Islam’s Conquest of America: Muslim U.S. City Will Allow the Torture and Slaughter of Animals in Homes and Yards

The animals Muslims will slaughter in Hamtramck, Michigan, for their torturous “religious celebration” must be Halal, a Jihad money-making scheme to spread Sharia worldwide.

The Muslim-controlled City of Hamtramck, Michigan, approved the slaughter of animals at residents’ homes for “religious reasons.” The City Council, whose members are all sharia-compliant Muslims, approved the torturous, inhumane, unsanitary Sharia practice that among other Islamic causes, helps aid Islamic terrorists, 3-2, last Tuesday. 

Hamtramck has one of the highest percentages of Muslim residents among cities in the U.S. Last December, the Council voted to keep a ban in place, but after fierce objections from resident Muslims, the issue was revisited.

During the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha, Muslims perform Qurbani’ (barbaric live animal slaughter). The holiday is celebrated by Muslims worldwide and highlighted by torturing and killing terrified animals in the public square. For Hamtramck residents, this means they will slaughter large animals barbarically in their backyard yards or inside their homes.

Muslims prefer heavier sheep, goats, lamb, buffalo, cattle, and camels to slaughter for this holiday. The weights of the animals for slaughter should be heavier than 60 pounds.

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