New Lawsuit Accuses California School District Of Constitutional Violation For ‘Parental Secrecy Policy’ Of Gender Transition

A California mother filed a lawsuit against representatives of the school district that allegedly facilitated her daughter’s gender transition. 

Aurora Regino, represented by the Center for American Liberty, filed a complaint against the superintendent and five school board members of the Chico Unified School District on Friday, alleging her 14th Amendment rights were violated when her 11-year-old daughter was pressured to adopt a transgender identity and conceal it from her. 

“The District’s policy of transitioning kids behind their parents’ backs is radical gender ideology at its worst,” said Harmeet Dhillon, the founder of The Center for American Liberty. “For the government to assume this role is both unconstitutional and reprehensible.” 

The Center for American Liberty is seeking a permanent injunction to the “Parental Secrecy Policy” adopted by the district, which allows school personnel to implement a powerful psychosocial intervention on children without the knowledge or consent of their parents.

“Under the Parental Secrecy Policy, schools in the District are prompting students to question their sexuality and gender, facilitating their social transition to a new gender identity, and integrating this new person into the school ecosystem, all without informing or receiving consent from their parents,” the lawsuit alleges.

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