upcoming whitewashing: “Pacific Rim”(2013)

The war on East Asians continues:

Question:  Who makes a movie to pay homage to Japanese giant monster films and only hire one Asian (Japanese) Actress?

Answer: racist Hollywood


link to the casting


Pacific rim (2013) according to the racist makers is supposed to be a homage to Japanese Giant monster films. Typical of racist Hollywood they can’t bother to hire more than one qualified Japanese actors and actresses. They only hire one Asian actress, a Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi. a white German Mexican actor Clifton Craig Collins, Jr  is playing a character called “Tendo Choi”. Tendo is a Japanese family name, the Choi name is both a Chinese and a Korean family name. only in racist Hollywood can white actors use Asian names. The racist brothers(WB) tried that shtick in their Akira remake which they only call for white men in their casting calls portray the Japanese leads and use the Japanese names, this overt racist action causes public anger and outrage which caused the racist brothers to cancel or shelved the Akira remake project.