WALLACE: Patrick Brown launches libel suit against CTV

Patrick Brown, as he has for some time suggested he would, launched a libel lawsuit Friday against CTV News over their now infamous tale of sexual misconduct.

The lawsuit claims CTV broadcast a “false, malicious, irresponsible and defamatory newscast of and concerning him” on Jan. 24 that “have subjected him to ridicule, hatred and contempt and have caused and will continue to cause damage to his reputation personally and in the way of his office, profession, trade and calling.”

By now it would be difficult to find anyone in this province who hasn’t heard about the CTV story that alleged Brown fed alcohol to two young women and tried to have his way with them.


In one case, CTV alleged, the accuser was in high school some 10 years ago when she and a mutual friend met Brown in a Barrie bar and illegally started feeding her drinks. The three left the bar for Brown’s home, where in his upstairs bedroom he pressured the teen into performing oral sex on him.

Except, as is now known, it didn’t and couldn’t have happened that way.

Brown initially denied wrongdoing but in the current #MeTooenvironment, who believed him?

Then in an interview with the Toronto Sun, Brown provided evidence that he lived in a ground-floor apartment that didn’t even have a bedroom door when the accuser was in high school. The Sun spoke with the “mutual friend” the accuser named to CTV who said the night in the Barrie bar had never happened.

CTV then reported that the first accuser had changed part of her story, saying she had been 19 and of legal drinking age at the time of the alleged incident but was sticking to the main allegations in the story, as was CTV.

The second accuser was a former summer student who worked for Brown in 2013 and alleged Brown plied her with booze at a charity fundraiser in Barrie and subsequently at an after-party at his house kissed and groped her and tried to pressure her into having sex in a manner she described as a “sexual assault.”

Brown vehemently denied those allegations as well, and in his interview with the Sun said the young woman had in fact, kissed him, not the other way around, and that seeing she’d been drinking and figuring she’d be embarrassed he promptly took her home.

Multiple sources contacted by the Sun confirmed at least parts of Brown’s version of events. A woman he had been dating at the time, and who was at the after-party that night, said she’d been “annoyed” because the young woman had been following Brown around like a puppy all night. A man who the young woman alleged had been in Brown’s bedroom briefly with her and Brown told the Sun that never happened. Another woman told the Sun the second accuser confided in her the following day that there had indeed been a kiss, but that nothing more had happened.

Brown passed two lie detector tests recently that was conducted by one of Canada’s most reputable polygraph experts that not only confirmed his version of events in both cases but exceeded standards of truthfulness used by the RCMP and FBI.

The libel suit filed Friday contains the following sentence: “The full extent of the damages suffered by Patrick Brown is unknown,” which in the dangerously understated language of such suits potentially means a dollar figure with a lot of zeroes at the end at some point.

For now, there no figure was attached to the suit, although there was the standard demand for “a full apology and retraction” from CTV.


WALLACE: Patrick Brown launches libel suit against CTV

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