Boycott Hugo Weaving: More information on upcoming racist movie “Cloud Atlas”

racebending dot com have more info on this racist hollywood movie called “cloud atlas”



Above: Actor Hugo Weaving in yellowface in a promotional image for Cloud Atlas

boycott racist piece of shit Hugo Weaving



asian actresses selling out to racist hollywood

In a promotional image from Cloud Atlas, an Asian woman sits behind a barred window next to a sign that reads “Comfort Hives”

what is a comfort hive?


In a scene from the trailer, a white male character monologues about a dream where all the (Asian) waitresses had the same face.

racist hollywood think all asians look the same, act the same, like the same things etc like a big monolithic bloc.


In a promotional still from Cloud Altas, Asian actress Bae Doona cries as she is snuggled by Jim Sturgess in yellowface

what made Bae Doona a Korean actress participate in this racist excuse of a movie? did she asked the makers why they didn’t hire Korean or any east Asian males?


and don’t forget to boycott that piece of racist shit Jim Sturgess who likes to dress up as  and play Asian Characters. this is the second time. first in “21” where the lead is an Asian male in the original story and now in this racist crap called “Cloud Atlas”






5 thoughts on “Boycott Hugo Weaving: More information on upcoming racist movie “Cloud Atlas”

  1. I really cannot believe that they would go this far. To actually put an actor in yellow face, that be a white man. i didn’t believe it when put Robert Downey Jr. in blackface and called it oscar worthy.

    I hate hollywood and movies.

    • They put Robert Downy Jr, in “blackface” because it conveys the over the top and ridicules personality of the actor he’s playing in the movie. That he would try to be another race just to expand his acting ego. Downey performance was more than oscar worthy.
      I’m sorry your prejudice against white people stops you from enjoying life.

      BTW to the idiot that writes these autistic messes that are supposed to be a blog; Learn what fucking racist means.Racist isn’t a word that you just give meaning to so you can justify your ideology’s.
      Here is the definition: a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others.

      The more you know!! you dumb fucking clown.


      Anybody calling me autistic and cry anti-white racism will have no voice in here you are banned

  2. I’ve never seen the movie or read the book. But from what I gather, and I may be wrong, Cloud Atlas involves some element of reincarnation? Where the same actors play a variety of characters over a significant span of time. So perhaps that’s why they did this because it’s the same actors playing different reincarnations of the same person. Not to mention isn’t there a part where a female is played by a male or something like that? White plays black or vice versa? Does that make it racist? Sexist perhaps? Again I haven’t seen it yet so maybe I’ll be proven wrong.

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