Steve Emerson’s “Jihad in America – The Grand Deception”

This documentary explores the brotherhood and politics, commonly referred to as Islamism, and examines the influence of Muslim Brotherhood in the United States. This insightful film yet entertaining documentary also highlights the danger that Islamist influence poses for all Americans. It also includes never-before-seen interviews with brave Muslim leaders, former FBI agents and federal prosecutors, a prominent Hollywood director, journalists, and even a top official of the worldwide Muslim Brotherhood.


Geert Wilders in Australia 2013


This is the recording of Geert Wilders’ keynote speech given on 19 February 2013 in Melbourne. The atmosphere on the evening was tense as a small group of violent anarchist sought to prevent patrons from entering the venue. Three guests were injured by thugs before police secured a passage at the entrance.

While Geert and the team flew on to WA the next morning, the event in Perth scheduled for 20 February had to be cancelled. The venue operator had walked away in the last minute from the fully paid contract. Given the special security requirements a replacement could not be found while the team was already busy with final preparations in Melbourne. The evening event in Sydney was held on 22 February without incident and with excellent support by NSW police. 

Both events in Melbourne and Sydney were sold out with ca 550 guests and volunteers in attendance in each city. Originally larger venues with 1,000 seats had been booked, but in both Melbourne and Sydney the operators pulled out following the security briefings with AFP and state police.