North Shore High School Lacrosse Team on Probation After ‘Disturbing’ Hazing Incident

The New Trier boys varsity lacrosse team has been placed on probation after the school began investigating a “serious and disturbing” hazing incident at an off-campus party, the school said in a letter to parents.

The team will be on the probation for the entire 2022-2023 season, according to the letter, meaning they are barred from out-of-state competitions and forfeited any out-of-state games over spring break.

Off-campus team social gatherings are now prohibited, the email noted.

New Trier officials noted that the students involved have already been issued “significant consequences,” though they were unable to discuss details of the punishments in the letter.

“We want to make it clear: Hazing is a serious violation of our values and school policies and will not be tolerated. We expect every New Trier student to feel safe and respected as part of our culture of dignity and belonging. The behavior that our investigation has uncovered is appalling, and we are working to ensure it will never happen again,” school officials wrote in the email.

The letter was signed by New Trier Supt. Paul Sally, Principal Denise Dubravec and Athletic Director Augie Fontanetta.

Should other “serious behaviors” be discovered amid investigation, the school threatened to end the lacrosse team’s season entirely. Based on what officials have found thus far, the boys team will participate in education surrounding anti-hazing and positive team culture.

Student shocked to discover he won’t graduate high school with 0.13 grade point average

A Baltimore high school senior allegedly was surprised to find out he won’t be graduating this year — in fact, he’ll be heading back to ninth grade.

That’s because his current grade point average is a 0.13. He passed three classes during his four years of high school. Tiffany France, the student’s mother, was shocked about the situation too.

According to FOX-45, Ms. France said she believed her son “was doing well” at Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts because, despite his high class failure rate, he continued to be promoted.

“I’m just assuming that if you are passing, that you have the proper things to go to the next grade and the right grades, you have the right credits,” France said.

France said she found out only last month about her son returning to 9th grade. And, incredibly, even with that GPA, her son ranks in the upper half of his class academically.

Student shocked to discover he won’t graduate high school with 0.13 grade point average | The College Fix

IB disaster

The IB Disaster – Confessions of a naive IB fan who learned the hard way

I put our son into the IB diploma program because I liked the idea of a rigorous “internationally” oriented education. But as it turned out, it was not the sort of rigor anyone needs. I see him under severe stress, doing all nighters, and having a hard time keeping his GPA high to get into college, while also trying to study for his SAT and ACT. The first half of his senior year has been like a death march, just when he needs to be getting ready for college.

Now I understand why 3/4 of those who start the diploma program at his school drop out. It just is not worth it.

A couple people had advised me that AP is just as good, less stress, and better recognized by colleges in the USA. Unfortunately, I didn’t listen because I was tuned to the IB siren song. My son confirms that he really enjoyed his AP courses, did well in them without much difficulty, and we put his scores on his college application. His IB exams aren’t until the end of the senior year, so they won’t help. Not that US colleges put much stock in the IB anyway. Useless like the whole program.

He explained that the problem with the IB essays is they are extremely formulaic. They have to be done according to the IB ideology and format, and that is twice as much work, because even if you do a great essay, but it’s not in line with the norms of the gnomes in Geneva, it’s a fail. He’s being forced to learn nonsense that isn’t going to help him in college.

To be sure, IB is not alone in having an ideology. The standard US education has one too. But in conventional programs you can adapt to the particular school and teacher. In IB, the teacher’s hands are tied. The IBO in Geneva has the last word about your kid’s diploma.

This can be quite totalitarian. The ideology dictates down to the very structure of the schoolwork. I like the IB idea of being open to the value systems of other countries, but isn’t it a little weird to try to teach open-mindedness by being closed minded?

I can also confirm the criticisms made by others of some of the political tendencies. In English Lit, instead of getting a good grounding in respected classics they’ll be expected to know, he had to read some obscure, third-rate drivel by a lesbian author about her neuroses. Forced like that, it didn’t even have the desired effect of encouraging tolerance. He ended up roundly hating feminism.

Forcing kids to do useless things that steal hours from their lives, that’s the IB.

Theory of Knowledge sounds good on paper with its Socratic method, but my son notes that you would need to be a Socrates to apply it. Of course, few high school teachers even have a credential to teach philosophy. They would do better with a subject that they know and understand. But IB claims it isn’t about knowing things. Their theory of knowledge seems to be that there is no such thing, there are just a bunch of different opinions out there. So maybe anybody can teach it, since it’s just a load of rubbish.

IB has been a huge disappointment for us. Never again would I inflict it on one of my kids. They are only kids once, so let them enjoy life and not groan under the burden of a misguided pedagogy.

I can’t give my son the four years wasted on the IB back to him. All I can do to make some small amends is to write this mea culpa critique for letting him be their guinea pig, and hope it helps someone else avoid the trap.

Seattle Schools Lead Controversial Push to ‘Rehumanize’ Math with leftists indoctrination

The Seattle school district is planning to infuse all K-12 math classes with ethnic-studies questions that encourage students to explore how math has been “appropriated” by Western culture and used in systems of power and oppression, a controversial move that puts the district at the forefront of a movement to “rehumanize” math.

The district’s proposed framework outlines strands of discussion that teachers should incorporate into their classes. One leads students into exploring math’s roots “in the ancient histories of people and empires of color.” Another asks how math and science have been used to oppress and marginalize people of color, and who holds power in a math classroom.

Another theme focuses on resistance and liberation, encouraging students to recognize the mathematical practices and contributions of their own communities, and looking at how math has been used to free people from oppression.

Seattle’s proposals land as schools all over the country are discussing the role ethnic studies should play in their curricula. In most places, if schools offer ethnic studies at all, it’s usually in a stand-alone course in high school. But increasingly, schools and districts are starting to sprinkle ethnic studies across the K-12 spectrum. Seattle is taking a highly unusual approach by weaving the field’s multicultural and political questions not just through all grade levels, but into all subjects.

Seattle’s four-page framework is still in the proposal stage. If adopted, its ideas will be included in existing math classes as part of the district’s broader effort to infuse ethnic studies into all subjects across the K-12 spectrum. Tracy Castro-Gill, Seattle’s ethnic studies director, said her team hopes to have frameworks completed in all subjects by June for board approval.

If the frameworks are approved, teachers would be expected to incorporate those ideas and questions into the math they teach beginning next fall, Castro-Gill said. No districtwide—or mandated—math/ethnic studies curriculum is planned, but groups of teachers are working with representatives of local community organizations to write instructional units for teachers to use if they wish, she said.

“Seattle is definitely on the forefront with this,” said Robert Q. Berry III, the president of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. “What they’re doing follows the line of work we hope we can move forward as we think about the history of math and who contributes to that, and also about deepening students’ connection with identity and agency.”

St. Michael’s College School To Face Lawsuit Over Alleged Assaults

TORONTO — A former student of an all-boys Catholic school in Toronto alleges in court documents that the bullying and sexual assault he suffered at the hands of his schoolmates left him struggling with depression and severe mental health issues.

The details of the incidents alleged to have taken place at St. Michael’s College School last fall are contained in a motion filed in Superior Court this week.

The teen alleges teachers, staff and football coaches at the prestigious private school knew about the incidents, but did nothing.

The teen and his parents, who are not named in the documents, say they plan to file a $1.65-million lawsuit against the school, three former students, the board, the Basilian Fathers who run the institution, the coaches and administration.

The allegations contained in the motion have not been proven in court and those named in the proposed lawsuit have not yet responded.

LEVY: Elementary school teacher would ‘feel safer as a prison guard’

Most days over the past year, Brookhaven public school teacher Shawn Goldman felt like he was a prison warden.

Only at his Black Creek Dr.-Lawrence Ave.-area public school — nicknamed Millhaven by staff — the inmates have been running the asylum while teachers stood by helplessly, rendered defenseless by the Toronto District School board’s (TDSB) lax discipline policies and complete denial about what’s truly happening in the trenches.

“There’s physical assaults, verbal assaults … It’s like working in a prison that is out of control,” he said. “I’d probably feel safer as a prison guard.”

During an interview earlier this week, the courageous nine-year TDSB surplus teacher said he felt it was crucial that he step forward because he’s just plain sick of what’s happening — the almost daily chaos and screaming and the physical and verbal assaults on fellow teachers, 50% of whom took a leave of absence this past year due to the stress.

Goldman himself, suffering from the untimely death of his 19-year-old son from brain cancer, took a leave in February before things got “really bad.


LEVY: Elementary school teacher would ‘feel safer as a prison guard’

A Letter That A Parent Wrote To An Islamic Extremist Public School in Canada

Published on Feb 28, 2017

Islam has taken over Boyne Public School in Milton, Ontario. The white teachers and faculty there are forcing all the children in the school to adopt Islam.

This parent, Nicole McKenzie protested and the school punished her children for not becoming Muslims.

This is an interview with that brave lady who had to move her children to the Catholic School Board just to keep her children safe from Radical Muslim elementary school students.

Peter Marshall – Principal

Gary Levante – VP

Contact information for Boynes Public School, let them know how you feel about this story.

Kevin J. Johnston
Journalist & Social Commentator

Female teacher faces 200 sex charges against two pupils

Randi Zurenko, 33 and married, was arrested yesterday and suspended from the mixed private Catholic school.

The pupils have been identified only as “Victims 1 and 2” and their ages have not been revealed.

Zurenko is said to have hooked up in January 2013 with the first one, who graduated later the same year.

The pair went to a park where Zurenko massaged the girl’s back and undid her bra, said police.

In early 2015, Zurenko allegedly started a relationship with Victim 2, which continued until last Friday.

They are said to have had sex multiple times.

Zurenko, a mother of five including twins, took photos of some of the acts and of the pupil in various states of undress.

Female teacher allegedly had sex with 2 students on same day

Barbara Ellen:

do we seriously think that a female teacher sleeping
with a male pupil is on a par with a male teacher sleeping
with a girl pupil? I don’t.


A female teacher at an all-boys school allegedly had sex with two of her students — on the same day.

Cops say much-married June Kendall — a teacher at Chicago’s Urban Prep Academy — now faces charges of criminal sexual assault.

The 29-year-old woman allegedly had sex with one of her 17-year-old students early in the day then followed it up with a raunchy recess later in the afternoon with another boy, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Kendall’s alleged liaisons with the two boys began over Snapchat, which got increasingly sexually charged. The teacher allegedly sent these students photos of herself in various stages of undress.

“Over time, (the Snapchat) messages became sexual in nature, and (Kendall) indicated to (one of the boys) that she wanted to have sex with him,” according to a court document.

But someone saw the raunchy missives and reported Kendall and she was arrested.

Kendall’s husband is reportedly standing behind her.

School Board Suspends Mississauga Teacher Who Praised Terrorists

The Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board announced today that it has suspended with pay Nadia Shoufani, a teacher from St. Catherine of Siena Separate School who, as first reported by CIJNews, praised terrorists at the Toronto al-Quds Day hatefest in July.

B’nai Brith Canada was the only major Jewish organization to monitor al-Quds Day rallies nationwide and the first to file complaints with police, leading to separate investigations into Shoufani by both her school board and Toronto Police. B’nai Brith also demanded action from the relevant provincial government officials and local school board trustees.

“It is heartening to see the school board treating this matter seriously,” said Amanda Hohmann, National Director of B’nai Brith Canada’s League for Human Rights. “At a time when the antisemitic BDS movement is being embraced by one of Canada’s major political parties, and when perpetrators of antisemitism are rarely held to account, this is a positive step.”

Nancy Marshall, Communications Officer for the school board, told B’nai Brith that the investigation into Shoufani’s conduct has been elevated to the Ontario College of Teachers, which will cooperate with the school board in this regard. B’nai Brith had previously contacted the Ontario College of Teachers, which explained that complaints against teachers can only be filed by students, parents or school boards, rather than members of the general public.

B’nai Brith will continue to monitor the various investigations into antisemitic incitement at this year’s Toronto al-Quds Day rally, and is calling for the hatefest to be banned in future years.

Female Rape Culture: ‘Sex-obsessed’ teacher is back in school


A Long Island teacher who was accused of sexually harassing male colleagues and students last year is back in the classroom, The Post has learned.

Cecilia Sanossian, 52, a married mother of two, referred to male underlings as “FILFs,” or “fathers I’d like to f- -k,” and called one a “hot fudge chocolate (sundae) that students want to eat,” her accusers at Valley Stream North High School alleged last year.

Despite 10 members of the social studies department signing a letter condemning her, an internal investigation found the complaints unsubstantiated and Sanossian resumed teaching last week.

“When I saw her at school, I couldn’t believe it,” said one teacher. “It’s unbelievable that they would allow this to happen. It’s a cover up of her actions, plain and simple. People – teachers, students – are just in shock.”

But district brass staunchly defended Sanossian’s return and said she had every right to be back on campus.

“Following allegations last summer, the district conducted an extensive internal investigation,” district superintendent Bill Heidenreich told The Post in a statement. “The findings of the investigation are a matter of personnel, privacy laws prohibit the disclosure of specifics, however, through the outcome of that investigation she has been permitted to return to the

But Sanossian’s critics noted that the Equal Employment Opportunity Center found in March that there was probable cause for a case against her.

“When you have every single person in an entire department sign their names on a letter detailing the problem, how exactly do you find that it’s unsubstantiated?” asked one teacher.

Two teachers, Al Daddino and John Brennan, filed with the state Division of Human Rights after they said their complaints about Sanossian were ignored last year by school brass.

A source said the two married men plan on pursuing a civil rights claim against Sanossian.

Three former students also told The Post last year that Sanossian’s gave unsolicited massages that made them uncomfortable with sexually charged behavior.

Her attorney, Brad Gerstman, said the accusers trumped up the charges out of sheer spite.

Sanossian filed defamation suits against Daddino and Brennan last year, claiming that they sought to destroy her because they were afraid she would blow the whistle on their own behavior.

“Cecilia Sanossian was an accomplished educator, a chairperson, and a strong female in a department otherwise dominated by males,” Gerstman told The Post. “And they couldn’t deal with that reality. This is nothing more than a collusive sham to turn workplace envy into personal retribution.”

Barbara Ellen at U.K Guardian: Married Female Teacher Traumatized 17-Year-Old Male Teen With Festive Holiday Sex Romp


Barbara Ellen: “do we seriously think that a female teacher sleeping with a male pupil is on a par with a male teacher sleeping with a girl pupil? I don’t”


This week’s female English teacher busted for having a festive holiday sex romp with a 17-year-old male teenager is Katie Wilmott.

Wilmott, 29, teaches at Oologah-Talala High School in Oologah, Okla. (pop: 1,146) — about 30 miles from Tulsa.

A grand jury indicted Wilmott on Thursday on a charge of second-degree rape, reports Tulsa ABC affiliate KTUL.

The indictment charges that Wilmott and the unidentified student had their whirlwind romance at some point between Dec. 24 and Jan. 8. It’s not clear how much sex occurred, but the indictment indicates that the locale for the fling was a home in Owasso, a town down the road.

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for Barbara Ellen at the U.K Guardian: Married geography teacher, 27, SCREAMS as she is jailed for 12 months for having sex with a 16 year old pupil

Barbara Ellen: “do we seriously think that a female teacher sleeping with a male pupil is on a par with a male teacher sleeping with a girl pupil? I don’t”


A married geography teacher who had sex with a 16-year-old pupil during a six-month affair screamed as she was jailed for 12 months today.

Lauren Cox, 27, form Oxted in Surrey, initiated the illicit encounters after propositioning the boy after giving him a lift home.

The affair developed with the pair having oral and full sex in her car, at her marital home and at his home.

She also sent him explicit photographs and videos of her naked and indulging in sex acts.

Cox screamed as she was jailed, after she pleaded guilty to five counts of sexual activity with a boy aged 13 to 17 at Croydon Crown Court.

She admitted to sexual touching with the boy on two occasions in March last year as well as sexual intercourse between April and September whilst being in a position of trust.

The teacher said ‘I’m sorry’ to her tearful family sitting in the public gallery as she was taken to the cells at Croydon Crown Court..

An emotional exchange took place between the victim’s mother and Cox’s mother.

Judge Adam Hiddleston jailed Cox after commending the boy’s mum for the way she handled the situation.

He said Cox kept the relationship secretive, but the boy’s suspicious mum spotted him getting into her car before contacting her telling her to resign and never see her boy again.

Judge Hiddleston said: ‘Her calm and sensible reaction to this came to her as she suffered considerable shock.

‘After you made a full confession you begged to break the news and she allowed you do to so.

‘And then you didn’t do as you said. At that further meeting you had sex with him again in a flagrant breach of trust instilled in you by his mother.

‘Despite being warned to desist by the victim’s mother you offended again.’

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For Barbara Ellen at U.K Guardian: Female eacher caught having sex with student in cemetery, cops say

Barbara Ellen: “do we seriously think that a female teacher sleeping with a male pupil is on a par with a male teacher sleeping with a girl pupil?  I don’t”

A woman working as a substitute teacher at Easton Area High School was charged Tuesday morning with institutional sexual assault on a 17-year-old male student after they were caught having sex in Easton Cemetery, city police report.

Kelly Aldinger, 49, of the Easton area, was found by a police officer at 1:06 p.m. May 6 having sex with the 17-year-old student in Easton Cemetery off North Seventh Street, Lt. Matthew Gerould said in a news release.

Aldinger is employed by Source 4 Teachers and placed at Easton High as a substitute teacher, Gerould said. The 17-year-old was at one point taught by Aldinger, Gerould said.

The sexual relationship between Aldinger and the student began in 2015, though they initially met when the teen was middle school, according to court documents. The teen is now a junior in high school.

Source 4 Teachers spokesman Owen Murphy said Aldinger was suspended indefinitely from teaching anywhere.

“The safety of students is always Source 4 Teachers’ top priority,” Murphy said in a prepared statement. “We are cooperating with the district and law enforcement to provide any necessary information or assistance they need to perform their investigation and resolve this matter.”

Murphy said all substitute teachers most submit state and federal criminal background checks and a child abuse background check before they’re hired by his company.

The school district was contacted and assisted in the investigation, Gerould said.