White Supremacists Drive US Domestic Terrorist Attacks to Highest Level in 25 Years

Interracial Marriage

The domestic white supremacists that have infiltrated the military and law enforcement cells have been activated. The plan to rally against interracial couples and black people has been initiated and the pieces are being moved into place as this blog post is written. You can see the alignment happening with the January 6th insurrection, the attack on interracial marriage with creating a fear to ban it and the mass shooting of black people within poor black neighborhoods.

You can see the arrogance of US military Generals and their attacks on black military personnel. Their leaders have been instructed to move black members within the military to positions of least influence and to develop the records of discipline on them early. A policy of vectoring has been put into place to make sure that white male leadership rises to the surface and black military personnel and black law enforcement personnel are…

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