26% Marriage Rate For US Black Women – As Per Usual “Its The Black Man’s Fault”

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock




You’ll notice that whenever the subject of black women and their low marriage rates are ever brought up in conversation, black women are NEVER examined neither scrutinised in order to determine if they themselves could indeed be the possible cause of their own statistical failure. As per usual the dying lame stream media is only too willing to go along with the usual narratives about not enough black men being educated, employed and large numbers of black men being in jail as can be seen below from this famous Nightline ABC news clip I’m sure everybody remembers from 10 years ago:

Did you notice towards the end of the clip these black women talked about being made “back pocket girls”, ie the women who certain men keep around and check in with from time to time. Well, which black men were they “around the bush” referring to…

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