Romance Scammer: +1 317-224-8808

instagram profile

claims to live in Alberta followed me and contacted me on instagram an ask to go on whatsapp

the scammer on whatsapp within a few minutes ask me for an amazon card

scammer: Go to the store tell them you want an amazon card
is mom home with you now

me: why do you want me to get an amazon card?

scammer: When you get it just take a picture of it for me I want to use it to update my phone the code here

me: sorry this is a scam

pictures the scammer showed me on whatsapp. the scammer use stolen Pictures of Porn Star Natasha Nice


screenshot of the whatsapp message asking me to get an amazon card


Jeans Claria romance scammer is back

previously used email address


previous warning about this scammer


Jeans is a romance scammer who claims to be based in Los Angeles. she will follow you on Instagram and contact you there and say you should go on google hangouts. she will then claim you as your husband and will constantly ask you for money claiming she needs food and have internet problems. every morning she will text you good morning and always ask if you are eating. if for any reason you don’t respond back she ask “why are you silent”


her new instagram profile