Suni Lee Attacked for Dating a Black Man

Interracial Marriage


Olympic gymnast Sunisa Lee says she has been subjected to vicious racist hate for choosing to date a black man – just months after she fell victim to an anti-Asian pepper spray attack.

The gymnast confirmed she was in a relationship with USC football player Jaylin Smith on December 26 by sharing a few snaps of them cozying up to Instagram. Although some fans were so happy for Sunisa, the Olympic gold medalist recently revealed she’s been facing a lot of backlash over the relationship.

According to the athlete, some of her fellow Hmong Americans have taken issue with her dating a black man and have slammed the couple online. She said they ‘support her when it’s beneficial to them,’ but never ‘when it comes to her happiness.’  This comes just months after she revealed she was the victim of a racist attack — where people sprayed her with pepper spray and called…

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