Just Beware of the “Just Energy” door-to-door scam [Video]

one came to my door yesterday

The Deerfield Diaries

As the last of this year’s graduates from Algonquin College leave the neighbourhood, and the new crop of students move in, the energy re-sellers looking to take advantage of the newbies flock to the neighbourhood.

If you haven’t already had the “pleasure” of meeting somebody from Just Energy (www.justenergy.com) you will soon be summoned to your front door by a knock, or that obnoxious doorbell we all have and hate. What you will find is a friendly person wanting to talk about your household’s energy consumption and, guess what, how they can save you money! Sounds great right? Wrong. 98% of the people who sign this contract lose money! Here are the stats.

Here’s how it works:
A young, usually attractive, person will visit your house holding a clipboard, binder, or folder and an official piece of ID hanging around their neck, or clipped to their pocket…

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