ChatGPT (2022- ) is an AI chatbot, a computer program in a machine that can hold a conversation with a human. It can answer questions, write student essays, poems, even write computer code that works. At least 200 books being sold on Amazon were written or co-written by it. It is the Homework Machine come true. It can easily pass the Turing Test – most people cannot tell the difference between something written by ChatGPT and something written by a human.

Microsoft is using it to make Bing, their also-ran Internet search engine, better than Google’s. But Google and Baidu (the top search engine in China) are working on AI chatbots of their own.

Noam Chomsky calls it “high-tech plagiarism”.

It is a glorified autocomplete program – one trained on billions of words of English from the Internet and then fine-tuned by humans. Even though it can talk like a…

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