surprising that he would have a soul brother in Peter Brimelow, the founder of the white nationalist, anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic SPLC designated hate group, VDARE. Not only is Brimelow concerned, as is O’Reilly, that “weird aliens with dubious habits” are destroying traditional America; but like O’Reilly, he’s really, Really concerned about the “Christophobes” and Jews who are trying to ruin Christmas. In fact, he seems to be the source of what has become O’Reilly’s and Fox’s season cottage industry the, wait for it – War on Christmas. And he’s proud of his spawn, as reflected in his recent praise of Bill O’Reilly’s valiant effort to beat back the heathen hordes!

Brimelow, now editor of VDARE, took the War on Christmas mainstream. Like Bill, he was offended by the use of “Happy Holidays.” In his book, “Alien Nation,” he cited how this secularization of the Christmas vernacular was an example of the multi-cultural “struggle to abolish America.” After founding VDARE, named after the first white child born in the American colonies, he established a “War on Christmas” competition in which writers would document the worst offenses toward the sacred holiday. In 2001, the winner was a writer who said that the Jews were behind the War on Christmas and that teaching children about Hanukkah “inculcates negative lessons about Christianity, not positive ones about Judaism.”

Brimelow recently wrote about how the War on Christmas is one of his favorite topics and compared it to German Chancellor Bismark’s “drive to eliminate Catholic influence in the German empire.” He whined that, apart from Bill O’Reilly, the evil mainstream media is ignoring this pernicious threat to American Christianity. In the spirit of good, traditional, Christian anti-Semitism, he attacked Jon Stewart’s lampooning of O’Reilly’s War on Christmas as “irrelevant but uninhibited expression of Jewish alienation and Christophobia.”

He then cited – drum roll please – your humble correspondent’s 2008 thread about anti-Semitic connections to the War on Christmas. He claimed that, for some “paranoid reason,” I mentioned VDARE. (Actually, Pete, I was providing some background on the “War” which had, as I mentioned here, anti-Semitic roots as evidenced by the VDARE writer who blamed the Jews for the “War.” Reality, baby – not paranoia.) Brimelow then mentions my recent News Hounds (according to Brimelow an “anti-Fox leftist media enforcer”) article that, “with ludicrous portentousness,” reported on how the ADL once reprimanded O’Reilly over some perceived anti-Semitic comments made in connection with the War on Christmas.

Brimelow followed that article up with the article “Bill O’Reilly’s Very Moderate War on Christmas” in which he dismisses Media Matter’s report that O’Reilly talked more about the bogus War on Christmas more than he’s talked about real wars. He referenced how Bill O’Reilly “exposed” RI Governor Lincoln Chafee over the holiday tree and promoted the Fox enabled lie that Chafee was going to cancel the tree lighting. He then says – another drum roll please that – ready for it – “Bill O’Reilly isn’t really the point man in the War On Christmas (although commends him for continuing to report it). That role is taken by grass roots Americans, who fight back at the level of the School Board and town square.”

So while O’Reilly isn’t quite the head Christmas honcho that he thinks he is, he still got creds from some folks who do seem to have less than six degrees of separation in what would appear to be racially biased world views. And thanks for reading News Hounds, Mr. Brimelow, as the saying goes, that’s mighty white of ya!

BTW, in 2011, Brimelow, who just happens to be a columnist for News Corp.’s “Market Watch,” held a press conference during which he discussed “Why the GOP Must Win White America for Victory in 2012.” Wonder how that worked out for him!!!