Judge Approves Lawsuit by Ex-Virginia Tech Soccer Player Allegedly Benched for Refusing to Kneel During National Anthem

A former Virginia Tech soccer player who says she was benched for refusing to take a knee during the national anthem has been given to go-ahead to sue the school for violations of her freedom of speech.

U.S. District Judge Thomas T. Cullen gave former Hokies midfielder Kiersten Hening the OK to sue coach Charles Aidair on First Amendment grounds after Hening says the coach benched her for refusing to join in with the team’s kneeling in 2020 as a “unity statement.”

Hening filed suit against the school and the coach last year, but the school filed a motion to have the lawsuit thrown out. But on Dec. 2, Judge Cullen ruled that the suit could move forward, Fox News reported.

Hening claims she was benched because she often found herself disagreeing with the coach and team’s support of the Black Lives Matter movement. She added that Aidair verbally attacked her repeatedly after her political views began clashing with his. And then he refused to even let her play.

“Hening, who had been a major on-field contributor for two years prior to the 2020 season, also asserts that Adair removed her from the starting lineup for the next two games and drastically reduced her playing time in those games because she had engaged in this protected First Amendment activity. As a result, Hening resigned from the team after the third game of the season,” Judge Cullen wrote in his ruling.


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