Another incel loser killer blames the world for his problems

Another hapless loser blaming women for the emptiness of his own life.

In the bowels of the women-hating incel culture, inspired by Toronto mass killer Alek Minassian and angry at the unfairness of the world, the friendless 17-year-old high school dropout plotted his own murderous attack.

He bought a 17-inch sword on Amazon and inscribed it “Thot slayer” — slang for slut. He took along a handwritten note — “Long Live The Incel Rebellion” — because he wanted the world to know that “people like us exist, and it’s not really fair.”

He donned dark glasses and a long dark coat like that worn by the Columbine massacre shooters, attached the sword to his belt and walked 1.6 kilometres to the Crown Spa, an erotic massage parlour at 3598 Dufferin St.

Why did he choose to attack the women there? “I just thought they, they weren’t very clean people,” he told police.

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