SJWs target a teenage girl for having braids

When 12-year-old Mallory Merk opted to share a photo of her new hair style—box braids—she had no idea that a racially charged backlash would follow.

Mallory apparently wanted to try something new with her hair. What she didn’t know is that what was “new” to her was a hairstyle strongly associated with African-Americans.

And as social unrest continues over the treatment of African-American lives and culture, this pre-teen unwittingly waded into a debate she was probably too young to truly appreciate.

It’s a tidbit that was largely lost on the many people who attacked her.

The New Jim Crow: Black News Woman Fired Over Her Natural Hair

a black woman who don’t wear wigs and hair hats  got fired after responding to a white male viewer who told her to wear wigs and hair hats to look European. the white man viewer compared natural black hair to being poor and wearing rags. Compare this with an overweight white female reporter who recently defend herself form a viewer who criticized her health and weight. she gets praised and turn into a role model and still has her job. what kind of a message is this sending to young black girls( and black children) and other people of colour everwhere? That’s right if you are not white and brave enough to defend yourself from a racist white man be prepared to get fired, face disciplinary action, sanctions or worst. all non-white children and teenagers especially in the U.S.A should watch this

Tommy Sotomayor gives more commentary