White woman calls police on Black man for listening to yoga CD in his car

 – A man told his story about an experience he described as racial profiling in a neighborhood where he was parked in his car.

Ezekiel Phillips said if he weren’t black, a white woman would have never felt threatened by his presence.

“You don’t have to call 911 on me. Talk to me. Ask me my name,” Phillips said.


The incident happened around 1 p.m. in May 30.


Phillips had just dropped someone off near 1470 Ramillo Avenue in Long Beach and decided to take a 30-minute break before going to his yoga class, which was around the corner.

He was listening to his bikram yoga CD in when a woman walked up to his car.

“You’re not supposed to be here. This is a good neighborhood. At that moment I’m like, ‘wait hold up’. Have a good day ma’am. Namaste. And I rolled my window up,” he told FOX 11 reporter, Leah Uko.

The verbal exchange escalated from there.

“She took her phone out; started taking pictures, filming doing whatever she was doing. Hey I went to film school. I can take film as well. So I got out the car, I started filming her as soon as I start filming her, ‘what are you doing?’ Leave me alone! I’m feeling threatened. Help! Help!’ It was one of those.”

The woman called for Long Beach police to come to her street.

In the 911 audio obtained by FOX 11, the woman is heard addressing the operator.

“I noticed him two houses up from my parents’ house and I’m like, you know and he’s waving to me. I don’t know who he is.“

She added, “I go ‘why are you sitting in your car in our neighborhood? And he goes ‘I’m resting’ and I’m like you weren’t two blocks back’’.”

As she walked to a neighbor’s house, Phillips followed her.

“I can’t get away from him! Get away from me!” She yelled over the call.

Phillips said he was going to leave, but decided to stay.

“I thought about it. ‘If I leave, it’s looking like I’m guilty of whatever she’s talking about.”

We spoke with the neighbor whose house the woman went over to. He didn’t want to speak on camera, but said he only called 911 because the woman asked and was screaming for help.

Other neighbors, including Kelly Odom, agreed with Phillips that the woman’s actions were racist.

“We all don’t feel that way,” Odom said referring to white people.

“I don’t think if somebody were white sitting in the car, somebody would have called the police. I don’t. I don’t,” She continued. “I think it’s horrible. It’s acting ‘Trumpish’. It’s okay to be a racist and it’s not.”

FOX 11 tried finding the woman’s home and called her several times.

There was no answer from her as to why she felt threatened or why she stated Phillips attacked someone, which according to the 91 audio call, was not true.

“Ma’am. When you say he attacked other persons, what did he do to them?” the operator is overheard.

The woman responded saying “He’s trying to give his business card to this other guy that I’m proof that he didn’t do anything to me.”

LBPDbdid not file an incident report and said no crime was committed. A spokesperson said that whenever people see something, they should say something.

Therefor in this case, the woman felt threatened, LBPD said calling 911 was within reason. It was then up to police who arrived on scene to determine no crime had occurred.

Phillips said he hoped this whole incident would be a teachable moment.

“It’s no longer cool to allow your discomfort to say that my discomfort is more valuable than the potential fact that this call, your life can be taken.”




Racist White Feminist activist is slammed as a racist after tweeting her ‘confusion’ over a black man driving a BMW with pro-NRA and Tea Party bumper stickers

A white feminist activist has been dubbed a ‘racist’ after tweeting that she was ‘confused’ to see a black man driving a BMW which had pro-NRA and Tea Party bumper stickers on it.

Kimberly Johnson, a Washington DC-based author and activist, published the offending tweet on Thursday.

It said: ‘Out on the road the other day I saw an affluent black man driving a BMW with two bumper-stickers.

‘One was pro-NRA and the other one was a Tea Party sticker that read, “Don’t tread on me.” This left me very confused.’

She was immediately bombarded with complaints from followers who accused her of racism.

‘It’s your kind that do not have a mind of their own and are followers.Blacks and Hispanics do have a mind of their own.

‘You are a RACIST. Your actions and words confirm that,’ fumed one critic.


Subway worker calls 911 on black family stopping for dinner

NEWNAN, Ga. — A Georgia restaurant owner says he is investigating after an employee called 911 on an African-American family who had stopped for dinner during a vacation.

WSB-TV reports that Felicia and Othniel Dobson of North Carolina on Monday had stopped for dinner at a Subway in Newnan with their four children, ages 8 to 19, when a restaurant employee called police.

In the 911 call, the employee said there are “eight people in a van” who were going back forth to the bathroom and possibly putting soda in water cups.

The couple said the responding police officer and store owner apologized.

Felicia Dobson said the family did nothing wrong and “can’t change our skin color.”

In a statement, Subway franchisee Rosh Patel said he has reiterated “the importance of making everyone feel welcome.”


‘Go back to your country’: Woman’s racist bus rant filmed in NY (VIDEOS)

A woman’s unhinged racist rant on a New York bus has gone viral after footage emerged of her repeatedly telling her fellow passengers to “get the f**** out of my country.”

Footage has emerged online of how a Rockland County commuter launched into a racist diatribe while travelling on Route number 235. The incident happened on Saturday at 5pm and was filmed by an eyewitness, according to the Mount Pleasant Daily Voice.

The footage posted on Facebook reveals how the unidentified woman used the N-word while shouting at passengers who she labelled “illegal immigrants.”

A number of videos of the woman’s rant have now appeared online. “Get the f**** out of my country,” she can be heard screaming.


Go back to your f****ing country. In this country we have what is called the First Amendment rights, which means I can say whatever the f**** I want,” the woman hollers, after she is confronted about her language.

“I hope you’ve all got your f***ing papers. I’m sick of you motherf****ers. You got papers to be in this country?”

During the transport disturbance, the woman also attempts to grab the mobile phone out of the hand of a man who is filming her. “What are you taping me?” she says, before trying to snatch the device.

READ MORE: NY woman’s racist rant goes viral forcing police to comment (VIDEO)

One bystander, Vladimir Philidore, told News 12 that the woman used a number of “racial slurs” as the bus driver radioed for help. The woman was reportedly arrested following the incident.

RT.com has contacted Rockland County Sheriff’s Office and the local Orangetown Police Department for comment



Black porn star sues director for making white co-star call him N-word during racist sex shoot

A black porn star from the Bronx says he was duped into performing in a hardcore-racist adult film that depicts his white co-star calling him the N-word without his consent.

Maurice McKnight, who goes by the stage name Moe the Monster, claims in a new lawsuit the hate speech was spewed during a shocking shoot in Tarzana, Calif., last July.

McKnight says director James Joseph Camp tried — and failed — on two separate occasions during the production to get his pre-approval for use of the despicable dialogue.

He claims Camp first approached him before filming began and said the female lead, identified as Deborah Hinkle, had agreed to use the ugly slur on camera.

McKnight says he “made it very clear that he would not allow this racial slur to be used,” the 9-page complaint filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court and obtained by the Daily News states.

McKnight says Camp approached him a second time during a filming break to again press for permission.

“For a second time, McKnight informed Camp that he did not consent to the use of the racial slur,” the lawsuit states.

Despite McKnight’s explicit refusal to give the green light, Hinkle addressed him with the racist slur twice during the film’s so-called “money shot,” according to the complaint.

Speaking to the News, McKnight compared the verbal assault to an ambush.

“I just felt violated and betrayed,” the 36-year-old Bronx resident said Wednesday night.

“I’ve shot over 50 scenes for this company. For a long time, I was one of their top guys. And I’m always publicly talking about racism. For them to even ask me was an insult, then to do it against my will, it hurts. It feels like it was a set-up,” he said.

McKnight’s lawsuit alleges Camp “conspired” with producer DF Productions (DFI) to “dupe” him into “performing sex acts with Hinkle, knowing that Hinkle planned to use the racist slur during the final scene,” the complaint states.

“Camp and DFI defrauded McKnight for the purpose of creating and selling racist content to its racist customers,” the lawsuit states.

McKnight is now suing for fraud, negligence and failure to prevent racial harassment.

He says Camp and the production company’s owner, identified as Cable Christopher Rosenberg, initially promised to “edit out” the racial slurs but never did. The defendants published and began selling the film in December, according to the court filing.

McKnight claims Camp and Rosenberg repeatedly refused to listen to his protests and even sent him a series of abusive text messages.

“You’re a disgrace. To your people. To your family. To yourself,” reads one text allegedly sent by Camp and included in the complaint.

Attempts to reach Camp and Rosenberg were not immediately successful.

McKnight is seeking damages for lost wages, emotional distress and embarrassment. He says the defendants knowingly created a “work environment” that was “hostile and racially abusive.”

“The use of the N-word in the workplace is extraordinarily harmful to African American workers. It’s a violent, abusive word that embodies the pure evil of racism. It has no place in our society,” McKnight’s lawyer Dan Gilleon told The News. “Moe is going high by filing a lawsuit instead of acting in kind to this egregious act of racism.”