Trans Authority Cites Pedophilic Forum, Reduces Age Restrictions for ‘Puberty Blockers’ and Genital Surgeries

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) has released a finalized version of their updated Standards of Care guidelines (SOC8). Among the recommendations include reducing the age at which children can receive “puberty-blocking” drugs and cross-sex hormones to 9 years old. Age restrictions on surgical interventions have also been relaxed.

In a change from previous protocols, no specific minimum age is recommended as a cut-off point.

WPATH had previously issued specific guidance on age. Hormone treatments were recommended from 14 years old and up, cosmetic mastectomies at 15+, breast augmentation and “facial feminization surgeries” at 16+, and 17+ for surgeries of the reproductive system, like hysterectomies. They had also recommended an age of 18+ for phalloplasties, the surgical creation of a non-functioning penis.

But on September 15th, WPATH abruptly issued a correction removing those specific age guidelines, despite growing criticism and concern over the medicalization of gender non-conforming children.

Largely ignored is the fact the new criteria reflect the stated desires of a castration fetish forum, the members of which were found have been working intimately with WPATH in a Reduxx investigation published earlier this year. The site also hosts child sexual abuse fantasies that involved halting children’s development for pedophilic interests.

For decades, the group has lobbied the American Psychiatric Association for changes to diagnostic terminology. Surveys conducted within the forum on castration fetishism have been published by WPATH in an academic journal and presented at official conferences.

The SOC8 guidelines were created in partnership with academics who have been leading figures in the castration fetish forum for over twenty years. In particular, members of the forum contributed views towards a new section in the guidelines on the concept of eunuchs as a gender identity.

The Eunuch Archive, the forum which is directly named as a resource in WPATH’s newly-released SOC8, is home to nearly 10,000 fictional pornography stories of an extreme sadomasochistic nature.

As previously reported by Reduxx, many of these stories feature a theme of the rape, castration, torture, and killing of children.

“Like other gender diverse individuals, eunuch individuals may be aware of their identity in childhood or adolescence,” states the final version of the SOC8. “Due to the lack of research into the treatment of children who may identify as eunuchs, we refrain from making specific suggestions.”

In some of the stories, children with stunted puberty are raped by doctors. In others, children are castrated by force as part of a sadistic sexual torture ritual. Other themes include Nazi doctors experimenting on children by castrating and sexually abusing them. There are also erotic stories which describe young boys being given “feminizing” hormones, only to be sex trafficked during adolescence.

In May, Reduxx learned that three of the forum’s top members were academics who had been collaborating with WPATH on the most recent SOC8 guidelines. One of the site’s top administrators is Dr. Thomas W. Johnson, a Professor Emeritus at California State University in Chico. Johnson has been a leading member of the Eunuch Archive since 2001.

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