official Legend of Korra tumblr site asked “Who would play Tanho in a LoK movie?

the character Tanho is from the water tribe in the avatar universe, the Water tribe is based in real live Inuit cultures in the arctic regions. the pieces of shit over at the Korrah website still have not learn thier lesson over the whitewashing of the last airbender movie and recent whitewashings could not bother to choose an inuit or native american actor for Tanho in thier “poll”. all the actors are all white males. one of them is an Egyptian and in Egypt blacks are marginalize, discriminated and oppressed while the arab league and the OIC are looking the other way. the Egyptian actor look like the average white male in Europe and the U.S.A.

typical racist white behavior from hollywood and tv, remake stories into movies using white actors to portray non-white protagonists while non-whites are relegated to stereotyping, and dehumanizing roles

Ezra Miller

Jared Leto

Rami Malek (Voice of Tahno)

Nicholas Hoult