Eddie Long Gets a Jewish Crowning at a Baptist Church (Episode 37)

Jeremiah Camara explains how Blacks voluntarily assume an inferior position. Recently Bishop Eddie Long was crowned King at New Birth Baptist Church in Lithonia Georgia. Eddie Long through this bizarre event implied that only a Jew was capable of exalting him to king status. This pseudo ceremony was a big insult to Black people and made a mockery of the New Testament which is revered by Blacks. How much did Eddie Long pay to have this Jewish man insult his congregation. A Black man could have never walked into a synagogue and pulled a stunt like that. Eddie Long teaches his parishioners how to make a fool of themselves.


The Black Church Must Grow Up! (Episode 35) SLAVE SERMONS “Peter Pan Syndrome”

Jeremiah Camara demonstrates how religion has stifled intellectual, scientific and mathematical progress in Blacks. The Black church has become the greatest anti-intellectual institution in America. Blacks have been conditioned to operate out of one book for their entire lives.

God Loves Tim Tebow! (Episode 34) SLAVE SERMONS “Jocks for Jesus”

Jeremiah Camara highlights the delusional, demonstrative displays of professional athletes. Tim Tebow has become the most religious player perhaps in the history of NFL. If “god” is a sports fan then we’re all in trouble. Herb Lusk was the first NFL player to kneel down and pray after a touchdown. Oh, yeah, what about all of the injuries in sports? Where’s Jesus when this happens? Maybe he was at another game.

Religion Keeps Blacks in Fear (Episode 33) SLAVE SERMONS “Fear Gene”

Jeremiah Camara explores whether or not Blacks have developed a “fear gene.” Blacks have been conditioned to be afraid and have passed down this conditioning to their offspring. It was beneficial for Blacks to be afraid. Blacks were afraid to get caught running away, reading, looking the master in the eye etc. Ironically, the only genes that get passed on to the next generation are the ones that help us survive better. Have Blacks actually developed a fear gene?

Preacher Keeps Repeating Himself! (Episode 32) SLAVE SERMONS “Just Say No”


Jeremiah Camara reveals the side effects of the drug of religion. Religion has been called the opiate of the masses. Blacks are especially intoxicated with religion. Everyone but Blacks can see that there is a serious contradiction which reflects the abundance of Black churches combined with the abundance of Black churches.

Creflo Dollar “Jesus Was Rich” (Episode 30) SLAVE SERMONS “When Donkey’s Fly”


Creflo Dollar tried his best to lie as quickly as he possibly could while being interviewed on CNN. It’s amazing that he almost pulled it off. Creflo said Jesus had so much money that he needed a treasurer. That’s funny, I never found that in the buy-bull.


Why Most Black Women Are Single (Episode 29) SLAVE SERMONS “Single, Sanctified Sista”

Jeremiah Camara illustrates how the drug of religion is a divisive element in relationships. Every other word out of this sister’s mouth is “god.” The sad part about the whole interview is that she is still single. Preachers have helped to ruin Black relationships. Seventy percent of the Black church is filled with women and ironically, Black women constitute seventy-percent of single parent homes. This video is extra sad.


Trained Pigeons! (Episode 27) SLAVE SERMONS

Jeremiah Camara illustrates the relationship between religion and superstition. How many people do you know carry a bible in their car (but still have accidents). Religion, crosses, etc., are like lucky rabbit feet and horseshoes. Magic actually preceded religion but when man found that he could not manipulate the natural environment he reasoned that something must be behind the scenes producing the causes and effects within our lives. This episode features B.F. Skinner who illustrates how pigeons react to stimuli in the same way religious people do.

Animals Eating Black People! (Episode 26) “Black Folks for Breakfast”



Jeremiah Camara demonstrates the perils of walking by faith and not by sight. Faith is a lazy persons way of understanding something. Faith is the only word in the bible that is described in dictionary terminology. Why? Because the founders of religion knew that faith would ultimately collide with truth and common sense.