5 Things Not To Do When Accused Of Racism: A Note To Paula Deen And The Rest of White America

by Scot Nakagawa

Okay, I know this subject has been beat to death but I need to go there one more time. Why? Because Paula Deen’s crying, pleading, borderline belligerent I is what I is, and I’m not changing play for forgiveness mirrors the way that too many white people react to accusations of racism. And that reaction is no small thing. It’s one of the obstacles to ending interpersonal racism which, as we know, is the justification for institutional racism and the perpetuation of racial inequality.

So, for white people who want to be good allies, here are five things not to do when accused of racism:
1. Cry. By crying, you make the problem all about you. You know, like you’re such a good and sensitive person that no one was hurt by your racism more than you were. Nice try, but in order to believe that, we first have to minimize the damage that’s done by racism, and that kind of undermines the whole idea that you’re genuinely sorry about anything except how you’re being treated as a result of your racist behavior.
2. Trot out your (insert racial minority group here) friends. This is an all too common way of deflecting the accusation without just admitting to the racist act. And, it’s bound to backfire, because instead of being an excuse, it only demonstrates your racism by reducing your friend to her/his race and worse, into an object, specifically a shield, to protect you from having to admit to racism.
3. Blame your age or upbringing. If your age is the problem, it implicates everyone else in your age group in your act of racism, and that’s not a fair thing to do to them in order to protect you. It also blames your racist act on your mother, your father, your teachers, the social climate in the town you grew up in, and every other person or condition that influenced you except, of course, you, the person who had a choice. As history shows us, not everyone was a racist at any time in our history. In every age, every person had and continues to have the ability to choose against racism.
4. Justify racist acts in certain circumstances as in, it’s okay to turn into a racist if someone is holding a gun to your head. If you manage to hold in your racism when you’re at your best, but react to fear or anger by immediately turning to racism, you’re a racist. In fact, fear and anger are at the very heart of racism.

But, while avoiding the four things listed above will probably keep you out of trouble, they don’t actually address your racism. So, if you’re truly just an accidental racist who sincerely wants to make amends, simply admit to it, take what you have coming to you, learn from it, and do something to make a positive difference.

And that brings me to the 5th thing you ought not do when accused of racism. Dodge. Because what distinguishes the accidental racist from an intentional one is the willingness to simply own up to your accidents and make amends.


Papa John’s drivers fired after leaving racial slur on customer’s voicemail

Two Papa John’s delivery drivers were fired after accidentally butt-dialing a customer and leaving a racist voicemail.

The duo — who worked at the Sanford outlet in Orlando — was heard mocking the man for not leaving a tip.

The angry client posted audio of the message.

Map of hate: Racist, homophobic tweets put on U.S. map… and the Eastern half of the country comes out worst

Floating Sheep and Humboldt State University in northern California collaborated to produce “Geography of Hate” maps like this one that track racist and homophobic tweets in the United States, based on the use of slurs such as the N-word, “wetback” and “fag.”



A 2012 map produced by Floating Sheep, a blog site maintained by geography scholars, shows the origins of tweets making racist remarks about President Obama following his reelection to a second term.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/survey-plots-hateful-tweets-map-u-s-article-1.1343700#ixzz2TJA2b214

Lisa Lampanelli defends calling Lena Dunham the N-word: It means ‘friend’!

stuff white people do

think they get to decide what’s racist

“Celebrity Apprentice” star and Comedy Central fixture Lisa Lampanelli stoked the ire of the online community Sunday night when she tweeted a picture of herself next to “Girls” creator Lena Dunham after the Writer’s Guild Awards.

The picture — though blurry — wasn’t at the eye of the storm. Rather, it was the caption Lampanelli had written:

“Me with my n—a @LenaDunham o @HBOGirls – I love this beyotch!” Lampanelli, 51, tweeted.

Her use of the racial slur outraged many followers. But Lampanelli later defended her choice of words to The Huffington Post.

“The N-word ending in ‘er’ is far different context from the word ending in ‘a,'” Lampanelli said.

“Ask any person who knows the urban dictionary, it means ‘friend.’ And by the way, if I had put the word ending in ‘er,’ that would have been a very derogatory thing about Lena meaning she is less than me, and I view her as very above me,” Lampanelli continued.

The comic had nothing but praise for Dunham, and was surprised by the firestorm she sparked.

“She was so sweet and I swear to you, I’m the biggest fan of ‘Girls’ in the world, and I just tweeted out our picture. And that’s controversial. Enjoy, people.”

It’s not the first time Lampanelli has landed in hot water over offensive terms. Lampanelli noted that colorful and shocking language has been a staple of her act for many years.

“I have always used in my act every racial slur there is for Asians, blacks, gays, and Hispanics,” the comedienne noted.

“To me, it’s acceptable if the joke is funny and if it is said in the context of no hate. It’s about taking the hate out of the word.”



Girl Punched And Called N****R For Refusing Snowball Fight

are the boys fans of Quentin Tarantino?




A GIRL of nine and her friends were racially abused and attacked – because they didn’t want to have a snowball fight.

Little Andrea Buchanan was punched and kicked and called a n****r after she and her three friends of similar age told a group of boys they didn’t want to play.

Her distraught mother Khalilah Usman fears the racially abusive incident – the second in less than a year for Andrea – will scar her daughter for life.

Andrea, who is in her top set at school in year five, and will sit her GCSE in maths and English before she leaves primary school next year, has written a heart rending letter addressed ‘Dear Conscience’ about her ordeal.

The nine-year-old, who is of of Jamaican and Pakistani heritage, writes: “I wish I could talk to someone to describe how it feels being a young, beaten, black girl. I was terrified when the boys called me a n****r. When I was on holiday last summer girls there called me a black bitch, dirty n****r.”

She adds: “The best person to talk to would be a white person.”

Her three friends, who are all from the same family – Clarissa Smith, also nine, her sister Clariese, 10, and 11-year-old CJ, have also written letters. Clarissa writes|: “It shook us the most to be called a n****r.”

The children were also subjected to sexually explicit verbal abuse. CJ, the only boy in the group, was assaulted for trying to protect his younger sisters and Andrea.

Their attackers are believed to be a group of up to seven boys aged between 11 and 13 of Eastern European origin. West Midlands Police are appealing for witnesses.

Their ordeal happened yards from Andrea’s home in Winson Green, Birmingham, last Friday teatime (January 18) as she and her friends walked to the local chip shop, Kebab Island in Bacchus Road, to collect a food order for Andrea’s mum.

As they waited outside, the boys asked them to have a snowball fight. When they refused, they were attacked and racially abused, all returning home frightened and in tears.


Mum Khalilah, of white and Pakistani heritage, who was brought up in Cardiff and has her own mental scars of enduring racial abuse as a child, added: “The lack of education in these boys is appalling. They have obviously picked up these words of hate from within their families, making them completely intolerant of people from other races.

“Andrea is of mixed heritage with black, white and Asian roots and we always celebrate Vaisakhi, the Reggae Simmerdown in Handsworth Park and the annual arts festival in town. We’re proud of being an educated, racially tolerant family.

“This latest incident is damaging her confidence and crushing her inside. She punched a wall yesterday out of sheer frustration which is totally out of character.”

Khalilah called police immediately after the children returned home and officers were at the house within 20 minutes, but she feels more could be done to find their attackers.

She said: “The police have been given descriptions and told the street where we believe the boys live, but it is being left to us to contact officers if and when we see them again. It would not take a miracle to find them.

“I could have sent out a vigilante group – in fact I am having to hold back friends from trying to find these boys themselves. I feel more could be done.”

Inspector Warren Little, of West Midlands Police told the Voice : “What started as an innocent incident with children throwing snowballs escalated and resulted in two young girls being racially abused.

“We are treating this as a racially aggravated crime. Neighbourhood officers have spoken to the girls’ mothers, have made local inquiries and are continuing to work hard in the area to identify the children responsible and their parents.

“This area of Birmingham is a diverse, vibrant community and this type of incident is very rare. However, it is disturbing to hear this kind of behaviour taking place between children. We would ask anyone who witnessed what happened or knows anything about it to come forward and contact us as soon as possible on the 101 police number.”



“Dear Conscience,

I hope you understand how I feel about what happened on Friday 18th January 2013.

It doesn’t matter if I’m black because we are all human beings. God made us all to love and care for each other – that’s how you love God.

This is the second time I have been beaten up for being black – two times. One when I was on holiday and was supposed to be enjoying myself, and the second when six or seven Romanian boys were beating me and my mates when we were going to the chippie. Our food was cold because we couldn’t escape from the boys.

On the holiday I was scared to leave my caravan. When I was getting hit by the boys it was . . . it’s speechless to describe when you’re a nine-year-old black girl always getting beaten for being black.

The night we got beaten by the boys I went in the shower and I was washing my hair and found two bruises on my knuckles. Expressing my feelings on a boring piece of paper is hard. I wish I could talk to someone to describe how it feels being a young, beaten, black girl. The best person to talk to would be a WHITE person.

I was terrified when the boys called me a n****r and the girls on holiday called me a black bitch, dirty n****r. I really hope you understand how I feel. I wish I could take the boys back in time and make them a black person, so they feel THE PAIN.”

Posted on: 23/01/2013 02:45 PM

Spike Lee called an ‘Uncle Tom,’ ‘thug’ for his criticism of ‘Django Unchained’

black entertainers attacking Spike Lee for his opinions while  Tarantino gets rich and laughing


Director Spike Lee came out early to condemnQuentin Tarantino’s hit slavery-themed film Django Unchained, admittedly without having even seen it.

Now the outspoken figure is facing a backlash of his own, as a growing chorus of black entertainers have called him out for his criticism of the Academy-Award-nominated movie.

“Screw Spike Lee,” writes former 2 Live Crew frontman Luther Campbell in a new op-ed entitled“Spike Lee is no Quentin Tarantino” for the Miami New Times. “Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchainedis a brilliant flick that more accurately depicts the African-American experience than any of the 15 movies about black culture Lee’s directed in his lifetime.”

He closes his piece by comparing Lee to the villainous house slave portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson in the film.

“Spike is upset because Samuel L. Jackson’s character in the movie is just like him: a conniving and scheming Uncle Tom,” writes Campbell.

Dick Gregory, the legendary activist and comedian has also lashed out at Lee, referring to the Do the Right Thing filmmaker as a “thug” and a “punk.”

“I’ve seen Django Unchained 12 times. Never in the history of Hollywood, have they ever made anything that freed the inside of me. The inside of me. I’m 80 years old, I saw cowboy movies, wasn’t no black folks in cowboy movies. I’m looking at a Western, plus a love story. To those of you all that see it, you’ll never see a love story about a black man and a black woman where it wasn’t some foul sex and foul language, huh. And Spike Lee can’t appreciate that. The little thug ain’t even seen the movie; he’s acting like he white,” said Gregory in a YouTube interview.

Gregory also directly addressed Lee’s claims that the movie is “disrespectful” to his ancestors.

“[Talking about] ‘it offended my ancestors,’ but when you did She’s Got To Have It and some of those other thug movies you did…you took Malcolm X and put a Zoot suit on him…did that offend your ancestors, punk?” added Gregory.

After his initial remarks about Tarantino’s movie, Lee has largely remained quiet about the film.

It has since become Tarantino’s most financially successful film to date and was nominated for five Academy Awards last week, including best picture.

California woman loses job over racist anti-Obama Facebook post




Turlock – A California woman has been fired from her job and has attracted the attention of the Secret Service after posting a racist Facebook status wishing for President Barack Obama’s assassination.

Fox 40 reports that 22-year-old Denise Helms of Turlock, 100 miles (161 km) east of San Jose, was so incensed after President Obama’s Tuesday night reelection victory that she took to Facebook and posted this status:

“Another 4 years of the nigger… maybe he will get assassinated this term!”

Helms told Fox 40 she “didn’t think it would be that big of a deal.”

Apparently the Secret Service– and her employer– did think it was a big deal. Not only was Helms fired from her job at a Cold Stone Creamery ice cream store, the Secret Service says it is investigating the Facebook post. While Helms probably won’t face any legal action for her racist comment, she technically could be charged with a felony if the Secret Service deems her to be a credible threat to the president’s safety.

When asked if she would be bothered if President Obama was assassinated, Helms told Fox 40 that “it’s not something I would dwell on.”

“It’s not something I would be upset about,” she said, while insisting that she is not a racist.


Sanford chief defender’s letter, addressed to black city manager, littered with the n-word

link to article


It’s one of those cases that demonstrates how racism is lived in America.

A letter, sent via the City of Sanford’s official letter, and addressed to the city manager, decries the treatment afforded the currently suspended police chief, Bill Lee. It faults the now familiar villains, according to Lee’s defenders: Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and the country’s African-American attorney general, Eric Holder.

“Dear City Manager Bonaparte,” it begins. “The racist travesty that took place in Sanford should not be laid to rest and the city should not move on until there is a thorough condemnation of the Rabid Racist Ni**ers and their organizations, along with the irresponsible media, that formed a treasoneous [sic], anti-American, vigelante [sic] feeding frenzy race riot. Ni**ers like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, and that dancing baboon of the New Black Pu***es should be in jail, preferably shot.”

Mr. Bonaparte is black. And letters sent to city officials via the Sanford website are public record.

The writer, Gary K. Keats, a 71-year-old retired urologist from nearby Clearwater, Florida, stands by every word. And he sees no irony in sending a letter decrying what he considers black racism toward George Zimmerman and Bill Lee, and sprinkling that letter with terms like “baboons” and the n-word.

Keats told theGrio he used the n-word “just to get the point across that these people want to play the racist game, and see how they like it, playing it back. I think the whole thing is pretty disgusting, but apparently our beloved attorney general, Eric Holder, they think nothing of accusing everybody else of racism but when it comes to there actions everything is fine and wonderful.”

So does he really consider the attorney general to be a ni**er?

“I think he is pretty typical of that mentality, yeah pretty much. And I think he is pretty much a disgusting, despicable human being and he has no concept of law and order.” He goes on to decry the “travesty” of the Justice Department “going after Texas and Arizona” for their immigration laws, which he calls “people just trying to defend their lives and property.”

If it all sounds very retro, it is. During the late 1990s, Keats posted frequent comments on a website belonging to the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons, an ultra-right wing non-profit founded in 1943 to fight the Social Security Act, and what it called “socialized medicine and … the government takeover of medicine.” The AAPS opposes “evidence-based medicine,” as well as Medicare, Medicaid, mandatory vaccinations, abortion and emergency contraception. It’s members and supporters include prominent Libertarians like Texas Rep. Ron Paul and his son, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

Asked if he considered himself a racist, Keats replied, “no, not really.”

As to whether it’s appropriate to use the n-word in a letter to a black city manager, he conceded, “I don’t think it’s particularly appropriate but then again I don’t think firing chief lee was appropriate either.”

Keats has not yet received a response from the manager to his letter.

Racist Trayvon Martin sign spotted outside of Detroit



DEARBORN, Mich. – Michigan State Police and Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) officials are trying to determine how an electronic road was changed to display a racist message about Trayvon Martin. The sign, which was located along I-94, at the border of Detroit and Dearborn, said “Trayvon is a Ni**er” and was discovered just before 1 a.m. on Monday morning.

“We were first notified at about 12:05 a.m. of the inappropriate message,” said Rob Morosi, an MDOT spokesman, “Immediately, we dispatched crews to verify that the message had been changed, and it was removed by 12:45 a.m. and replaced with the proper message.

Morosi said that someone hacked into a portable electronic sign that was attached to a trailer and was able to change the message. He said that the person who changed it was able to access the password controls to make the quick change.

“The sign is there as part of a big project we have at the I-94/M-39 interchange,” Morosi said. “Calls were coming in from motorists who were shocked, disturbed and every emotion you can imagine. The portable sign has a panel that was broken into. The message was changed and the keyboard was actually stolen.”

There is an investigation pending, and Michigan State Police will check surveillance footage to see how the sign was hacked and by who. Sign pranks like this are often common at this time of year, with many of them harmlessly referencing aliens, UFOs, or Santa Claus. This was a case where a “computer savvy” individual was able to spread a hate-filled message.

“We’ve had instances before where we’ve had some quirky messages regarding aliens and goblins,” Morosi said. “But rarely anything to this level of hatred that was depicted.”
This is the second such incident involving racial slurs on a digital MDOT sign in a year.

On April 8, 2011, an MDOT sign in Ypsilanti, near Eastern Michigan University, was hacked and the message “God Hates Ni**ers” was displayed for hours before authorities removed it.

This incident also comes days after someone spray-painted “Long Live Zimmerman” on the Hale Black Cultural Center at Ohio State University. That incident led to demonstrations by black students at Ohio State over the weekend.

Morosi applauded the efforts of MDOT workers and their quick response to remove the slur from the sign considering the time of night and that most workers were off for the Easter holiday. He noted that better safeguards will be put in place to prevent things like this from happening in the future.

“We hope that people understand that message boards are meant to be a public service warning drivers about upcoming work zones, closed ramps and things of that nature,” Morosi said. “We hope people are as offended by it as we were.”