ManWomanMyth – Feminism – Origins of Feminism

Feminism in a nutshell

How women like to think Feminism started and how I believe it really started. Feminism is about women’s enslavement rather than women’s liberation.

• Ideology of Feminism
• Women’s definition of oppression

Origins of Feminism

part 2

More details on where Feminism came from and how it significantly pre-dates the 1960’s. How radical Feminism attached itself to true Feminism such that they became one combined ideology. How women have been fooled by Feminism and how it has been used to steadily dismantle family. Featuring Stephen Fitzgerald, Angry Harry, Erin Pizzey and Michele Elliott.

• Leaders of the women’s movement
• Making the personal, political
• Feminism use of Domestic Violence to generate income
• Women in the Second World War
• The EOC – Equal Opportunities Commission (now called EHRC)

part 3

part 4

part 5

winners of feminism

An examination of those who really win due to the onslaught of Feminism. What agencies are benefiting whilst women, men and children continue to lose? Featuring Stephen Fitzgerald, Angry Harry, Erin Pizzey and Professor Colin Francome.

• Was there a need for feminism?
• The real meaning of the ideology of Feminism
• Anatomy of a Feminist
• Womens attempts to rewrite history

part 6

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