Bill O’Reilly’s Christmas Crusade Praised By White Nationalist Hate Group Founder



Given that Bill O’Reilly has lamented the demise of the white, Christian, male power structure and seems to be concerned about how “the white establishment is now the minority” in a country where the president was elected by minorities who want “free stuff,” it’s not surprising that he would have a soul brother in Peter Brimelow, the founder of the white nationalist, anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic SPLC designated hate group, VDARE. Not only is Brimelow concerned, as is O’Reilly, that “weird aliens with dubious habits” are destroying traditional America; but like O’Reilly, he’s really, Really concerned about the “Christophobes” and Jews who are trying to ruin Christmas. In fact, he seems to be the source of what has become O’Reilly’s and Fox’s season cottage industry the, wait for it – War on Christmas. And he’s proud of his spawn, as reflected in his recent praise of Bill O’Reilly’s valiant effort to beat back the heathen hordes!

Brimelow, now editor of VDARE, took the War on Christmas mainstream. Like Bill, he was offended by the use of “Happy Holidays.” In his book, “Alien Nation,” he cited how this secularization of the Christmas vernacular was an example of the multi-cultural “struggle to abolish America.” After founding VDARE, named after the first white child born in the American colonies, he established a “War on Christmas” competition in which writers would document the worst offenses toward the sacred holiday. In 2001, the winner was a writer who said that the Jews were behind the War on Christmas and that teaching children about Hanukkah “inculcates negative lessons about Christianity, not positive ones about Judaism.”

Brimelow recently wrote about how the War on Christmas is one of his favorite topics and compared it to German Chancellor Bismark’s “drive to eliminate Catholic influence in the German empire.” He whined that, apart from Bill O’Reilly, the evil mainstream media is ignoring this pernicious threat to American Christianity. In the spirit of good, traditional, Christian anti-Semitism, he attacked Jon Stewart’s lampooning of O’Reilly’s War on Christmas as “irrelevant but uninhibited expression of Jewish alienation and Christophobia.”

He then cited – drum roll please – your humble correspondent’s 2008 thread about anti-Semitic connections to the War on Christmas. He claimed that, for some “paranoid reason,” I mentioned VDARE. (Actually, Pete, I was providing some background on the “War” which had, as I mentioned here, anti-Semitic roots as evidenced by the VDARE writer who blamed the Jews for the “War.” Reality, baby – not paranoia.) Brimelow then mentions my recent News Hounds (according to Brimelow an “anti-Fox leftist media enforcer”) article that, “with ludicrous portentousness,” reported on how the ADL once reprimanded O’Reilly over some perceived anti-Semitic comments made in connection with the War on Christmas.

Brimelow followed that article up with the article “Bill O’Reilly’s Very Moderate War on Christmas” in which he dismisses Media Matter’s report that O’Reilly talked more about the bogus War on Christmas more than he’s talked about real wars. He referenced how Bill O’Reilly “exposed” RI Governor Lincoln Chafee over the holiday tree and promoted the Fox enabled lie that Chafee was going to cancel the tree lighting. He then says – another drum roll please that – ready for it – “Bill O’Reilly isn’t really the point man in the War On Christmas (although commends him for continuing to report it). That role is taken by grass roots Americans, who fight back at the level of the School Board and town square.”

So while O’Reilly isn’t quite the head Christmas honcho that he thinks he is, he still got creds from some folks who do seem to have less than six degrees of separation in what would appear to be racially biased world views. And thanks for reading News Hounds, Mr. Brimelow, as the saying goes, that’s mighty white of ya!

BTW, in 2011, Brimelow, who just happens to be a columnist for News Corp.’s “Market Watch,” held a press conference during which he discussed “Why the GOP Must Win White America for Victory in 2012.” Wonder how that worked out for him!!!



Baldwin, Wis., student disciplined for presenting classmate with noose, KKK symbol

who is teaching this boy racist behaviors?




A high school in Baldwin, Wis., a small town about 40 miles east of the Twin Cities, has suspended a ninth-grade student for giving a miniature noose and “KKK symbol” to a black classmate.

Eric Russell, principal of Baldwin-Woodville High School, said he suspended the boy Dec. 14 after he confessed to placing the offensive items on the desk of the classmate, whose foster mother said she is 15 years old and one of only three black students in the 450-student school.

“They were in an art class, and a little macrame noose was made, and some kind of KKK symbol,” Russell said Friday. “These two small objects were placed before this individual. The young man said it was done as a joke.”

But it wasn’t a joke to the black student and her family, said her foster mother, Sarah Hitzeman, who, with her husband, is in the process of adopting the teen.

“She has been experiencing racial comments since joining our family her eighth-grade year,” Hitzeman wrote in an e-mail sent to an advocate for disadvantaged youth and shared with the Star Tribune. “Her freshman year started out with students calling her ‘Big Mocha’ and making fun of her hair and breasts.”

The student told Hitzeman about the Dec. 13 noose incident when she got home from school, and Hitzeman notified Russell the next day, which happened to be the last day before the holiday break.

Hitzeman said she later learned that the school initially gave the boy in-school suspension for one day, but changed it to an out-of-school suspension after the school was contacted by a NAACP representative whom Hitzeman had contacted.

Russell confirmed that since the school break, he has imposed the more severe suspension on the boy. It will begin when students return to school next week. Russell declined to say how long the suspension will last. He said he also notified the boy’s parents and Baldwin police.

The boy’s parents were “upset, shocked” about what their son had done, said Russell, who added that although a police officer interviewed the boy, “I believe no charges have been filed at this time.”

Baldwin Police Chief Jim Widiker, the only department official authorized to answer media inquiries, was out of the office this week and did not respond to a telephone message.

Fred Friedman, the longtime chief public defender for northeastern Minnesota, said he learned of the noose incident through contacts in the Duluth-Superior child advocacy network and was so disturbed that he wrote to the U.S. attorney for western Wisconsin. He said he also tried on Christmas Eve to report it to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction but could not reach any officials there because of slim holiday staffing.

Media relations officials for both offices were on vacation this week, and neither responded to requests for comment.

‘This isn’t OK’

According to the latest census, the sister communities of Baldwin, population 4,000, and Woodville, population 1,300, are about 96 percent white. Blacks, American Indians and Asian-Americans each make up less than 1 percent of Baldwin’s inhabitants, and Hispanics or Latinos account for 1.6 percent, according to the figures.

School Board Member Deb Rasmussen said Friday that she hadn’t been aware of the noose incident until a reporter called her. She said she doesn’t believe the incident reflects any larger intolerance at the school or in the community.

“Baldwin-Woodville is a good place, and we’re proud of that fact,” she said

Russell called what happened “absolutely not acceptable behavior” and said he believes the boy is remorseful. He said the school may increase the number of activities it does each year designed to promote tolerance and respect for others. He said each grade already has annual “respect retreats” and a student leadership program in which older students mentor incoming freshmen on proper behavior.

Hitzeman said that other students, after hearing of the boy’s suspension, have criticized her foster daughter, saying she overreacted to a joke. Hitzeman said she wants school officials to lay down the law to students and teachers, telling them that the school won’t tolerate race-based harassment of any kind and will come down hard on anyone who harasses someone for reporting it.

“To have a school that has no tolerance for bullying but a lot of tolerance for racial issues isn’t right,” Hitzeman said. “I want my daughter to understand this isn’t OK, and she doesn’t have to accept it.”


Asian-Americans outraged over ‘racist’ Google app

this racist app just reach the mainstream media


Asian-American groups in the US are demanding from Google to remove an application (app) from its Google Play store called “Make Me Asian” which allows users to alter their photos to resemble Asian stereotypes.

A similar app called “Make Me Indian” has also received criticism.

“These apps perpetuate hateful and offensive stereotypes that are used to this very day to marginalise and humiliate Asians and Native Americans,” wrote Washington pastor Peter Chin on the website, where he has started a petition for the apps to be taken down.

“They are not funny, and their use highlights a vicious double standard, where people are allowed to characterise” both groups “in a way that they never would do to other races,” Chin wrote about the series of Android phone apps created by designer Kimbery Deiss.

“You can for a few seconds to make himself a Chinese, Japanese, Korean,” Kimbery Deiss wrote on Google Play about the app that allows users with the click of a button to be transformed into an Asian with a Fu Manchu mustache and a rice paddy hat.

Deiss also said that by altering your photo to look like an Indian with brown skin, war paint and a feather headband that will now allow you to “not get bored!”

On the website, Chin is asking that individuals sign a petition stating the apps “are racist and perpetuate false and offensive stereotypes that are hurtful to both Asian and Native American communities.”




Purdue reported second-highest number of campus hate crimes last year

college campuses becoming hostile places for non-white students.


Written by AP
Dec 25, 2012

Purdue University reported the second-highest number of hate crimes among the country’s colleges last year, according to statistics compiled by the FBI.

The seven alleged hate crimes reported on the West Lafayette campus in 2011 were the most among Indiana colleges, the Journal & Courier reported. So far in 2012, Purdue police have documented 12 hate crimes.

The University of California at Santa Cruz reported nine hate crimes, the most of all colleges in 2011.

The FBI report said five of the incidents reported at Purdue reflected racial bias and two were related to religion. The offenses involved assault, intimidation and vandalized property.

The largest number of hate crimes last year and this year were reported against blacks, closely followed by Jews. Other alleged victims included Muslims, Asians, whites and a gay man, the newspaper said. The majority were acts of vandalism.

A hate crime is defined in federal law as a “criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.”

One hundred hate crimes were reported in Indiana last year, including 13 on college campuses.

Besides Purdue, hate crimes were reported at Indiana State, Indiana University-Southeast and Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis.

Purdue officials attributed the number of local reports to increased awareness and an online reporting system created in 2010, when Purdue reported 11 hate crimes.

“I am confident that we are getting better reporting now,” campus Police Chief John Cox said. “It is unfortunate but in my experience some crimes against people – sexual assault, battery – go unreported, but now we have software that is in place. We have the ability for anyone on campus, for visitors, to report bias incidents now.”

Tyrell Connor, president of the Purdue Black Graduate Student Association, said the number of hate crime reports show Purdue does have a problem handling discrimination. In the past year, students and staff have held rallies against racial incidents on campus and formed an anti-racism coalition.

“What this immediately says to me is that Purdue’s campus creates an environment that allows for certain individuals to feel comfortable to commit these hate acts,” he said. “My dream would be to actually sit down with top university officials and (incoming) President Mitch Daniels and work together on solving this problem.”

Junior Victoria Loong, a Chinese-American who has criticized classmates’ online insults of Asian students, said statistics are less important than experience.

“Numbers don’t matter; what we’re actually experiencing does,” she said.

The FBI database includes 600 campuses. Of those, 500 – including IU-Bloomington ­– reported no hate crimes, though IU’s annual security report listed three in 2011.

Spike Lee boycotts Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’: ‘Slavery was not a spaghetti western!’

white privilege is when a white man KKKuentin Tarantino can make movies using the n-word in his movies to dehumanize black people and still allowed to make movies. But if you are non-white and defend yourself from a racist white man on facebook comparing your natural non-white features to be being poor and dress in rags you will get fired from your job.



Spike Lee thinks Quentin Tarantino‘s new slavery revenge flick “Django Unchained” is the wrong thing.

The famed “He Got Game” director says he’s boycotting the new movie because he finds it insulting.

“American Slavery Was Not A Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western. It Was A Holocaust. My Ancestors Are Slaves. Stolen From Africa. I Will Honor Them,” he wrote on Twitter.

The tweet came shortly after he told VibeTV he couldn’t comment on the movie starring Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio because he decided not to see it.

“I can’t speak on it ’cause I’m not gonna see it. I’m not seeing it,” he said in a video interview.
“All I’m going to say is that it’s disrespectful to my ancestors to see that film. That’s the only thing I’m gonna say,” he explained. “I can’t disrespect my ancestors. I can’t do it. Now, that’s me. I’m not speaking on behalf of anybody but myself. I can’t do it.”

Lee, 55, even tangled with another Twitter user who took issue with his Holocaust comparison.

“The goal of the holocaust was death and destruction; the goal of American slavery was tobacco, indigo, rice, and cotton,” a post from a user called Rogue Academic read.

“Like Slaves Didn’t Die? What Kind Of Academic Are You? And George Washington Didn’t Own Slaves Too?” Lee responded.

Tarantino, 49, has been the subject of Lee’s ire before.

Lee criticized the “Pulp Fiction” director for his liberal use of the n-word in his third feature film, “Jackie Brown,” a 1997 movie starring Samuel L. Jackson and paying homage to the blaxploitation films of the 1970s.

“I’m not against the word. And some people speak that way. But Quentin is infatuated with that word,” Lee said of Tarantino in an interview with Variety.

“What does he want to be made, an honorary black man?” the “Do The Right Thing” director asked. “I want Quentin to know that all African-Americans do not think that word is trendy or slick.”




Hollywood Racism and blackface: Zoe Saldana transforms into Nina Simone for new movie… with the help of facial prosthetics, fake teeth and an afro-style wig

Racist Hollywood continuing their war against non-whites by engaging in black-face choosing a light skinned mixed Latina  dressing her  up in  prosthetics to make her look like Nina Simone the black female Jazz Singer. a similar racist yellowface movie cloud atlas is now playing in theaters.

Nina Simone

pictures showing Zoe in blackface using prosthetics






Here is light skinned mixed Latina Zoe Saldana

She caused controversy when it was first revealed that she had been cast as Nina Simone, with many saying she wasn’t ‘dark-skinned enough’ to play the legendary jazz singer.

But in first pictures of Zoe Saldana on the set of highly-anticipated biopic Nina, the 34-year-old actress has shown she is throwing herself into the role whole-heartedly.

Zoe was seen wearing a black afro-style short wig and what appeared to be a prosthetic nose, clutching a folder believed to contain her scripts as she made her way to the movie set.

She also appeared to have some slightly darker make-up shaded along her cheek and jawline.
She wore a black dressing gown with white trim, teamed with a matching pair of slippers as she prepared to meet with the wardrobe department ahead of her day’s work.

The decision to cast Zoe as Nina was met with strong criticism with many in Hollywood, including Nina’s daughter Simone Kelly.

Simone took to her Facebook page to voice her concerns, writing: ‘Appearance-wise this is not the best choice.’

However, Simone then continued to say that she had no problem with the star’s acting ability, but added she would have liked to see a darker-skinned actress such as Viola Davis or Kimberly Elise take the part.

But other stars have come forward to back Zoe in the part, with singer and actress Jill Scott telling black women’s web site Hello Beautiful: ‘Zoe is an incredible actress.

‘I think that there should be some work done, like a prosthetic nose would be helpful and definitely some darker make-up.’

The synopsis of the motion picture so far only details that it is the story of the jazz musician and classical pianist, including her rise to fame and relationship with her manager Clifton Henderson.

The civil rights activist certainly celebrated women of darker complexions with her track Images (Of a Wayward Soul), which includes the lyrics: ‘She does not know her beauty. She thinks her brown body has no glory.’

Nina, which also stars The Help actor David Oyelowo as Henderson, is due for release in 2013.

link to daily mail

RSC racist casting: James Fenton’s remake of the The Orphan of Zhao, East Asians are cast as maid and non-humans

White Producers and Entertainers continuing their  war against East Asians.

another day another case of white entertainers resorting to racist casting of hiring white actors to portray East Asians . in the casting 2 asians are cast as ghost/demons and one as a maid.  these racist pieces of shit also insult the Chinese community by putting out a poster with a picture of a Chinese Boy(can you say deceptive advertising?) the racist fucks at RSC continue to insult the East Asian community by having a page about this crap in the  Chinese language.  The racist fucks want east Asian/Chinese  money not their acting talents, and why the hell those East Asian actors  selling out participating in this dehumanizing play instead of protesting this racist casting?


At the end of the month The RSC will be staging an adaptation of The Orphan of Zhao.

This is a Chinese classic from the Yuan period thought to have been penned by the 13th century writer Ji Junxiang (紀君祥). Not much known about Ji Junxiang. He was born in present day Beijing and wrote six plays. Only one of his works has survived and that is  Yuanbao yuan Zhao shi gu’er – The (great) Revenge of the orphan Zhao ca. 1330  (趙氏孤兒大報仇). This was the first  zaju, (Chinese: “mixed drama or play”) to have been translated into the western tongue.

This was one of the major Chinese dramatic forms. Originating as a short variety play from Northern China during the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) and during the Yuan dynasty (1206–1368) it developed into a mature four-act dramatic form, in which songs alternate with dialogue.

The fact that the RSC are producing such a work should for the BAME (Black Asian Minority Ethnic) community cause for celebration – so why are not more of us hip, hip hooraying?
Matthew Aubrey – Ti Miming
Adam Burton – The Assassin
Joe Dixon – Tu’an Gu
Jake Fairbrother – Cheng Bo
Lloyd Hutchinson – Han Jue
Youssef Kerkour – Captain of the Guard
Chris Lew Kum Hoi – Ghost of Dr Cheng’s Son/Demon Mastiff
Siu Hun Li – Demon Mastiff/Guard
Patrick Romer – Gongsun
James Tucker – Zhao Dun
Graham Turner – Dr Cheng
Stephen Ventura – Emperor Ling
Philip Whitchurch – Wei Jang
Lucy Briggs-Owen – The Princess
Nia Gwynne – Dr Cheng’s Wife
Susan Momoko Hingley – Princess’ Maid
Joan Iyiola – Demon Mastiff
Out of a cast size of 17 only 3 BEA (British East Asian) have been cast. The three actors that have been cast in the production should be exceedingly proud of their achievement.
But only 3 out of a potential 17!. There are approximately 75 BEA actors and 82 BEA actress all of varying experience, training and expertise. You cannot tell me that from this pool the RSC could not have found at least two major male and female roles for the production?
If this was an adaptation of Liongo I doubt very much whether the Black Afro-Caribbean acting community would idly stand by as the major or pivotal roles were taken by Caucasian actors. I doubt very much whether the RSC when casting such a venture would ever dream of not casting black actors in such a production. So why then should we be any different? Why are the British-Chinese/East Asian not afford the same cultural, ethnic and racial considerations as our fellow Black Afro-Carribean and South Asian colleagues?
Are we so little thought of us? Are we that invisible and inconsequential to the society and the country of which we are citizens?
Yet our culture, our writing our art take pride of place in institutions around the UK. It is almost Pythonesque …

And what have the Chinese ever given us in return?

Row -planting

Oh yeah, yeah they gave us that. Yeah. That’s true.

And The Compass

Oh yes… the compass, Reg, you remember what navigating around used to be like.

All right, I’ll grant you that Row -planting and the compass are two things that the Chinese have done…

And the seed drill…

(sharply) Well yes obviously the seed drill… the compass go without saying. But apart from the row-planting, the compass and the seed drill…

Iron Ploughs, Ships rudder

Harness for horses, Gunpowder, Porcelain, Toilet paper, Print – moveable type

another link

The news that the revered Royal Shakespeare Company has not only given a measly three out of 17 roles in their production of the Chinese classic, The Orphan of Zhao, to Asian actors, but that these parts are for two dogs and a maid, has quite gasted my flabber. None of the main roles are played by Asians.[EDIT: two of the three asians and one black actor are working ONE puppet dog.]

We’ve been rowing about this for months alongside Anglo-Chinese actor and Equity BAME representative Daniel York who is leading the charge. [Edit: Daniel says the third out of three demon dogs is a black actor while all the main roles are white. WTF with the non-white non-human depictions?] His attempts to elicit a grown-up response from the RSC and the Arts Council have so far resulted in a condescending brush-off and a reprimand from the powers-that-be.

Yes, cross-racial casting is a wonderful idea— the problem is that it’s all one-way traffic. What happened to diversity? Note the use of a Chinese kid in their promo material (above). If they actually had the courage of their questionable conviction, they’d surely have illustrated their wares with one of their leading actors. Instead, they lack the smarts to understand why courting Chinese audiences is going down like a cup of cold sick. They want our money but not us, and certainly not our involvement as equals in this Vale of Tears.

It’s a shame that writer James Fenton, who has an impressive track-record as a progressive, has allowed the casting of his adaptation to be done along such colonialist lines. I always thought he was an anti-imperialist and all that entails.

I doubt we’d see the pillars of the culture pulling these stunts with the African-Caribbean or south Asian communities because they know they’d be exposed as something akin to white supremacists perpetuating dominance of the culture instead of using public funds to advance our consciousness beyond its current sorry state and represent everyone fairly.

Boycott racist piece of shit James Fenton


anybody in the comment section defending this or any other similar racist, dehumanizing and insulting incident will be blocked and post deleted

Benjamin Walker Joins Henry Cavill In The Great Wall, Production Delayed

Hollywood’s war on Asians continues.  This latest racist, white savior complex excuse of a movie is about 2 british white male leads in the 15th century saving the Chinese.


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter star Benjamin Walker has landed a role in The Great Wall.

He’ll co-star with the new Superman, Man of Steel’s Henry Cavill in the period horror, reveal Variety. Walker, an acclaimed stage actor who’s also appeared in Kinsey and Flags of Our Fathers, beat True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard for the role. The Last Samurai, Blood Diamond and Glory director Edward Zwick is shooting a story by writer Max Brooks (World War Z).

Cavill and Walker will play 15th century British soldiers who stumble upon the construction of the Great Wall of China, which contains a supernatural presence the builders are trying to contain. Zhang Ziyi (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) has been approached for a role.

Deadline now report production in China and New Zealand has just been pushed back from autumn to spring, with Legendary Pictures citing weather issues. Ironically, Walker was set to star in Alex Proyas’ film adaptation of Paradise Lost, but Legendary pulled the plug on the project in February.

Walker landed his first leading film role in Timur Bekmambetov’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, adapted from Seth Grahame-Smith’s genre mash-up book. It hits UK cinemas 20th June. He’s currently filming HBO pic Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight for Stephen Frears.




Legendary Pictures’ Hong Kong-based division, Legendary East, will kick-off with a historical fantasy flick titled The Great Wall. Oscar-winning filmmaker Edward Zwick will oversee the project, which is also meant to open the gates for other Hollywood studios interested in making movies on location in China (along with Bill Paxton’s Kung Fu movie, which Legendary East is co-funding).

Production on Great Wall was originally slated to get underway this fall, but has been pushed back to Spring 2013. However, the reason for said delay is to avoid any complications due to the fall/winter weather in China and New Zealand (where the film will be shot) – and not over budgetary concerns, similar to those which led Legendary to axe Paradise Lost earlier this year.

Deadline has the scoop on Great Wall, offering assurances that the project is not falling apart (despite the delay) and updates on the casting process for Chinese acting talent, including Golden Globe-nominee Zhang Ziyi (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Memoirs of a Geisha). The film’s cast already includes the respective stars of this month’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (Benjamin Walker) and next year’s Superman reboot, Man of Steel (Henry Cavill), who figure into the plot as follows:

Set in 15th century China, The Great Wall is about British warriors [including, Cavill and Walker’s characters] who happen upon the hurried construction of the massive wall. As night falls, the warriors realize that the haste in building the wall isn’t just to keep out the Mongols — there is something inhuman and more dangerous.

Both Walker and Cavill should be much-bigger names by the time Great Wall makes its way into theaters. Of course, depending on how well they do with their performances in the aforementioned (potential) break-out vehicles, anticipation for Zwick’s latest big-budget historical epic could be heightened or weakened accordingly. Hence, hiring on Ziyi would be a wise decision, given the Asian actress already has established appeal for U.S. moviegoers.


Great Wall is based on a story co-conceived by World War Z author Max Brooks and blockbuster producer Thomas Tull (300, The Dark Knight, Clash of the Titans). Zwick adapted their treatment in collaboration with his frequent writing/producing partner, Marshall Herskovitz. Additional noteworthy names that are also onboard for Great Wall include Dark City production illustrator Christian Scheurer, as the film’s “conceptual creature designer.”

Zwick has a reputation for making “Oscar bait” films, especially period pieces that feature a diverse cast – in order to properly realize a culturally and historically significant “true” story on the big screen – but often end up feeling like decidedly “Hollywood” takes on otherwise rich subject matter (The Last Samurai, Blood Diamond, Defiance). The fantasy revisionist angle to Great Wall could help to temper such common criticisms of Zwick’s work.

We’ll keep you updated on The Great Wall as more details are announced.



Boycott Pieces of shit Zwick, Cavill and Walker

Hollister Models Post Racist Photos from South Korea Store Opening, Get Fired


Koreans hate the racist Hollister owned by the racist AberKKKrombie and Fitch.



Surf-prepster brand Hollister’s dude posse of shirtless “lifeguard” models got into trouble for racist photos and actions at a recent store-opening in Yeouido, South Korea.


One all-American-appearing brand ambassador in a “Hollister Surf Guard” t-shirt posed making fake “slanty-eyes” in front of local tourist attraction, Royal Gueongbokkung Palace and posted the photo on his personal Twitter account. When a follower commented ‘please look at how many Asians liked that picture… Impressive’, the model from the photo wrote, with a fake “Asian” accent, ‘Hahahaha they ruhhvvvv ittt!’.

In another, separate incident, reported on by the U.K. paper The Daily Mail, a model posing with locals during the store opening was covertly giving the middle finger to the camera. 

Both incidents were originally reported on Sept 7th by English-language Korean blog KoreaBang. Koreans aware of the incident, the paper said, were offended. “I’ve got to go and return the clothes that I bought,” KoreaBang reported one local saying.

The Hollister tradition of flying in for store openings what KoreaBang described as “robust foreign men dressed like lifeguards, wearing nothing on their chests but whistles” also stirred up some local racism and sexism, as comments on the blog indicated. The presumably male commenters objected to the Korean women who would enjoy posing and having their photo taken with the Hollister models and made slurs against both Korean girls and whites in general.


Yahoo! Shine looked on Hollister’s Facebook page and found many critical user comments, including those saying “stupid racists shame on you. I’m done with Hollister,” and “You make me ashamed to be part of the American culture. How can you not screen your employees on cultural awareness.”

Hollister told Yahoo! Shine that the models responsible have been fired, and provided a company statement that reads: “On behalf of our more than 80,000 associates around the world who cherish our core values and our culture of diversity and inclusion, we sincerely apologize for the offense caused by these unauthorized, ill-considered actions.”

It’s not the first time that the brand’s reality has fallen far short of its utopian, preppy-meets-Cali image. In 2010, several Manhattan Hollister stores reported a bed-bug infestation. And in 2011 there were reports of people getting lost in the dimly lit stores.

Did Dolce & Gabbana send racist earrings down the catwalk?

another day another white own company using racist imagery.




Drawing inspiration from their native home of Sicily has been a long running theme for Dolce & Gabbana and their spring/summer collections have become known for vibrant, vintage-inspired prints and kitsch accessories. Last year they sent pasta and aubergine-shaped earrings down the runway, so it would only be fitting for them to match it with something equally as wacky this year. And what’s wackier than a racist caricature of a black woman dangling from your earlobes? Aren’t they adorable? Oh, and there’s a dress to match too, so you can go for the full clueless colonial look if you want to.

The earrings are reminiscent of Blackamoor statues that can be found in Italy, but more recognisably to non-Italians, Aunt Jemima dolls. That’s the same Aunt Jemima that, initially conceived as part of a minstrel show, became an image that romanticised slavery and plantation life. There’s no denying they’re offensive. But what’s perhaps even more shocking is that no one highlighted this before the show. From the production to the fitting, was there really no one to point this out before they hit the catwalk?

Some might argue that they’re harmless, even cute, but there’s nothing cute about two white men selling minstrel earrings to a majority non-black audience. There wasn’t a single black model in Dolce & Gabbana’s show, and it’s hard not to be appalled by the transparent exoticism in sending the only black faces down the runway in the form of earrings. Pandering to a long-gone era is hardly surprising in 2012, when people can’t even take a photo of a baby without sticking a “vintage” sepia filter on top. Bygone eras and cultures are constantly drawn on by fashion designers to re-appropriate on a whim. But when you’re explicitly pandering to such a shameful era of western racism and colonialism, it’s time to move on to the future.



Anti-Asian racial slur painted on Flushing property

The racist war against Asians continues, fueled by racist Hollywood and their equally racist audience

Lawmakers denounced racist graffiti left on a Flushing storefront that will house the future Mitchell-Linden branch of the Queens Public Library as well as a van parked nearby belonging to a Chinese newspaper and offered a cash reward to try and help find the perpetrator.

“This kind of disgusting display of bigotry has no place in our community,” said state Sen. Toby Ann Stavisky (D-Whitestone). “I hope and have confidence that the NYPD and the attorney general’s office will investigate this hate crime, arrest the perpetrators and bring them to justice.”

The graffiti, consisting of a racial slur directed at Asian Americans, was written in white paint on the building at 31-32 Union Street.

The epithet was discovered Sunday afternoon and reported to police Monday, when it was also cleaned.

“It is truly frightening to see this kind of racial intolerance in our community of Queens,” said state Assemblywoman Grace Meng (D-Flushing). “Queens holds one of the most diverse communities in the country and this kind of behavior should not be tolerated.”

The same slur was also written on a van belonging to the World Journal, a national Chinese-language newspaper in the country with offices in Whitestone.

“It is a shame that in this day and age, when New York City is flooded with diversity, people still hold on to negative feelings towards people who are different,” City Councilman Peter Koo (D-Flushing) said. “We must come together to make the city a safe place for everybody and to abolish the outdated racist sentiments that some of our city’s residents still hold onto.”

The trio of lawmakers are offering $500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the crime.

Anyone with information can contact the 109th Precinct.

Reach reporter Joe Anuta by e-mail at or by phone at 718-260-4566.


A Hooters in Queens Is Sued for Racial Discrimination

If racist Hollywood and theaters can make racist movies and plays where Asians are discriminated against and not allowed to act as Asian characters and Asian historical figures and get away with it. why are people surprised when their racist audience follow them and not thinking about the consequences?

Hooters, the restaurant chain widely known for the skimpy outfits of its waitresses, has built its reputation in part on its fun-loving and mildly provocative spirit. But a Korean-American customer has accused a Hooters restaurant in Queens of taking that carefree ethos too far and has sued the company for racial discrimination.

In early July, Kisuk Cha and his girlfriend, both Korean immigrants, walked into a Hooters in Fresh Meadows and ordered buffalo shrimp and chicken wings to go. After they placed their order, they noticed their server and another employee standing at the computer giggling and “gawking at them,” according to the lawsuit.

When the server handed them their receipt, Mr. Cha and his girlfriend saw that in the space reserved for the customer’s name, the cashier had typed “chinx.”

“I was shocked,” Mr. Cha, 25, an unemployed information technology specialist, said in an interview. “My girlfriend was shocked as well.” He said he was so distraught that he lost his appetite and, when he got home, threw the food away.

In the lawsuit, which was filed Monday afternoon in federal court in Brooklyn, Mr. Cha’s lawyer, Daniel D. Baek, elaborated:

“He was so overwhelmed that he just wanted to go to bed to sleep, but was too angry to do so,” Mr. Baek wrote. “This incident has continued to cause him mental anguish. He is haunted by the ridiculing giggles and stares of his persecutor. He does not feel welcome at Hooters and indeed questions whether he is welcomed at any non-Korean establishments.”

The lawsuit names the chain’s parent company, Hooters of America, and the owners of the Hooters franchise in Fresh Meadows. It also includes two employees, one of whom is unidentified and the other of whom is identified only by the name she printed on the receipt, “220 Shenika.” It seeks unspecified damages for violations to Mr. Cha’s “federal, state and common law rights.”

Nicole Conboy, director of human resources for the holding company that owns the Fresh Meadows restaurant and three Hooters on Long Island, said that when Mr. Baek advised the company of the incident, the restaurant management responded swiftly with an internal investigation. During the inquiry, she said, a 17-year-old hostess stepped forward and admitted to committing the act, and the employee immediately resigned.

“We take all of that very, very seriously,” Ms. Conboy said Monday.

The company’s lawyer, Edward G. McCabe, said there had been no prior incidents or complaints of a similar nature at the restaurant.

“It does not reflect the manner in which the restaurant is operated,” he said in a letter to Mr. Baek, calling the employee’s conduct “egregious” and “deplorable.”

Mr. Cha, who emigrated from Korea in 2000 and who lives in Philadelphia, said he remained unconsoled.

“Recently I got my U.S. citizenship,” he said, “and I realized, like, this isn’t something I expected when I became a U.S. citizen.”


Racist republican accusing opponent of being “sympathetic to China”

NY Assemblywoman Grace Meng tours the  NYCHA Bland Houses in Flushing. (Jeff Bachner/for New York Daily News)


New York Assemblywoman Grace Meng has come under attack by Republican City Councilman and Congressional candidate Dan Halloran, who ahs accused her of having dual citizenship, which she does not, and being “sympathetic to China.”

Halloran vs. Meng is getting nasty.

Republican City Councilman and Congressional candidate Dan Halloran – fresh off a politically-charged visit to Israel – is blasting his Democratic opponent Grace Meng for running a campaign of “ethnocentrism” based on her Chinese roots.

Meng “has been sympathetic to the Chinese, and she’s touted her strong Chinese history as being the reason she’s the appropriate candidate to represent the Chinese people in New York,” Halloran said an interview with The Times of Israel.

Halloran described himself as a candidate who reaches out to all ethnic groups and called the Queens-born Meng a “Chinese National” in the interview and suggested she has dual citizenship.

Meng, in fact, does not have dual citizenship.

“China is the biggest obstacle to Israel in the United Nations,” he said.

Meng’s camp shot back, saying Halloran is employing the same anti-Asian tactics he used in his 2009 City Council race against Democratic candidate Kevin Kim.

“True to form, Dan Halloran has abandoned the issues in favor of a campaign rooted in bigotry, fear and lies – a desperate approach for a Tea Party Republican who cannot otherwise win on the issues,” said Meng campaign spokesman Austin Finan.

“The xenophobic undertones and outright racism found in Mr. Halloran’s words is appalling and offensive – not only to Grace Meng, but to her diverse group of tens of thousands of supporters who reside in every corner of the district,” he said.

Israel has been a key issue in the battle for retiring U.S Rep. Gary Ackerman’s seat in the redrawn Sixth Congressional district.

While the sprawling district – which reached from Bayside to Maspeth – has a large Asian population, it also includes a key Jewish population in Forest Hills and Kew Gardens Hills.

Halloran spokesman Steven Stites fired back that Meng’s “faux outrage is utterly hypocritical.”

While he refused to comment specifically about Halloran’s statements in the piece, Stites accused Meng’s campaign of using “racially divisive tactics” and recruiting a Jewish candidate to divide the Jewish vote in the primary.

Meng’s campaign has denied those charges.




Of GOP Councilman Dan Halloran’s accusations, Meng’s spokesman says, “True to form, Dan Halloran has abandoned the issues in favor of a campaign rooted in bigotry, fear and lies.”

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upcoming whitewashing: “Pacific Rim”(2013)

The war on East Asians continues:

Question:  Who makes a movie to pay homage to Japanese giant monster films and only hire one Asian (Japanese) Actress?

Answer: racist Hollywood


link to the casting


Pacific rim (2013) according to the racist makers is supposed to be a homage to Japanese Giant monster films. Typical of racist Hollywood they can’t bother to hire more than one qualified Japanese actors and actresses. They only hire one Asian actress, a Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi. a white German Mexican actor Clifton Craig Collins, Jr  is playing a character called “Tendo Choi”. Tendo is a Japanese family name, the Choi name is both a Chinese and a Korean family name. only in racist Hollywood can white actors use Asian names. The racist brothers(WB) tried that shtick in their Akira remake which they only call for white men in their casting calls portray the Japanese leads and use the Japanese names, this overt racist action causes public anger and outrage which caused the racist brothers to cancel or shelved the Akira remake project.








boycott Racist and Orientalist Victoria Secret

Victoria Secret company has a new Orientalist go east line  none of the models are East Asians. and the most stereotypical is the this geisha sleepwear which perpetuation stereotypes and ignorance of real Geisha’s in Japan who are  entertainers in music, dance, conversations and games. This racist company perpetuate racist beauty standards of having mainly white female models, light skinned mixed women and no East Asian Models.

2 years ago Racist Victoria Secret put on this crap with black-mixed models called “wild things”

pictures of Geisha and their dresses that racist Victoria secret don’t know about

Boycott Victoria Secret!

Boycott Hugo Weaving: More information on upcoming racist movie “Cloud Atlas”

racebending dot com have more info on this racist hollywood movie called “cloud atlas”



Above: Actor Hugo Weaving in yellowface in a promotional image for Cloud Atlas

boycott racist piece of shit Hugo Weaving



asian actresses selling out to racist hollywood

In a promotional image from Cloud Atlas, an Asian woman sits behind a barred window next to a sign that reads “Comfort Hives”

what is a comfort hive?


In a scene from the trailer, a white male character monologues about a dream where all the (Asian) waitresses had the same face.

racist hollywood think all asians look the same, act the same, like the same things etc like a big monolithic bloc.


In a promotional still from Cloud Altas, Asian actress Bae Doona cries as she is snuggled by Jim Sturgess in yellowface

what made Bae Doona a Korean actress participate in this racist excuse of a movie? did she asked the makers why they didn’t hire Korean or any east Asian males?


and don’t forget to boycott that piece of racist shit Jim Sturgess who likes to dress up as  and play Asian Characters. this is the second time. first in “21” where the lead is an Asian male in the original story and now in this racist crap called “Cloud Atlas”






Japan’s Olympic soccer loss brings out the Twitter racism

More Olympic racism from white supremacists


in other news the American  team showed empathy to the Japanese team feeling their pain. When one accidental kicked a Japanese player she asked her if she is OK.


I talked about one of the reasons why I was cheering for Nadeshiko Japan to win the women’s soccer gold medal, but I didn’t really talk about what I was afraid of if they lost. Well, this is it; just as when Japan defeated the U.S. in last year’s World Cup, their loss in the final Olympic match has prompted a storm of ignorant Americans to post racist comments on Twitter, making vulgar connections between a soccer game and Pearl Harbor or Hiroshima. Just as “Olympics,” “soccer,” and “We are the champions” became trending topics on the social network, so too did the terms “Japs,” “Pearl Harbor,” and “Hiroshima.”

With Japan’s defeat on Thursday, the U.S. women’s team won the Olympic gold medal for the fourth consecutive time. And while the players held mutual respect for each other, and congratulated each other at the end on a game well-played, some disappointing American “fans” on Twitter did not behave the same. When Japan defeated the U.S. in Germany last year at the Women’s World Cup, one of the worst tweets I remember reading was to the effect of “Japan may have won the World Cup, but the U.S. scored the first two points with Hiroshima and Nagasaki,” referring to the two atomic bombings during World War II. Well, this year’s tweets did not fail to live up. JapanProbe got some great screenshots of the wonderful variety of ignorance and hatred.

And the best worst part of all? This all took place on August 9th, or, the 67th anniversary of the Nagasaki bombing. However, it’s still important to remember that this isn’t representative of the feelings of all Americans, or even the majority of them, but rather just a subset of really stupid ones who think a soccer game is somehow connected to a war that ended over 60 years ago.

[via IBTimes / screenshots by JapanProbe]

notice the black sellouts like   CliffyT, Jesus wore FUBU and Michael Broadhurst cheering along with the white racists ignoring the fact that during World War blacks where lynched, jim crowed and disenfranchised and Japanese Americans forced into internment camps.

if you are an Employer would you hire these twitter racists?

Baker Skateboards made a racist, stereotyping shirt with a racist slur directed at East Asians

a company called Baker Skateboards owned by Andrew Reynolds  following the footsteps of racist Victoria Foyt made a racist stereotypical T-shirt with an anti-Asian racist slur.

A major skateboard company is being accused of putting “racism for sale” … after selling a shirt featuring two Asian men under the words, “Gooks of Hazzard.”

The company under fire is Baker Skateboards … which is owned by skating legend Andrew Reynolds … who’s been featured as a character in several of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater video games.

Baker is currently selling the “Hazzard” shirt on its website. The shirt features two Asian men in a car named the “General Li.” One of the men is pro skater Don “The Nuge” Nguyen — who’s sponsored by Baker.

The shirt also features a tagline, “Good Orr Boys” … a play on the stereotype of an Asian accent.

But while it appears The Nuge approves of the shirt, the Asian American Justice Center feels differently … a rep for the organization tells us it’s “unacceptable for Baker Skateboards to create a depiction of Asian Americans which uses racial slurs and perpetuates racist stereotypes.”

The org. adds, “Baker Skateboards, and the outlets that sell this shirt, should be aware that use of the term ‘gook’ on their apparel is offensive and quite simply amounts to racism for sale. No one should seek to profit from racism.”

We reached out to Baker Skateboards — as well as Don “The Nuge” Nguyen — so far, no word back from either.