Transgender Predator Caught in Pedophile Sting While Trying to Meet 13-Year-Old, Claimed Gender Identity Made Him “Lonely”

A transgender pedophile was caught in a pedophile sting conducted in Colorado last week by predator hunters after the man had attempted to meet a 13-year-old girl for the purposes of “teaching” her about sex.

News of the sting first premiered on September 13 on a YouTube account belonging to independent child safeguarding group Colorado Ped Patrol (CPP). The 29-minute video shows CPP head Thomas Fellows confronting a man at a McDonald’s in Weld County, Colorado, on September 7, along with his team.

The alleged pedophile is named by CPP as Ronald “Roni” Jensen, 61, who arrived at the sting location wearing a light blue dress, an auburn wig, sunglasses, and block-heeled sandals. Jensen had been under the impression he would be meeting with a 13-year-old girl, but had in fact been speaking with an adult decoy associated with CPP.

Jensen was met by the CPP team at the eatery’s doorway, with Fellows immediately asking him why he was there and who he was attempting to meet. The team filmed the exchange on body cameras and phones and gave the man the option to have the conversation outdoors to avoid making a disturbance inside, which Jensen agrees to after seeing Fellows had a dossier of evidence on him.

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