White Women Declared #1 Enemy By MGTOW

Interracial Marriage

All over social media, white girls are being viciously attacked by English Speaking White Males.  Ladies, if you’ve been attacked, it was probably by one of these types.  If you see posts similar to what is shown below, you know that you’re dealing with a white supremacist. The pope has come out and urged efforts to protect white women in New Year’s homily.

“The reality is that women are completely out of control. And yes, it is all women.. Men who marry Asian women… are not the problem…Women are the problem… try to tell me that women deserve “rights.” They should be thankful they don’t literally get locked in cages.” – Andrew Anglin, founder of the American white nationalist/neo-nazi website the “Daily Stormer”. (The “Daily Stormer” is ranked the #2 white supremacist/neo-nazi website in the Untied States).

“If white men still spanked their wives, we wouldn’t be having…

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