The Man Hating, Female Rapists Defending Guardian forecasts it will burn £90m in cash this year

The Guardian has warned staff to expect further heavy losses, as the newspaper said it expects to burn through another £90m in cash this year.

It has recorded negative cash flow of £60m so far in the current financial year and is on track for another £30m by April, executives told a meeting at its King’s Cross headquarters.

The outflow so far is roughly equivalent to last year, when Guardian Media Group, the publisher of the Guardian and the Observer, went on to report a loss before tax and exceptional items of £68.7m. After tax and one-off charges, the company’s losses topped £200m.

The Guardian is seeking to sharply cut its costs by laying off staff, reducing the size of its office and scaling back its overseas ambitions. The cuts have not yet staunched the flow of red ink, however.

Staff were told, however, that the newspaper’s management, led by editor Katharine Viner and chief executive David Pemsel, remain confident they can deliver a turnaround in the next two years. The plan is ahead of schedule so far, the meeting heard.

Sources inside The Guardian said there was nevertheless widespread concern about the financial health of the publisher.

Its losses are funded by the Scott Trust, a charitable trust set up to secure the future of the Guardian. The cash reserve was depleted by £95m last year to leave a reserve of £743m. The further negative cash flow this year is likely to erode the endowment again.

Executives are considering increasingly radical options to cut costs, including potentially reducing the size of the newspaper and outsourcing printing to Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper publisher, News UK.

The move would mean The Guardian would shut down its own ‘Berliner’ printing presses, in which it invested around £80m in 2005.

Ms Viner and Mr Pemsel are seeking to boost revenues from readers by asking them for voluntary donations online, while so far maintaining free access to all articles. Executives have refused to rule out the introduction of compulsory charges for some material and are currently recruiting a head of subscriptions with a brief to consider “what are realistic targets for [subscriber] acquisition, retention and overall revenues; how should products be priced”.

The Guardian faces a particularly acute costs challenge in a tough print and online trading environment for all newspapers, following a period of aggressive expansion under its previous editor, Alan Rusbridger. He was due to return to the publisher last year as chairman of the Scott Trust but was ousted in a boardroom coup amid concerns about governance and strategic missteps.

Mr Rusbridger has pointed to the growing dominance of Google and Facebook in online advertising as a major factor in the Guardian’s failure to hit digital revenue growth targets.

The latest non-executive appointment to the Guardian Media Group board is Coram Williams, the chief financial officer of the struggling education publisher Pearson, which has given five profit warnings in four years.

Pro Male Genocide, Female rapist defending Guardian Attacks Gay, Feminist, Sex Assault Victim, Declares Europe’s Migrant Rape Epidemic ‘Made Up’

The Guardian’s U.S. bureau appears to have denied the Rotherham and Cologne rape scandals as “made up” while attacking a gay, feminist, sexual assault victim and Breitbart contributor, claiming her experiences of sexually aggressive migrant men is “openly, wildly racist”.

The sex assault-denying Guardian has attempted to discredit an article by former left-wing activist and LGBT and women’s rights campaigner Anne-Marie Waters who wrote an article in October 2015 which was subsequently tweeted out by Donald Trump Jr on Tuesday morning.

The paper’s U.S. election live blog said of the article: “What Donald Trump Jr is tweeting here would very comfortably appear in the feeds of the white nationalist accounts he approvingly retweets”. Author Tom McCarthy adds: “The Breitbart story [sic: it is an op-ed], a tourist’s out-of-nowhere description of a made-up gang-rape epidemic in Europe, is not only openly, wildy racist, describing a continental crisis of white European women under assault by “Middle Eastern-looking men” – the racist Breitbart piece is also breathtakingly unhinged from reality”.

Man Hating, Pro Male Genocide, Defender Of Female Rapists ‘The Guardian’ to Cut 30% of US Staff

British news organization The Guardian announced Thursday it would cut 30% of its U.S. workforce over the next several months, according to reports.

A source with knowledge of the company’s plans told Politico that the Guardian would cut about 50 jobs from its 150-member U.S. operation in an effort to boost revenue amid falling ad sales and lower than expected revenue projections.

The cuts will reportedly be made both through buyouts for unionized editorial staff and through layoffs.

According to CNN, the announcement of the cuts came as a shock to some of the company’s employees, who participated in a question-and-answer session with management on Thursday. The Guardian‘s U.S. operation launched in 2011 and won a Pulitzer Prize in 2014 for its coverage of the Edward Snowden NSA leaks.

In an email to employees on Thursday, Guardian Media Group CEO David Pemsel and editor-in-chief Kath Viner cited a “seismic shift” in the publishing industry’s business model for “adversely impacting” revenue.

“The full impact of these changes will bring Guardian US closer to its target of break even in 2017/18 and provide a clearer financial framework for Guardian US for the years up to 2021 and beyond,” the pair wrote in an email obtained by Politico. “However, as in London, we will continue to take the necessary action to manage the cost base in a volatile market in order to protect Guardian journalism in perpetuity.”

The company said it would retain newsrooms in New York, San Francisco and Washington DC, and added that it would further save money by freezing recruitment and cutting spending in its marketing and consultancy departments.

The union representing the employees at the Guardian said in a statement Thursday that it was “deeply disappointed” by the company’s decision.

“However, management has committed to working with the union to decide how cuts will be made,” the statement added. “We are committed to fighting for fair and equitable treatment for the entire Guardian US editorial staff for as long as it takes.”

Emasulated Cuck and Mangina Owen Jones at the The Guardian: “The failure of men to speak out about male violence against women and girls renders us all complicit”


comment by lostapwbm 3 points an hour ago


The failure of men to speak out about male violence against women and girls renders us all complicit.

For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of GodWYMYN.

The other more compelling argument is that we live in a society where men dominate every pillar of power, from parliament to the economy to the media.

As one female became head of government in Britain and another seeks to become head of state in America.

Now pull the other leg.

No wonder women end up disproportionately affected by policies such as cuts to social security.

Why are females disproportionately on the dole?

“Why is he doing this? It’s not how fathers should behave.”

Because mommy likes fucking men who like whipping ass.

There are so many practical demands that men should support. In a country in which one to two women are killed each week by a current or former partner, 17% of refuges have been shut since the Tories re-entered government six years ago. Cuts that threaten women’s lives must be reversed.

Pick a better class of dicks than “men who like beating females.”

The Fawcett Society is calling for male violence against women to be treated as a hate crime – an approach now adopted by Nottinghamshire police.

Unless “female violence against men” is treated as a “hate crime,” no thanks.

Men have to be sensitive about their role, of course. As Bartlett puts it, the approach cannot be “as though women haven’t been talking about it for decades, or as though men have something new to say”. Smethers argues it should be “in alliance with women, and on women’s terms”.

So women want to be helped, but want to be picky about the manner in which they are helped and who does it. If they are about to fall to their deaths and Green Lantern shows up, their logic is, “no thanks, the color green ‘triggers’ me. I’ll wait for Superman.”

Man hating Female Rape Supporting Guardian: “it’s time for a lesbian Bond”

Th Man hating, female rape supporting Guardian continues to publish man hating propaganda as they continue to lose millions of dollars and laying off staff


Man Hating Female Rape Supporting Guardian ‘set to post £173m loss despite axing 270 jobs

The owner of The Guardian newspaper is expected to post a £173million loss despite axing 270 jobs.

Figures due to be published tomorrow are set to reveal the company has struggled in an advertising downturn for newspapers while failing to increase earnings online.

The core business is to reveal an operating loss of £68.7million in the year to March, according to a message sent to senior executives seen by The Financial Times.


This is £10.1million worse than initially hoped. Guardian Media Group will also write down the value of its stake in magazine and events firm Ascential by £80million.

It owns 22.4 per cent of the FTSE 250 firm, which organises business leadership summits and runs a ‘trend authority’ for the fashion and creative sectors.

Female Rapist supporting Barbara Ellen displaying her jealousy of Jennifer Bate’s beauty

Barbara Ellen: do we seriously think that a female teacher sleeping
with a male pupil is on a par with a male teacher sleeping
with a girl pupil? I don’t.

Jennifer is getting all the attention from another man that Barbara is not getting. jennifer is not complaining about sexism. only the Guardian’s female rapist supporting Barbara is bitching about sexism to draw attention away from Jennifer.