Newly Elected GOP Rep. Takes Legal Action Against Shocking “Witchcraft” Allegations

The legal team for Florida Representative-elect Anna Paulina Luna has requested a retraction and public apology from opponent Matt Tito, over a slanderous comment.  Tito who is a Marine Veteran and former Florida State House Candidate considered challenging Luna in the primary.

The letter from Luna’s legal representation read:

“You said that Ms. Luna (a devout Christian) practices witchcraft. You are hereby demanded to publicly and immediately retract each and every defamatory statement you made about Ms. Luna on the show. Because you do not have the ability to distribute your retraction widely on your social media, you are demanded to apologize and retract your statements on the Bubba the Love Sponge Show or by making a retraction and apology video that you send to me that Ms. Luna will distribute via her social media.”

Tito made the accusations on the Bubba the Love Sponge radio show.  Despite the legal threats from Rep.-elect Luna, Tito is sticking to his allegations.

According to the Daily Beast, Tito said:

“I didn’t wake up one morning when I was going on the Bubba the Love Sponge show and say, ‘I am going to pull a bunch of stuff out of my ass and talk about it.’”

Tito claimed his allegations came from Paloma Zuniga, a Hispanics or Trump member, who said that Luna practices witchcraft and casts spells on people.  Omar Navarro, another former Republican congressional candidate, told the Daily Beast that the alleged rumors have been circulating among Republican circles.

Annan Paulina also posted a video to her Twitter account, showing a reporter following her at the Capitol and harassing her with questions related to the allegations of witchcraft and sexual encounters.  She said in her tweet, “When you’re a woman who stands up to the swamp, you are sexually harassed leaving your office, accused of having sex with members, being a witch, and more lies. This is why we must drain the swamp. This is not journalism. Is this how female reps are treated?”

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