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These are the same black whores that had nothing to say to Jennifer Hudson when 3 members of her family were brutally murdered in the same city 10 years ago.

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The same hoes who tell black women to divest from blackistan.

These whores think that they have the right to silence black men voices but at the same time to be able to criticize us at any turn for any reason without question or pause.

They feel that even though they mistreat us and disrespect us we still have an obligation to them.

This is why I and several black YouTubers say what we say about these Cunts FUCK the NIgger bitch!!!

American Psychopathy: Police: 11-Year-Old Student Arrested for Writing Note Threatening to Kill Classmates at Florida School

Police arrested an 11-year-old girl Thursday for allegedly writing a note threatening to kill her classmates at a Florida school.

The Davie Police Department arrested the girl for threatening to kill her fellow students at Nova Middle School in Davie, Florida with a gun and charged her with a felony count of making a written threat to kill or cause bodily injury, the Sun Sentinel reported.

Authorities say they caught the sixth grader on surveillance video sliding the note under the assistant principal’s door at the Florida middle school.

“I will bring a gun to school to kill all of you ugly a** kids and teachers b****. I will bring the gun Feb. 16, 18. BE prepared b****!” the handwritten note reportedly read, according to WPLG.

The girl provided authorities and school administrators with a written confession, NBC Miami reported.

A police report states that the 11-year-old was crying after officers confronted her about the note.

Police say the girl’s written confession claimed that another student threatened to have her friend fight her if she did not place the note under the door of the assistant principal’s office.

Her arrest comes the day after police arrested 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, a former student at Parkland High School, for killing 17 people in a shooting at Parkland High School in Parkland, Florida—approximately 24 miles away from Davie.

Arson In Forest Hills Ignites Fear In Bukharian Enclave


Seven fires have ravaged buildings in the residential neighborhood of Forest Hills in recent weeks, prompting an investigation by the NYPD Arson and Explosive Squad.

The fact largely overlooked by mainstream news coverage: All the buildings set ablaze belonged to Bukharian Jews, according to community leader Aron Borukhov.

“People are outraged and concerned,” said Borukhov, an attorney who has lived in the neighborhood with his wife and three children for the past 16 years. “The community needs to be proactive so the situation doesn’t escalate.”


Though no injuries have been reported, the blazes, targeting large construction sites, have affected neighboring homes more than once. In the most recent fire last Wednesday, Nov. 25, properties on both sides of the conflagration caught fire, said Borukhov. The first incident took place on Nov. 8. A surveillance video of the suspect, a man in a dark hoodie, was released last week; the 112th precinct is promising up to $2,500 for information regarding the arson. Though there have been seven fires, the police have only linked four of them to the suspect so far.

Though officials declined to call the incidents hate crimes, members of the local Bukharian community held no reservations in doing so.

“If seven Jewish homes had been burned in France within a month, there would be much more of an uproar,” said Boris Yuabov, a doctor who has lived in the community for the past six years with his three children. He described standing with his non-Jewish neighbors and watching a site on the corner of his block collapse and burn to the ground. “We are scared. These fires are started in the dead of night in a neighborhood with many children and elderly individuals. This is a life-threatening situation.”

Allan Silvera, a non-Bukharian member of the Forest Hills Jewish community, referred to the eerily similar profiles of homeowners targeted as the “elephant in the room.”

“It’s obvious that there’s something in common between the different properties attacked,” he said, adding that the neighborhood, albeit largely Bukharian, is also ethnically diverse. “More needs to be done. The neighborhood is scared to death.”

In an attempt to organize a response, about 20 members of the Bukharian Jewish community, as well as several other concerned neighbors, met at the local Bukharian community center on Sunday morning. Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz joined the meeting, though no representatives from police or fire department attended, according to community members.

Speaking to the Jewish Week, Koslowitz described the events as “alarming” and said she is contacting Mayor Bill de Blasio to raise further awareness about the situation. Koslowitz said she could not comment on whether or not the incidents were targeting members the Bukharian Jewish community.

“We can’t yet say who did it or what caused him to do it, but the police department is doing everything they possibly they can to put these crimes to a speedy end,” she said.

The NYPD similarly declined to comment on whether or not the incidents are targeting the Bukharian community. They confirmed that an investigation is still underway.

Remember the Pro-Pedophile Movement That Liberals Pretend Doesn’t Exist?

Considering how often we’re told that there is no such movement, the ongoing effort to legalize sex with kids sure keeps busy:

The [British] prime minister has rejected a call from a leading expert on public health to lower the age of consent to 15.
Faculty of Public Health president Prof John Ashton said society had to accept that about a third of all boys and girls were having sex at 14 or 15.
He said the move would make it easier for 15-year-olds to get sexual health advice from the NHS.
Downing Street said the current age of 16 was in place to protect children and there were “no plans to change it”.
Official figures suggest up to a third of teenagers have sex before the age of consent.
Prof Ashton said lowering the age by a year could “draw a line in the sand” against sex at 14 or younger.
He said: “We need a debate here. It’s time the adults started talking about the situation to take these enormous pressures off children and young people from becoming sexually active too early.

Notice that this push for lowering the age of consent is coming from academia, which is where the pro-pedophile movement was observable as a distinct phenomenon more than a decade ago.

My prior awareness of this intellectual trend — a movement that is deliberately ignored by mainstream media — was why I hastened to defend Rush Limbaugh in January:

Rush Limbaugh Is Right: The Academic
Pro-Pedophile Movement Is a Real Danger

The origins and history of this movement, which can be clearly traced to Professor Alfred Kinsey’s bogus sex studies in the 1940s, which emerged as political advocacy in the 1960s and ’70s in the wake of the Sexual Revolution, has been documented by Dr. Judith Reisman and others. You can read my 2002 article about Lawrence Stanley, a pedophile lawyer who was once widely cited as an authority about the supposed non-danger of child pornography.

You should also be aware that the academic pro-pedophile movement for many years was most vocal in Europe. Theo Sandfort, a Dutch academic, was a member of the editorial board of the notorious pedophile journalPaidika. Sandfort authored the 2001 book Childhood Sexuality and co-edited the 1990 book Male Intergenerational Intimacy with fellow Paidika contributor Edward Brongersma, who was convicted for having sex with a 16-year-old boy. Theo Sandfort is now on the faculty of Columbia University, demonstrating how American academia has imported European perversion.

However, liberal journalists have actively sought to suppress public awareness of the pro-pedophile movement. Why is this? Because liberals don’t want to admit that this evil deviancy originated with their ideological comrades of the radical Left.

“Childlike innocence is an invention of the bourgeoisie of early capitalism.”
Olaf Stüben, German pedophile activist, 1981

The media don’t want you to know the truth about this, nor will they confront the “ample evidence of the alliance between gay rights organizations and pedophile activists” in Europe, the influence of which has spilled over into the academic elite everywhere.

Only if you are aware that this movement exists would you have shared my alarm at the “Free Kate” arguments on behalf of a Florida lesbian sex offender: “Kaitlyn Hunt Is Guilty and, Yes, There Is a Movement to ‘Normalize Pedophilia’.”

That story wasn’t just about a couple of teenagers in Florida. We never would have heard of Kate Hunt if she had taken the original plea deal offered by prosecutors, as most such offenders do. But because Hunt and her family believed they could portray her as a victim of homophobia, and thought they would gain support by presenting gay activists with a photogenic victim, there arose a movement which — had it been successful — might have set a legal precedent that could undermine age-of-consent laws nationwide.

And this is what the pro-pedophile movement has always wanted: To eliminate “arbitrary” age-based limits on sexual activity.

Of course, any age limit is in some sense “arbitrary,” and no matter where the law establishes the legal age of consent, there will always be some borderline cases where criminal punishment could be seen as unfair or overly harsh. Yet if the law sets 16 as the age of consent, and an 18-year-old has sex with a 14-year-old, how can anyone argue that punishment for the offense violates the 18-year-old’s “rights” (as Kaitlyn Hunt’s defenders argued) without effectively exposing all 14-year-olds to legalized sexual exploitation?

Happy 14th Birthday! (Batteries not included.)

There is an attitude of antinomian lawlessness and moral relativism that I have called “The Intellectual Astroglide of the Elite,” which seeks to steadily erode our instinctive horror at such perversity.

Professor John Ashton, presented as Britain’s “leading expert on public health,” may not think of himself this way and, if accused of advocating pedophilia, would almost certainly deny it. At some point, however, common sense requires that we ask if the effect of policy is not also theintent of policy, no matter what the advocates of that policy may tell us to the contrary.

One need not accuse Professor John Ashton of being the clandestine agent of a secretive pedophile conspiracy in order to say that pedophiles would welcome a law lowering the age of consent to 15. And if the age of consent were lowered to 15 — common sense tells us, if we have paid attention long enough — then at some point in the future we will hear an argument for lowering the age of consent to 14.

The more “normal” the intellectuals can make this seem, the more acceptable it will become and the more we will be told that opponents of pedophilia are hysterical hateful bigots. Therefore, if opponents of this movement do not speak up now, they will eventually find they are marginalized and stigmatized as “extremists.”

People need to wake the hell up.

UPDATE: “Pedophile problem? What pedophile problem?”

A sweeping child pornography investigation has led to the rescue of 386 children around the world and the arrest of 348 people, Canadian police said Thursday. . . .
Police said 108 people were arrested in Canada and 76 in the U.S. Others were arrested in other countries.
Australian Federal Police commander Glen McEwen on Friday confirmed that 65 men had been arrested in Australia as a result of the Canadian investigation, and six Australian children had been removed from harm.
Police said the children were “rescued from child exploitation” but did not give more details.

(Via Conservative Hideout.)


Liberals love pedophiles, because they must do so to keep their own belief system intact.

Consider the bizarre case just this week of thirty-four year old Phillip Distasio.

Distasio runs a “school” called Class Cutters near Cleveland Ohio. The goal of the school is to somehow counter the “No Child Left Behind Act” by getting kids to rush through a few academic excercises each day on the computer – and then to spend the majority of the time performing some sort of “community service.” It seems to be set-up to help the child find “productive” use of their time in after school hours. On Distasio’s web-site he even makes mention that even kids who attend a traditional school can join the program for the “after school activities.”

A disturbing element also seems to be that Distasio seeks parent’s involvement in “choosing the curriculum” that their child engages in. They even have a chatroom blog to log into the program with.

What’s really horrifying is that Distasio is an admitted pedophile of 20 years who doesn’t even have the decency to be ashamed of his craving for sexual activity with boys.

In fact… he embraces it.

Presently Distasio is finding himself facing 74 charges of molestation of boys in his “program.” Instead of denying his guilt he’s trying a new approach – claiming his sexual intent is a civil right.

In my brand new book MuscleHead Revolution: Overturning Liberalism with Commonsense Thinking I point out how painfully obvious it has become to us all that the clear-headed absolutes of right and wrong and good and evil were thrown out with the modern feminist bathwater of the 1960s. But few of us ever thought it would get to the point that we are now seeing – pedophiles claiming constitutional civil rights protections for their desire to engage in homosexual pedophilia.

So where does Distasio get the boldness to make such ludicrous claims?

How about modern liberalism, academia, and the Clinton administration?

As I document in MuscleHead Revolution, Judith Levine, the academic who released the book, Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex, argues that it is harmful to protect children from sexual activity. As I point out, she goes so far as to encourage adults to not think prudishly about sexual activity between adults and children. She even advocates for the “rights” of children to be able to “give their consent” for “legal” and “healthy” sexual activity with adults.

One might think that Levine is just a nutcase, except that she was published by the University of Minnesota Press. Her book was endorsed by Dr. Jocelyn Elders who also wrote its forward. Elders was the Clinton era, surgeon general.

Taking his cues from Levine/Elders, Distasio argued in court this week:

“I’m a pedophile. I’ve been a pedophile for 20 years. The only reason I’m charged with rape is that no one believes a child can consent to sex. The role of my ministry is to get these cases out of the courtrooms.” Also adding, “Not all pedophilia is bad, and sex [with boys] can be healthy.”

Sounds like a liberal on a mission; just like Levine.

Since modern liberalism’s true goal is the actual eradication of God, moral values, and the ideas of absolute right vs. wrong, it should surprise no one that not a single leftist politician in America has denounced Distasio. Nor did they denounce Levine. The truth is liberals seek sexual utopia where no rules apply. Restraint has in fact become a dirty word to them. Self control – a throughly foreign concept.

Waging the revolution for all that is true, just, and good involves every single one of us who know better to actively demonstrate this by preventing such an agenda from becoming reality.

For liberals to denounce pedophiles, ultimately they would have to denounce, lesbianism, homsexuality, and their particular favorite – adultery. And that’s just no going to happen.

At the end of the day there are such a thing as moral values, and liberals despise them – because as they see it – those moral values limit their sexual freedoms. And if this is “America” – isn’t it all about the freedom to get your groove on?

Liberals love pedophiles.

Isn’t it shameful?

And don’t we all wish – that they loved the well being of children more?

Here’s why the progressive left keep sticking up for pedophiles

Today, Salon gave a platform to a self-confessed pedophile to explain his urges in sympathetic terms. “I’m a Pedophile, But Not A Monster” reads the headline. It’s a long, self-pitying screed that ends with a call to be “understanding and supportive” of adults who crave sexual intimacy with children.

Forgive me if I’m not first to start the standing ovation. In fact I’m pretty sure most people will find the existence on Salon’s website of this post both shocking and distasteful.

The timing of Nickerson’s post, barely a week after multiple high-profile progressives rallied around progressive activist Sarah Nyberg, couldn’t be more suspect. Over the past two weeks, an alarming number of left-leaning commentators have rallied around the self-confessed transsexual pedophile and progressive activist who defended white nationalism.

In other words, progressives who got fired up about whether green and purple was a “rapey” colour scheme were suddenly fine with discussion of incestuous pedophilia from a 22-year-old in a chat room full of teenagers. It has been a somewhat grotesque spectacle to watch.

But these two incidents are merely just the latest in a disturbing trend of pedophilia activism on the Left, which has gone out on a limb time and time again to normalise child abuse. From the 1970s to the present day, organised pedophilia has been a recurring problem for the supposedly progressive movement.

The North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) had early support from Allen Ginsberg. In the UK, the Pedophile Information Exchange (PIE) sought acceptance on the Left by affiliating itself with the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL), then run by prominent Left-wingers. Leading members of the Labour party, including Patricia Hewitt and Harriet Harman, were tarnished by their association with PIE, but many of them remain in positions of power in the Labour party.

There are plenty of decent left-wingers who are horrified by the attempts of pedophiles to piggyback on their movement, of course. It was former Labour minister Barbara Castlewho sought to draw attention to the alleged pedophile rings of the British establishment in the 1980s. And the LGBT movement made an effort to ostracise NAMBLA after it tried to join the big tent of alternative sexualities.

Those few trendy progressives who actually have kids aren’t exactly runaway successes as parents and enthusiastically include them in drug-fuelled desert orgies or force them to swear in political broadcasts or take them to “Slut Walks.” But you get the sense that the majority of campaigners don’t have children of their own, or they’d speak rather differently.

Pedophilia itself is of course not confined to one side of the political spectrum. But defending it does seem to be. Pro-pedophile activism continues to surface on the Left in a way that it simply doesn’t on the Right. Salonis one of the worst offenders: the left-wing website runs sympathetic features on pedophilia with alarming regularity.

In 2012, the site ran a story entitled “Meet the Pedophiles Who Mean Well about a group called “Virtuous Pedophiles,” who resolve never to have sex with children. (Sarah Nyberg made reference to this group in her leaked chat logs.) In the aftermath of Ariel Castro’s initial court appearance in 2013, Salon ran an op-ed entitled “Our Approach to Pedophilia Isn’t Working,” which argued that pedophilia ought to be treated as a medical issue rather than a moral one.

Yet, incredibly, Salon is by no means alone. In the aftermath of the Jimmy Savile scandal in the UK, the Guardian published a feature carrying the disturbing claim that there is “not even a full academic consensus on whether consensual paedophilic relations necessarily cause harm.” Even left-wing comedy websites are complaining about society’s “misunderstanding” of pedophiles, and their writers post pictures of their own children to pedophiles in “support” when the self-confessed perverts are outed.

What’s happening here? Why are defences of pedophilia so rampant on the Left? And why are pedophiles so attracted to the progressive movement, as opposed to conservatism, libertarianism, or even anarcho-capitalism?

The most likely answer may be difficult for left-leaning readers to accept. For decades, moral relativism has underpinned radical left-wing thought. This is particularly clear when we look at how abuses in Muslim communities are treated. When the Conservative government in Canada labeled female genital mutilation and forced marriages as “barbaric cultural practices,” they were criticised by leading Canadian leftists.

See also: the breeziness with which feminists ignore abuses against women all across the Muslim world, and the timidity of gay rights campaigners to challenge Muslims on gay rights. Not Islamists, you understand, but mainstream Islamic society, in which simply being gay can get you killed in a dozen countries or more. Oh, and Rotherham, where moral relativism and the fear of being seen as “racist” got 1,200 white girls raped.

In the U.S, where a left-wing administration is in charge, relativism has even seeped into the military. As was recently reported, American soldiers in Afghanistan are now being instructed to ignore the sexual abuse of boys by Afghan allies. Campaigners against religious barbarism like the UK’s National Secular Society have condemned the relativism at the heart of radical left-wing identity politics, but to no avail.

It’s easy to see why pedophile activists would be attracted to a movement that makes excuses for practices like FGM. If the mutilation of little girls can be defended on the grounds of cultural relativism — “that’s just how they are” — what can’t be defended?

Anarcho-capitalists and libertarians may wish to dismantle many social and legal checks on personal behaviour, but they draw a hard line around behaviour that harms or violates the rights of others. Relativists have no such rules: by definition, they don’t believe in universal rules at all.

Horrifyingly, there are signs of a new pedophile acceptance movement forming on the Left. Just as Allen West warned, the gay rights movement is being used as a template. First comes the argument that pedophiles are just “born that way,” absolving them of any moral responsibility for their desires. Then comes the argument that pedophiles are just normal people, like the rest of us, but somehow impoverished or victimised by their own condition.

Inevitably, our society’s current ostracisation of pedophiles will be portrayed as an injustice: an oppression from which pedophiles must be liberated, or for which they deserve our sympathy. And woe to the oppressors! Quietly, in progressive columns and academies around the world, progressives are losing their footing and sliding down that slippery slope. Publications like Salon are abetting the turpitude.

“Acceptance” and relativism are essential tools of the partisan Left, which abandons all sense of moral consistency when one of its own is accused. The furious defence of Sarah Nyberg was redolent of the Lena Dunham scandal, in which similarly bizarre and disturbing revelations about Dunham’s relationship with her sister were defended to the hilt by media luvvies.

You know, a bit like how the BBC covered up for Savile for all those years. Just about the only kiddy-diddlers leftists don’t stick up for are Catholic priests, for reasons best known to themselves.

Compare this to conservative molester Josh Duggar, who can only muster support fromhas-beens like Mike Huckabee. The rest of the conservative movement, from National Review to Breitbart, were unequivocal in their condemnation of the Duggars. But for the hysterical defenders of Nyberg and Dunham, principle — not to mention the safety of children — can’t be allowed to come before politics.

Aggressive public displays of virtue are where the morally deplorable hide. The trend of social justice warriors with closets full of skeletons is common enough to be a meme at this point. It might even be part of the job description. Whether by cleansing progressives of sin through virtue signalling, or simply enabling them to hide in plain sight, slacktivism provides a welcoming environment for scammers and the unsavoury, which is why progressives protect their own: they know it could be any of them next.

The one silver lining is that such people are set to lose the support of the centre. Nyberg’s defenders hoped that the story would be contained in anti-establishment publications likeBreitbart. But now it’s spreading to the mainstream, with critics of Breitbart stepping into the fray to admit that the response from the Left has been hypocritical and troubling.

Eyebrows were raised when the media elite collectively decided to make transgenderism “the next civil rights frontier,” because although most people are deeply sympathetic to that condition, the science is very much out on treatment pathways. But this is really, as we say in England, something else. 

It is particularly crucial to protect children from pedophiles in the age of the internet, when adults have unprecedented access to minors via internet forums, chat rooms and gaming. Children get phones and tablets earlier and earlier, and nearly all kids play such social games.

Twenty-first century pedophiles aren’t hanging around school gates with candy: they’re lurking online, like Sarah Nyberg. And parents are in some cases decades behind the times when it comes to protecting their little ones.

Radical leftists may be planning to make pedophilia another front in their civil rights battles, but it won’t happen without a fight. Nor should it.

BREAKING: Yes, It Was Legal To Shoot A Fleeing #WalterScott

By Anonymous GotNews Reporter

Lost in the debate over the shooting of Walter Scott, by South Carolina Law Enforcement officer Michael Slager, is the uncomfortable question of when it is, in fact, justified to shoot a fleeing suspect. The issue came before the US Supreme Court in 1985 in Tennessee v. Garner.

At the time, Tennessee law authorized police to use deadly force against a fleeing suspect. The state statute provided that “if, after notice of the intention to arrest the defendant, he either flees or forcibly resists, the officer may use all the necessary means to effect the arrest.” While the District Court found for the law and the officer actions, the United States Court Appeals for the Sixth Circuit reversed the decision. They ruled that “the killing of a fleeing suspect is a “seizure” for the purposes of the Fourth Amendment, and is therefore constitutional only when it is reasonable.” The state of Tennessee appealed the decision to the US Supreme Court.

Just Murder, Not a ‘Hate Crime’

The headline in January was frightening:

Lesbian gunned down in North Philly
A North Philadelphia lesbian was shot in broad daylight [Jan. 13] while on her way to work.
Kim Jones, 56, was shot in the head at 9:30 a.m. while she was standing on the corner of 12th and Jefferson streets near Temple University, waiting to take the bus to work, police said.
The gunman came up behind Jones, who was wearing headphones, and shot her point-blank in the back of the head.
Investigators believe Jones was targeted, but a motive had not been announced as of presstime.
“She had her purse, she had her cellphone, she had jewelry on, none of which was taken, none of which was disturbed,” said Homicide Capt. James Clark in a press conference Tuesday.
Officer Tanya Little, a police spokesperson, said investigators are aware that Jones, who married her partner last month, was a lesbian, and do not yet know if that could have played a role in her killing.
“Investigators have not ruled out anything at this point,” Little said.

That fear-inspiring possibility — an incipient wave of anti-lesbian terrorism, perhaps? — was left to dangle in the public mind for a couple of weeks until police solved the case:

Randolph Sanders was careful.
Lurking in a breezeway on the morning of Jan. 13, with a gun tucked into his duffel bag, Sanders hid his face under a cap and bulky headphones.
He was careful, police said, not to look at the security cameras that captured him when he approached his boss — Kim Jones — and shot her in the back of the head as she waited for a bus. . . .
Police said Jones suspected him of stealing funds — about $40,000. He was convinced that she would report him to authorities and that he would lose his job at Turning Points for Children, the organization where they worked, police said.
On the morning Jones was killed, she had scheduled a meeting with the Department of Human Services, which funds Turning Points.
Sanders, 36, knew she was going to turn him in, Homicide Detective James Clark said.
“He laid in wait, and he ambushed her,” Clark said.
Sanders had been hired by Jones in 2012 and served as theassistant director of the nonprofit’s Families and Students Together (FAST) program, an after-school outreach designed to strengthen parents’ bonds with their children.
Turning Points said in a statement Monday that it believes the alleged misappropriation of funds was “an isolated incident” but will hire a third-party investigator to look into the matter.
An investigation into the allegedly stolen funds is ongoing, but Clark said police believe Sanders had been stealing gift cards meant for families participating in the FAST program and keeping them for himself.
He has been charged with murder and related offenses.

The anti-gay hate-crime angle was never a valid concern despite the LESBIAN GUNNED DOWN IN BROAD DAYLIGHT fear-mongering coverage. It is important to understand how the media deliberately manipulate perceptions. The murder of Matthew Shepard was portrayed as a hate crime, despite every evidence to the contrary, because gay activists figured out that depicting homosexuals as victims — and depicting opponents of the gay agenda as motivated by dangerously violent “hate”– was the key to political success. Both the news media and the entertainment industry have seized on this theme, promoting the Gay Victimhood narrative so relentlessly as to foment paranoia and generate a certain number of fake hate-crime hoaxes. Meanwhile, public school administrators are twisting themselves into pretzels to be “inclusive” and “tolerant” of homosexuality, implementing “anti-bullying” campaigns based on the belief that our society is pervaded by an irrational homophobia that causes gay kids to commit suicide.

What should disturb us about this is how unbalanced and unrealistic these perceptions are. Studies indicate that only 2.3 percent of the U.S. population (about 1-in-40) is gay or bisexual, and yet media have exaggerated this to the point that young adults believe 30 percent of people are gay! The same media which so exaggerate the size of the gay population also foster the idea that gay people are persecuted victims of oppression and, because elite culture has become so oriented toward the protection of victimized minorities, anyone attempting to counter-balance this narrative is more or less automatically accused of hate.

Crazy people don’t need any special incentive to be crazy, but this victimhood rhetoric can incite crazy people to do crazy things: Floyd Lee Corkins told the FBI he attacked the headquarters of the Family Research Council because the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) identified them as a “hate group” due to their traditional marriage views. And then there’s the case of Jan Hamilton of Aspen, Colorado.

In 2001, when she was 59, Hamilton was attending a Bible study class at a Baptist church in Aspen when she and another woman in the class became involved in a lesbian relationship. After a couple of years, the other woman broke off the relationship and “Hamilton became relentless in her quest to re-enter the woman’s life,” according to an Aspen Times articleabout the case. In 2005, Hamilton was banned from the church and it appears that her stalking of her ex-lover escalated:

[The victim testified at a 2012 hearing] that despite a restraining order she filed in 2008, Hamilton would often show up at her home uninvited, or send emails and other bits of correspondence, until some point in 2010.
Hamilton’s activities affected her well-being to the point where eating and sleeping were difficult, the woman testified.
“It’s very upsetting,” the woman said. “I have come to understand that Ms. Hamilton is relentless in the pursuit of her agenda and will stop at almost nothing.”
The restraining order, and promises from Hamilton that she would leave her alone, made no difference at all, the woman said.
“I live constantly knowing something’s going to happen, but I don’t know how or where or when,” she said.

And then there’s this:

Hamilton has filed numerous lawsuits over the past few years against her perceived adversaries, claiming everything from sexual discrimination to retaliation and defamation to attempted second-degree murder. . . .
Hamilton says she is afflicted with cancer because of the stress that residents, landlords, churchgoers and others have inflicted upon her. Others have suggested, in court and otherwise, that Hamilton has extreme mental-health issues.

Kuh-RAY-zee! It’s not against the law to be crazy, but our nation’s mental-health facilities are overcrowded, and so it’s impossible to lock up all the lunatics. Earlier this month, Jan Hamilton was back in court:

An Aspen woman [March 6] was arrested for the 16th time in six years after she allegedly violated restraining orders by driving by a church from which she is banned — to the point where the pastor said congregation numbers are dwindling — and using a networking website to contact a person named in a protection order.
Judge Jonathan Pototsky of the 9th Judicial District set bond for Jan Hamilton, 73, at a cash-only amount of $30,000, telling her that he would raise it to $50,000 or $100,000 if she bonded out and continued to commit offenses.
Hamilton, as she has repeatedly, said she was innocent and is being persecuted for being a lesbian. She once spent 25 months in jail on similar accusations; was on trial March 4 for harassment and bail-bond violations (the judge has not yet rendered his verdict); and is to be sentenced [March 16] in two cases in which she was convicted for false reporting and harassment.
In the latest case, a member of Christ Episcopal Church of Aspen contacted Aspen police officer Jeff Fain on March 1. The man told Fain that Hamilton drove by the church repeatedly and asked members going in and out to pray for her. A restraining order prevents her from contacting the man, his wife and others, and Hamilton is also prevented from going to places where she knows the people will be.

Of course, Jan Hamilton has a Twitter account — all the lunatics are on Twitter now — and has used it to claim that she is a victim of a “Religious Extremist Lynch Mob,” invoking the 2009 Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act. When federal law encourages this victimhood mentality, are we surprised that paranoid lunatics like Jan Hamilton think they have a “right” to harass people at churches? And a very similar phenomenon is at work when we see rape hoaxes on university campuses. Sen. Kristen Gillibrand continues her crusade to deny male students ordinary due-process protections, and liberals claim that fraternities trying to protect themselves against false accusations are a “rape lobby.”

The problems caused by endless celebrations of victimhood are going to keep getting worse, until people wake the hell up.

Woman murdered fiance’s daughter cry sexual assault to cover it up

PLANO, Texas — A 25-year-old woman faces the death penalty in connection with the suffocation death of her fiancé’s daughter.

Melinda Lynn Muniz, 25, staged a break-in Jan. 9 to deflect suspicion in the plot, Plano police say. She is in jail on $1 million bond.


Grace Lillian Ford, 2, was found unconscious in a crib, her mouth covered with duct tape, according to an arrest affidavit. Muniz was found on the floor of another room with her mouth taped shut and her pants pulled down.

Muniz told police that an unknown male had sexually assaulted her, the affidavit states. But investigators said her story had holes: Information about her activities the day of the crime were inconsistent with her story, and medical tests failed to corroborate her claim of a sexual assault.

“What was reported to us that had taken place, there was not any way that could have happened,” Plano police spokesman David Tilley said.

The couple, who had become engaged in December, had been fighting over text messages and a topless video on Muniz’ cell phone that her boyfriend, Mitch Ford, believed she had sent to a personal trainer. Before Ford left for work that day, he had told Muniz that they were breaking up.





100 serial rapists identified after rape kits from Detroit Crime Lab are finally processed


DETROIT (WXYZ) – “I was in shock. I was outraged and I just assumed kits were being tested,” said actress Mariska Hargitay about the thousands of rape kits in Detroit and across the country that have been left sitting in storage without being processed, allowing rapists to remain free to attack again. And they often do.

Hargitay joined Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy to announce legislation that will soon be introduced to state lawmakers that is aimed at setting guidelines and deadlines for rape kits tests to be processed.

“Testing rape kits is vital for keeping rapists off the street,” said Hargitay during Monday’s press conference.

Over 11,000 sexual assault kits, some dating back to the 1980’s, were found abandoned in a Detroit Police storage facility back in 2009.

Not long after the rape kits were discovered, Worthy pushed to start the processing with Michigan State Police.

So far, 1,600 rape kits have been processed, resulting in the identification of about 100 serial rapists and ten convicted rapists, according to Worthy.

Worthy told reporters that perpetrators have moved on from Michigan to commit similar crimes in 23 other states.

“It was mind blowing to me,” said Hargitay that so many rape kits have gone unprocessed. “My head exploded.. We have the means to do it and DNA equals justice.”

Hargitay, best known for her role as Sergeant Olivia Benson on the television drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, has also become an advocate for real life victims of sex crimes. She founded the Joyful Heart Foundation that works to “heal, educate and empower survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse.”

Nationally, an estimated 400,000 rape kits have gone unprocessed, allowing rapists to remain free and their victims to wonder if they will ever see justice.

“These rape kits in Michigan are over 25 years old,” said Worthy. “Want to make sure we deal with the victims mercifully, honestly and genuinely.”

Fourteen prosecutions have resulted from what is being called the “Detroit Rape Kit Project”, including the case of DeShawn Starks, 32.

On February 19, 2003, Starks pretended to be having stomach pains as he approached a woman who was returning to her home in Detroit, according to prosecutors. Starks pulled out a gun, robbed the woman, then drove her to a wooded area where he raped her. The woman’s unprocessed rape kit remained in storage for ten years until Worthy’s office launched their investigations into the abandoned rape kits. DNA linked Starks to that case.

Prosecutors says Starks went on to rape another woman in 2003. That rape kit was also placed in storage and left unprocessed for ten years.

On November 19, 2013, investigators say Starks struck again, raping two friends as they were walking home from a family gathering.

Starks was just sentenced to 45 to 90 years in prison.


Muslim Somali shot dead while breaking into a Toronto Area Home

play stupid games, win stupid prizes. he had it coming.



The Liberals came under fire on Wednesday over Justin Trudeau’s participation in an Islamic conference whose sponsor was stripped of its federal charity status last year for supporting Hamas, the outlawed terrorist organization.

The Liberal leadership candidate has defended his scheduled speech at next week’s Reviving the Islamic Spirit conference in Toronto, and the Canadian Council on American Islamic Relations condemned attempts to “smear” the gathering.

But in a letter to Liberal Party of Canada president Mike Crawley, Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre CEO Avi Benlolo said Mr. Trudeau’s presence at the event would lend credibility to supporters of Hamas.

The Council on American Islamic Relations is also a Hamas-linked group