“Under the guise of a pandemic, we will create a prison state” the Rockefeller Foundation’s DOCUMENTED plan for martial law… OPERATION LOCKSTEP

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

“A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback”

“Under the guise of a pandemic, we will create a prison state”

Right from the horse’s mouth. And is it not right now looking just like a police state? Until recently you were not allowed to visit Aunt Edna across the country & folk even in NZ have been receiving visits from the law enforcement for no particular reason. In other countries they are being arrested (Australia) for peacefully protesting (Canada). Folk are now required to leave their personal contact details if they shop anywhere leaving them open for further visits by Police (if you happened to have been in contact with an infected person even when neither of you knew) and Police are now allowed to enter your premises without a search warrant. All of course in the name of

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Coalfax Deplatformed: White Girls in Interracial Relationships with Black Boys Saved

Interracial Marriage

Coalfax was a website that lists and details white females and black males in relationships with one another. It sought to assist white males in rejecting white females in entanglements with black guys and possibly targeting them for whatever evil purposes white supremacists have in mind. It immediately garnished an outcry as white females were informed that they had been captured on this website. Fearing for themselves and their boyfriends, possibly husbands they took to twitter and facebook.

Vice said, the website would be difficult to take down, but some hackers went to work and the entire website was transformed. It went from this:


To this: Graphic picture

Screen Shot 2020-07-19 at 10.27.00 AM

Eventually it went to this:


My guess the information has been relegated to forums and possibly the dark web. White supremacists are not playing any games and they are dangerous. No need to live in fear, but be aware and informed. My…

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Interracial Marriage is Solely about Black Men Marrying White Women

Interracial Marriage

What makes the “Good Place” more impactful then say “Scandal” is the love affair of a black man and white woman. It is the only relationship that has ever been banned. The laws banning interracial marriage where put in place for black men, not black women, Asian or Hispanic. It has always been and will always be the black man. Look at the fear that ensued with the temptation to pair Finn and Rey in Star Wars.


Interracial couples couldn’t wait to mimic what they thought would be a romance. Fear always ensues when the black man is paired with a white woman. No issues seen with Sonic the Hedgehog and their interracial relationship with a white man and black woman. Because the only true interracial marriage is between a black man and white woman.

27265478336_b1c96737d5_bThe black man and white woman stir more controversy and have more written about them…

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Interrcaial Relationships Between Black Men and Black Women

Money Cultural

When I was young, my mum said to me that don’t go for a white girl and she was still saying this while I was in my 20’s. I don’t know why she said this and I still never asked her. I like to know will she ever say anything negative when a black woman dates outside her race. To be honest I don’t think she will. Some black women don’t have a problem with a black woman dates out of her race. But they have a huge problem when a black man dates out.

Black men get verbal abuse when he dates out of his race and that’s by the ghetto ratchet black woman and the racist white man. I don’t have any problem with a black man dating outside her race and I even don’t have a problem when a black woman dates outside her race. I would…

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Why I Stopped Singing Hillsong

Bruce Herwig - Redlands Photographer

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Hillsong is a global phenomenon. As I type this, the band has more than 5.3 million Facebook friends, 982K followers on Twitter and its YouTube channel has been eyed by close to 50 million viewers. According to the Gospel Music Association:

Hillsong was awarded five GMA Dove Awards in 2014, including Song of the Year, Contemporary Christian Performance of the Year, Worship Song of the Year and Pop Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year for “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail),” as well as the coveted Artist of the Year award. In addition, Hillsong UNITED was the first Christian act to ever sell out Los Angeles’ Staples Center and has sold out additional notable venues, including Seattle’s ShoWare Center, New York’s Radio City Music Hall, Chicago’s Sears Centre Arena, Denver’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre and Los Angeles’ Hollywood Bowl. More>>

You can find them on virtually every Christian radio…

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