rich lady Sarah Thompson the Cheapskate who is married to wealth and power

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What’s up with politicians (and wannabe politicians) asking young people to work for free? Three years back I caught Nick Kouvalis (Rob Ford’s campaign manager) bragging about committing wage theft and then in January I caught Liberal MPP Laura Albanese (ex-Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Labour) advertising for an illegal, unpaid internship. Today I stumbled upon a Craiglist advertisement from the Women’s Post looking for an unpaid intern (screenshot above). Unbelievably, the ad states “yes, we know unpaid  internships suck”, yet it goes on to state that the interns will only receive transit costs and a letter of reference.


The Women’s Post is owned by Sarah Thomson (Toronto’s favourite dreadlocked hippie) and her husband Greg Thomson. Sarah is also the former mayoral candidate, the former Liberal candidate in Trinity-Spadina, and a freshly-minted transit advocate. Greg is a member of plutocrat Thomson family (they own Thomson Reuters, The Globe and Mail, and The Woodbridge Company).

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