“Trans Porn” Creators Sentenced Over Sadistic Sexual Abuse of 7-Year-Old Girl

A trans-identified male has been sentenced to 25 years in prison after forcing his 7-year-old daughter to participate in the creation of child sexual abuse material.

Marina Volz, born Matthew, was arrested in 2019 after the New Jersey Department of Child Protection became aware he was creating pornography in a home where a child resided.

search warrant was executed at the property after it was found the child had likely been exposed to sexually explicit material, and electronic devices were subsequently seized. During forensic examination of the devices, several sexually-explicit photos and videos of the child were found.

The child was removed from the premises, and a lengthy investigation into the residents of the property began. Four adults were arrested including Volz, who is the child’s father.

The four had run what was described as a “family-owned” transgender pornography production company specializing in BDSM, fetish, and taboo content.