Top Trans Medical Association Collaborated With Castration, Child Abuse Fetishists

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH),  the international association which sets guidelines for the medical ‘transitioning’ of children, has been collaborating with participants of a fetish forum that hosts and produces fictional child pornography and extreme sadomasochistic content.

On December 3, 2021, WPATH released draft guidelines which included, for the first time, the category of ‘eunuch’ as a protected “gender identity.” WPATH’s updated 8th edition of their Standards of Care (SOC), which recommends medical treatment and services for those with a self-declared ‘gender identity,’ describes the relationship between “eunuch-identified people and other transgender people.”

The document states, “Eunuch-identified people may share with other gender-diverse people a desire for reduction or elimination of masculine physical features, masculine genitals, or genital functioning.”

It also goes on to claim that “eunuch-identified people may suffer the same minority stress as other stigmatized groups,” and refers extensively to research collected from a hardcore fetish site called the Eunuch Archives — a site that features child sexual exploitation fantasies centered around stopping little boys from going through puberty.

The Eunuch Archive began in the late 1990s in collaboration with Body Modification Ezine (BME) and was initially hosted on the same site. BME achieved some notoriety in the early 2000’s for a viral video titled “Pain Olympics” which featured men mutilating their genitals on camera.

Prior to the official launch of the Archive itself, members would congregate on a Usenet forum by the same name, which advertised itself in a newsgroup dedicated to sadomasochism:, a discussion group credited with coining the acronym BDSM in 1991.

In the newsgroup alt.eunuchs.questions, members shared castration fantasies, offered services, traded castration photos and videos, sought to connect with young men to “feminize,” asked for advice on chemical castration, and recommended doctors willing to perform surgeries without psychiatric evaluations. 

An FAQ document published at the beginning of the site’s development recommended several other torture and bondage pornography forums for users to share images and request “cutters.”

Notably, Usenet forums were the target of the FBI’s first investigations into internet-based pedophile rings, as it provided a space for organizing and exchanging of child sexual abuse materials, including written pornography.

Once the Archive was established, many of the notable members moved over to it.

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