PA incited riots, violence, and terror – leads to death of Al-Jazeera journalist

  • PA repeatedly incited terror during Ramadan, retelling its libel that Al-Aqsa is being “desecrated” by the presence of Jews on Temple Mount
  • PMW will be releasing a bulletin tomorrow documenting 15 additional examples of PA demonizing any Jewish presence on the Temple Mount and/or calling for violence and terror in the name of defending the mosque
  • PMW has already released numerous bulletins in the last two months documenting the incessant recent terror promotion of the PA
  • Responding to PA incitement to murder, Palestinian terror, mostly originating from the region of Jenin, has murdered 19 Israelis across Israel
  • This morning Israeli forces entered Jenin for the purpose of arresting additional terrorists before they could commit more terror attacks
  • Israeli forces were fired on by Palestinian terrorists. During the firefight Al-Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh was shot and killed. It has not yet been determined how she was killed.
  • Regardless of whose bullet killed the journalist, the Palestinian terrorists who initiated the gunfight and the Palestinian Authority itself which called for the violence bear full responsibility for all casualties.

Palestinian Media Watch has documented the incessant Palestinian Authority promotion of terror in recent months. Among the many examples, Mahmoud Abbas’ advisor on Islam and Head of the PA Islamic Courts, Mahmoud Al-Habbash, called on Palestinians not to be lazy during Ramadan but to follow the example of Islam’s Prophet Mohammed who started wars during Ramadan. Many more examples can be found here on PMW’s website.

These calls for violence were heeded by Palestinian terrorists mostly from the Jenin region who attacked and murdered Israelis, rioted violently, and shot at Israeli security forces, leaving 19  Israelis and foreigners murdered by Palestinian terror.

Today, Israeli forces entered Jenin to make more arrests and Palestinian terrorists attacked them and opened fire. During the exchange of fire, Al-Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh was shot and killed. While it still has not been determined who shot the bullet that killed the journalist, it is clear that the Jenin terrorists who started the gunfight, as well as the Palestinian Authority leaders who have been calling for violence and terror, are the ones who are directly responsible for the death of Abu Aqleh and all the other deaths and injuries resulting from their terror and terror promotion.

A video of the terrorists in Jenin firing indiscriminately presumably in the direction of Israeli soldiers has been released. An unidentified terrorist says that an Israeli soldier was hit and fell to the ground. However, in fact no soldiers were hit or injured. Did one of the Palestinians shoot the journalist, see her fall, and think he shot an Israeli soldier?

The PA took the journalists’ body and has refused an Israel offer to do a joint inquiry to determine the circumstances of her death, so the truth may never be known.

However as written above, ultimately when fighting Palestinian terror in the streets of Jenin or Hamas terror missiles fired from Gaza, the terrorist who are responsible for 100% of the violence bear 100% responsibility for all deaths and injuries.