The Choice is Yours! SLAVE SERMONS (Episode 39) “Black Sheep”

There were no people called “Hebrew” in 1300 BC, the so-called period of the “great exodus.” Blacks never called themselves “Jews.” The letter “J” is too new for such an old people. Religion to Blacks (even the so-called conscious) is like a drug and living life without it is just too frightening for most. There is usually a problem with trying to correct misinformation: Once people buy into a set of facts, they are unlikely to change their minds, even if presented with evidence to the contrary. Studies in psychology have shown that when people are presented with an absolute correction of misinformation, they tend to believe the myths even more fervently


Why Do Blacks REALLY Love Jesus? (Episode 38) SLAVE SERMONS “The Whipping Post”


Those in power have always used religion as a transport system into the psychology of the people. Here is a very brief explanation of how the conquerors of the world used and continue to use religion to maintain dominance over the masses.

The conquerors of various cultures ultimately become the providers of resources to those cultures which overtime will appear as a “naturally superior” group over a “naturally inferior” group. Once this perception is established, it becomes easier for the conqueror to convince the conquered that their position has been divinely arranged and part of an omniscient plan. The conquered people on the bottom, in reality, have no fair way of reaching the top and are now at the mercy of those on the top to provide them with a liberating belief system, of which those on the top pretend to have experienced.

The dream of the conquered to be in the position of their conquerors becomes so great that the conquerors must provide a way to make their dreams come true without actually changing their collective position. This is achieved by creating the illusion that they can make it to the top. There are many ways this is done but the most efficient way of accomplishing this illusion is by creating a theology that offers the people on the bottom a way to get to the top (heaven)—virtually.

A monotheistic belief system is created and at its essence, is a loving, kind and all-inclusive savior that allows an opportunity for the conquerors to be forgiven for their transgressions. The conqueror’s diabolical acts of enslaving, subjugating and decimating various cultures are willingly expunged by the conquered through the act of forgiveness. The conquered passively become bound, tied or fastened (Latin description of the derivation of the word religion/religare) to “god” and worship instead of freedom and liberation. Individual and personal relationships with provided deities take precedence over group goals and agendas, which is what constitutes a culture in the first place. The conquered pathologically rationalize their privation with the hope and faith that one day their predicament will change and they will ultimately be escorted to a place where unconditional love, wealth and peace abound.

Religious belief and imperialistic agendas go hand-in-hand. In order to break the cycle of ecclesiastical enslavement, one must be willing to challenge the status quo, particularly in areas pertaining to psychological bondage. As long as religion exists, there will be fear, powerlessness, dependency, separatism, imperialism and delusion. Until we (the conquered) understand how we arrived at where we are in terms of our beliefs and how our beliefs perpetuate social impotence, we will continue to be the bottom-feeders of the world. There is no divine plan behind the equation of conqueror over conquered. The meek have not inherited anything and the last have not finished first. It is only by recognizing that real liberation comes from knowing the conqueror’s motives and strategies. Conquerors need victims and bible believing, “god”-fearing, church loving people are just the prey that keeps them in power. Religion must die so that we may live.

Eddie Long Gets a Jewish Crowning at a Baptist Church (Episode 37)

Jeremiah Camara explains how Blacks voluntarily assume an inferior position. Recently Bishop Eddie Long was crowned King at New Birth Baptist Church in Lithonia Georgia. Eddie Long through this bizarre event implied that only a Jew was capable of exalting him to king status. This pseudo ceremony was a big insult to Black people and made a mockery of the New Testament which is revered by Blacks. How much did Eddie Long pay to have this Jewish man insult his congregation. A Black man could have never walked into a synagogue and pulled a stunt like that. Eddie Long teaches his parishioners how to make a fool of themselves.


The Black Church Must Grow Up! (Episode 35) SLAVE SERMONS “Peter Pan Syndrome”

Jeremiah Camara demonstrates how religion has stifled intellectual, scientific and mathematical progress in Blacks. The Black church has become the greatest anti-intellectual institution in America. Blacks have been conditioned to operate out of one book for their entire lives.

Religion Keeps Blacks in Fear (Episode 33) SLAVE SERMONS “Fear Gene”

Jeremiah Camara explores whether or not Blacks have developed a “fear gene.” Blacks have been conditioned to be afraid and have passed down this conditioning to their offspring. It was beneficial for Blacks to be afraid. Blacks were afraid to get caught running away, reading, looking the master in the eye etc. Ironically, the only genes that get passed on to the next generation are the ones that help us survive better. Have Blacks actually developed a fear gene?

Preacher Keeps Repeating Himself! (Episode 32) SLAVE SERMONS “Just Say No”


Jeremiah Camara reveals the side effects of the drug of religion. Religion has been called the opiate of the masses. Blacks are especially intoxicated with religion. Everyone but Blacks can see that there is a serious contradiction which reflects the abundance of Black churches combined with the abundance of Black churches.

Black Woman Prays For Groceries! (Episode 31) SLAVE SERMONS “Mice on Wheels”


Jeremiah Camara illustrates how religion impacts nearly every aspect of society. Where is the actual empirical evidence that all of our prayers and church attendance is doing the Black collective any good? Blacks are stuck in a state of rhetorical confinement and ritualistic suspension. This episode goes into detail illustrating how religion has blinded Blacks and keeps them in a state of ignorance. Like mice on wheels, Blacks are busy in the church but outside the church Blacks are dependent upon every other group to provide their sustenance.