Man punched ‘N-word’ drunken head-injury victim after trying first to help him

Before he punched a man for calling him the “N-word,” a Queens man was trying to help the drunkard who was stumbling outside a Greenwich Village eatery, sources said Saturday.

Douglas Reddish, 25, was eating with his girlfriend outside Benny’s Burrito on Greenwich Ave. when an intoxicated 30-year-old man ran into their table about 5:50 p.m. Friday, the sources said.

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White Guy Punched Out After Yelling Racist Crap

An unidentified man was hospitalized with a massive head injury Friday following an apparent bias-fueled attack in the West Village, witnesses and officials said.

Witnesses on Greenwich Ave. near W. 12th St. said the white man — who cops said is in his 30s — was belting back beers outside Benny’s Burritos about 5:30 p.m. when he began mouthing off to a black customer in the outdoor seating area.

“You n—–s are why I lost my job,” witnesses overheard the man say.

Outraged, the black man punched the bigoted boozer, sending him reeling backward onto the rain-slick sidewalk.

“He was lying on his back unconscious with his arms and legs spread out,” said the witness, who described the man as “well-dressed.”

“His eyes were rolled back in his head.”

The offended assailant took off.

“I couldn’t believe it,” the witness said. “He mentioned the N-word, this guy hits him one time and he hits his head on the curb.”

Paramedics rushed the man to Beth Israel Medical Center with head trauma.

Cops were still investigating the clash late Friday night.

With Alec Tabak

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5 Things Not To Do When Accused Of Racism: A Note To Paula Deen And The Rest of White America

by Scot Nakagawa

Okay, I know this subject has been beat to death but I need to go there one more time. Why? Because Paula Deen’s crying, pleading, borderline belligerent I is what I is, and I’m not changing play for forgiveness mirrors the way that too many white people react to accusations of racism. And that reaction is no small thing. It’s one of the obstacles to ending interpersonal racism which, as we know, is the justification for institutional racism and the perpetuation of racial inequality.

So, for white people who want to be good allies, here are five things not to do when accused of racism:
1. Cry. By crying, you make the problem all about you. You know, like you’re such a good and sensitive person that no one was hurt by your racism more than you were. Nice try, but in order to believe that, we first have to minimize the damage that’s done by racism, and that kind of undermines the whole idea that you’re genuinely sorry about anything except how you’re being treated as a result of your racist behavior.
2. Trot out your (insert racial minority group here) friends. This is an all too common way of deflecting the accusation without just admitting to the racist act. And, it’s bound to backfire, because instead of being an excuse, it only demonstrates your racism by reducing your friend to her/his race and worse, into an object, specifically a shield, to protect you from having to admit to racism.
3. Blame your age or upbringing. If your age is the problem, it implicates everyone else in your age group in your act of racism, and that’s not a fair thing to do to them in order to protect you. It also blames your racist act on your mother, your father, your teachers, the social climate in the town you grew up in, and every other person or condition that influenced you except, of course, you, the person who had a choice. As history shows us, not everyone was a racist at any time in our history. In every age, every person had and continues to have the ability to choose against racism.
4. Justify racist acts in certain circumstances as in, it’s okay to turn into a racist if someone is holding a gun to your head. If you manage to hold in your racism when you’re at your best, but react to fear or anger by immediately turning to racism, you’re a racist. In fact, fear and anger are at the very heart of racism.

But, while avoiding the four things listed above will probably keep you out of trouble, they don’t actually address your racism. So, if you’re truly just an accidental racist who sincerely wants to make amends, simply admit to it, take what you have coming to you, learn from it, and do something to make a positive difference.

And that brings me to the 5th thing you ought not do when accused of racism. Dodge. Because what distinguishes the accidental racist from an intentional one is the willingness to simply own up to your accidents and make amends.

Papa John’s drivers fired after leaving racial slur on customer’s voicemail

Two Papa John’s delivery drivers were fired after accidentally butt-dialing a customer and leaving a racist voicemail.

The duo — who worked at the Sanford outlet in Orlando — was heard mocking the man for not leaving a tip.

The angry client posted audio of the message.

Map of hate: Racist, homophobic tweets put on U.S. map… and the Eastern half of the country comes out worst

Floating Sheep and Humboldt State University in northern California collaborated to produce “Geography of Hate” maps like this one that track racist and homophobic tweets in the United States, based on the use of slurs such as the N-word, “wetback” and “fag.”



A 2012 map produced by Floating Sheep, a blog site maintained by geography scholars, shows the origins of tweets making racist remarks about President Obama following his reelection to a second term.

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Nicole Kidman refused to say N-word for Lee Daniels in ‘Paperboy’

looks like Lee Daniels is  following in the footsteps of KKKuetin Tarantino.




NEW YORK — By his own admission, Lee Daniels sets out to “discombobulate” actors on set.

But he made his star Nicole Kidman actively uncomfortable when he asked her to say the N-word during a scene in their new movie, the period melodrama “The Paperboy.”

The polarizing film, about a journalist and a murder in 1970s Florida, is a simmering pot of race and class, with Kidman’s Charlotte Bless a vixen who speaks her mind. In one scene, Daniels wanted her to aim an N-word at a black costar. But the actress bristled at the idea.

On Wednesday at a press conference at the New York Film Festival, the disagreement again reared its head.

As Daniels recounted his puzzlement that Kidman wouldn’t say it, Kidman replied, looking slightly annoyed, “I didn’t feel like it was right for the character,” then after a second, “I have a son who’s African American and I just didn’t feel it was right. It wasn’t right.”

Daniels said that he was initially frustrated by Kidman’s stance and expressed that feeling to his producer. The producer replied that so far during the shoot Daniels had put Kidman’s character in a compromising sexual position, as well as had her pee on Zac Efron, so maybe best to cut her a break. Daniels relented.

Still, the director took a generally direct line with his actors. As Kidman’s costar David Oyelowo put it, Daniels “feels it is his job to push you out of your comfort zone; he feels the truth will be accessed” that way.


He asked Kidman to do her own makeup, which he thought “freaked her out at the beginning” (Kidman: “I thought when am I going to shoot the film if we’re all doing our own hair and makeup?”) and said he “expected Zac Efron at catering.”

“We’re putting on a play … we’re on the run, we’re on the move,” Daniels said.

But after blanching, Kidman said she eventually thought it was the best approach. “I thought just go with it,” she said. “I want to be in places I’ve never been before.”

She added that she’s reached a point in her career where a director with an unusual or even pushy approach was exactly what she craved. “I want to go home at night and feel discomfort,” she said.





Blatant Racism Rears Its Ugly Head at South Dakota State University

BROOKINGS, SOUTH DAKOTA – Students leave their homes to attend universities to get their educations and discover the “real world.” Last Friday several American Indians not only discovered the real world at South Dakota State University, but were confronted with blatant racism as it reared its ugly head in South Dakota’s fourth largest city.

Written on the inside part of a door in a bathroom stall on the first floor of Brown Hall West on the South Dakota State University campus was this message: “Praire” (sic) N-word, Go back to the Rez! Apparently, the racist cannot spell the word prairie.

The message also contained two room numbers, which the Native News Network will not publish. At least one of the dormitory rooms is occupied this semester by American Indian students in Brown Hall West.

There is one bathroom with four toilet stalls and six showers per floor in Brown Hall, with 25 dormitory rooms per floor. There are no private bathrooms in the dormitory rooms. Most dormitory rooms have two occupants; though there are a few rooms with only one student.

The racist, who cannot spell, wanted to ensure the message stayed because it was written with a permanent marker. By Monday, the message was hidden by spray paint.
“I chose this school because it was far enough from home and still close enough to home,”

said a Lakota student, who chooses to remain unidentified at this point because of fear of reprisal, to the Native News Network on Monday night. The student is from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.
“I was outraged. I was speechless. I was flabbergasted. It blew my mind seeing that,”

the same student told the Native News Network.

In a memorandum dated September 28, 2012, Dr. Jeff Hale, director of residential life at South Dakota State University, writes to Brown Hall residents:

On the morning of Friday, September 28, University officials were made aware of graffiti in a bathroom stall on the men’s wing of the 1st floor of Brown Hall. The graffiti could be classified as racial harassment.

The official University statement on the Brown Hall incident is as follows:

The University Police Department (UPD) is investigating this incident. South Dakota State University does not condone or tolerate expressions of racial harassment. The University is committed to the affirmation and appreciation of all protected classes, including racial, ethnic, religious or sexual identities, and the belief that all of its members are part of a larger community. University Leadership regards this recent incident as inconsistent with its values and contrary to diversity and intercultural advancement.

Furthermore, this incident could be a crime as well as a violation of multiple provisions of the student code of conduct including but not limited to 01:10:03 regarding harassment ( Students found responsible for harassment are subject to sanctions up to and including expulsion.

If you have or become aware of information which would be useful in determining the person(s) responsible for this incident, please contact UPD at 605.688.5117.

American Indian students number some 200 out of a student body of 12,000 that attend South Dakota State University. The majority of the American Indians who attend the university are from South Dakota.

On Monday evening, almost a dozen American Indian students attended a meeting that was convened to discuss the incident.
“We discussed racial issues here on campus,”

said the unidentified student, who said there have been other things that have happened on campus previously.
“There have been other racial slurs in the past. There have been times people have just been disrespectful to Native American students. We are outnumbered.”

The American Indian students who met on Monday evening hope that the university handles the matter in a proper fashion.

So far, none of the non-Indian students have said anything about the incident, according to the Lakota student; nor has there been any who have come forth to apologize.

The student hopes that something good can come out of this incident.
“It is a good problem, because it opens people’s eyes. People see racism still exists today,”

he said.

Campus police are in the process of investigating the incident, according to one university that the Native News Network talked to on Monday afternoon, though she indicated that she was not authorized to discuss the incident per a directive from the president of the university. The Native News Network was referred to the university media relations office. The Native News Network calls have gone unanswered as of press time by these university officials.

Editor’s Note: As a matter of journalist standards, the Native News Network chooses not to show crime scene photos with racist words that only incite more anger and give perpetrators satisfaction.

Anti-Asian racial slur painted on Flushing property

The racist war against Asians continues, fueled by racist Hollywood and their equally racist audience

Lawmakers denounced racist graffiti left on a Flushing storefront that will house the future Mitchell-Linden branch of the Queens Public Library as well as a van parked nearby belonging to a Chinese newspaper and offered a cash reward to try and help find the perpetrator.

“This kind of disgusting display of bigotry has no place in our community,” said state Sen. Toby Ann Stavisky (D-Whitestone). “I hope and have confidence that the NYPD and the attorney general’s office will investigate this hate crime, arrest the perpetrators and bring them to justice.”

The graffiti, consisting of a racial slur directed at Asian Americans, was written in white paint on the building at 31-32 Union Street.

The epithet was discovered Sunday afternoon and reported to police Monday, when it was also cleaned.

“It is truly frightening to see this kind of racial intolerance in our community of Queens,” said state Assemblywoman Grace Meng (D-Flushing). “Queens holds one of the most diverse communities in the country and this kind of behavior should not be tolerated.”

The same slur was also written on a van belonging to the World Journal, a national Chinese-language newspaper in the country with offices in Whitestone.

“It is a shame that in this day and age, when New York City is flooded with diversity, people still hold on to negative feelings towards people who are different,” City Councilman Peter Koo (D-Flushing) said. “We must come together to make the city a safe place for everybody and to abolish the outdated racist sentiments that some of our city’s residents still hold onto.”

The trio of lawmakers are offering $500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the crime.

Anyone with information can contact the 109th Precinct.

Reach reporter Joe Anuta by e-mail at or by phone at 718-260-4566.


A Hooters in Queens Is Sued for Racial Discrimination

If racist Hollywood and theaters can make racist movies and plays where Asians are discriminated against and not allowed to act as Asian characters and Asian historical figures and get away with it. why are people surprised when their racist audience follow them and not thinking about the consequences?

Hooters, the restaurant chain widely known for the skimpy outfits of its waitresses, has built its reputation in part on its fun-loving and mildly provocative spirit. But a Korean-American customer has accused a Hooters restaurant in Queens of taking that carefree ethos too far and has sued the company for racial discrimination.

In early July, Kisuk Cha and his girlfriend, both Korean immigrants, walked into a Hooters in Fresh Meadows and ordered buffalo shrimp and chicken wings to go. After they placed their order, they noticed their server and another employee standing at the computer giggling and “gawking at them,” according to the lawsuit.

When the server handed them their receipt, Mr. Cha and his girlfriend saw that in the space reserved for the customer’s name, the cashier had typed “chinx.”

“I was shocked,” Mr. Cha, 25, an unemployed information technology specialist, said in an interview. “My girlfriend was shocked as well.” He said he was so distraught that he lost his appetite and, when he got home, threw the food away.

In the lawsuit, which was filed Monday afternoon in federal court in Brooklyn, Mr. Cha’s lawyer, Daniel D. Baek, elaborated:

“He was so overwhelmed that he just wanted to go to bed to sleep, but was too angry to do so,” Mr. Baek wrote. “This incident has continued to cause him mental anguish. He is haunted by the ridiculing giggles and stares of his persecutor. He does not feel welcome at Hooters and indeed questions whether he is welcomed at any non-Korean establishments.”

The lawsuit names the chain’s parent company, Hooters of America, and the owners of the Hooters franchise in Fresh Meadows. It also includes two employees, one of whom is unidentified and the other of whom is identified only by the name she printed on the receipt, “220 Shenika.” It seeks unspecified damages for violations to Mr. Cha’s “federal, state and common law rights.”

Nicole Conboy, director of human resources for the holding company that owns the Fresh Meadows restaurant and three Hooters on Long Island, said that when Mr. Baek advised the company of the incident, the restaurant management responded swiftly with an internal investigation. During the inquiry, she said, a 17-year-old hostess stepped forward and admitted to committing the act, and the employee immediately resigned.

“We take all of that very, very seriously,” Ms. Conboy said Monday.

The company’s lawyer, Edward G. McCabe, said there had been no prior incidents or complaints of a similar nature at the restaurant.

“It does not reflect the manner in which the restaurant is operated,” he said in a letter to Mr. Baek, calling the employee’s conduct “egregious” and “deplorable.”

Mr. Cha, who emigrated from Korea in 2000 and who lives in Philadelphia, said he remained unconsoled.

“Recently I got my U.S. citizenship,” he said, “and I realized, like, this isn’t something I expected when I became a U.S. citizen.”


Hunger Games Cast Subjected to Racist Attacks in Shocking Tweets

which is worse? the whitewashing of Katniss Everdeen who in the original novel is olive skinned or the racism towards to black actors in the movie adaptation which matches the black/dark brown characters in the original story?

link to story

Actors Amandla Stenberg and Dayo Okeniyi definitely hit it big when they landed the roles of Rue and Thresh, respectively, in The Hunger Games.

But the relative unknowns playing tributes from District 11 in the dystopian saga (which scored a historic $155 million its opening weekend and rave reviews) are the subject of an offensive debate among a few, totally clueless fans of Suzanne Collins‘ blockbuster young adult novel, as pointed out at Jezebel.

PHOTOS: All the stars at The Hunger Games’ big premiere

Why? Although both Rue and Thresh are described as having “dark brown skin” in the book, some bigoted fans, oddly enough, object that both Stenberg and Okeniyi are black.

Complained one fan on Twitter: “Why does rue have to be black not gonna lie kinda ruined the movie.”

PHOTOS: Biggest scenes from The Hunger Games

Added another ignorant fan: “Why did the producer make all the good characters black?”

“Why is Rue a little black girl? Stick to the book, dude,” said another.

In something of a spoiler tweet, another fan admitted he was “racist” when he learned of tragic Rue’s racial identity.

Another tweeter even uttered the “N” word in decrying adorable African-American actress Amandla Stenberg’s race.

PHOTOS: Jennifer Lawrence’s stunning red carpet looks

“I’m still pissed that Rue is black,” wrote another.

“Ewwww rue is black?? I’m not watching,” another person wrote.

The Tumblr blog Hunger Games Tweets was first to decry the shocking, offensive trend. “The reactions are all based on feelings of disgust,” the blogger wrote. “These people are MAD that the girl that they cried over while reading the book was ‘some black girl’ all along. So now they’re angry. Wasted tears, wasted emotions. . . This is a BIG problem”.

U.S. racist slurs towards Chinese widespread

U.S. racist slurs towards Chinese widespread

By Joanna Law

Making fun of people’s name is insult, and mocking one’s race is racism. Anyone who does so is rude, unprofessional, and disrespectful. But some U.S. media and Americans don’t seem to have this concept. They recklessly use offensive and racist remarks to target on Chinese, regardless the person is in high recognition or in trouble.

One of the incidents focuses on the news about New York City comptroller John Liu, the first Asian American running for mayor in 2013. His name has been on the headlines of many U.S. media due to the FBI’s investigation on Liu’s donation sources. But New York Post has deliberately smeared Liu’s name by using an ethnic slur for its headline saying “The biggest Liu-ser!” It is apparent that readers immediately associated the word “Liu-ser” with loser. New York Post is making fun of Liu’s last name and twisting it into a negative, offensive word targeting to Liu himself. The media used the same term again in another article about Liu, with a headline saying “John’s looking more like Liu-ser everyday”.

Similar incident happened to Jeremy Lin, the famous NBA basketball star. ESPN used the headline “Chink in the armor” for one article on Jeremy Lin. The word “Chink” is a disparaging and insulting remark referring to Chinese. It means to the stereotypical Western image of Chinese as narrow-eyed. ESPN needed to issue a formal apology, and two employees responsible for this statement were punished: one was fired, one suspended.

Shortly after ESPN fired the staff, Ben & Jerry issued a statement apologizing for its “Taste of Lin-sanity’ flavor” yogurt that many customers found offensive. One of its stores sold a yogurt that was marketed as Taste of Lin-sanity’s flavor, with lychee honey and crumbled with fortune cookies. Complaints quickly flooded the store for being stereotyped. Ben & Jerry issued a statement and apologized to customers and emphasized that the company is “proud and honored to have Jeremy Lin” hail from one of the fine universities in the States.

New York City Assemblywoman Grace Meng has also encountered racist treatment when she was dining at a restaurant chain called Boston Market in Queens, New York. According to NY Daily News, Meng said employees there repeatedly referred to her as “la China”. Fluent in Spanish, Meng questioned the staff when paying for the meal. But the staff just simply shrugged. “Whether they were trying to be racist or not — it’s not appropriate,” Meng said. “I was the only customer in there.” Meng’s office confirmed to People’s Daily Online USA that Boston Market has apologized.

There have been many racially insensitive incidents caused by restaurants’ employees recently. An employee of Papa John, another fast-food restaurant, put “lady chinky eyes” on a customer’s receipt. Two separate Chinese customers at a Texas Chick-fill-A were given a receipt by an employee with words “Ching” and “Chong” printed on them. In Georgia, an employee drew a slanted eyes on a customer’s drink.

In addition, Americans’ ignorance to other communities’ cultures and facts has led to frequent miscommunication and backlash. Recently, a student from Kansas State University wrote a column for the Kansas State Collegian titled “Public universities should not accept students from the countries that have bad relations with U.S.”. In the article, Sean Frye stated that public universities should not waste tax payers’ money to provide education to foreign students from countries that will serve as the biggest enemies to the U.S., such as China.

The published article promptly caused protest among the infuriated Chinese students. The Chinese Students and Scholars Union demanded apologies from Fryer and the editor of the Collegian. While the editorial board still refuses to admit their negligence, Fryer publicly apologized to the offended community. In his written statement, Fryer pointed out his unclear arguments were caused by “the sloppiness of [his] writing”, and he regretted that he had used the word “enemy” to refer to Chinese.

The fact is, previously ignorant to Fryer, that international students pay 2 1/2 more times in tuition than in-state students. Fryer was later told that “if all the international students left tomorrow, due to the financial impact they have on campus, the school would be in significant trouble”.

The U.S. is a country of diversity with different ethnic groups. Chinese individuals are the second largest population of immigrant communities in the United States, according to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Americans should be used to living in an environment where racial prejudice is neither acceptable nor tolerable. The more they show how racist they are, the more they are dishonoring themselves and their country. Perhaps this is something that the government, the public, and the educational institutes should work harder on to educating people.