Child Sex Abuse Activists Marched for ‘Equal Rights’ At 2022 Cologne Pride

Reduxx has learned that members of a German pro-pedophilia group were present and demonstrating during one of Europe’s largest Pride celebrations in Cologne.

According to a post on the website K13online, members of the pedophile community called Krumme-13 congregated at the parade, colloquially known as Christopher Street Day (CSD), on June 2, and displayed a flag representing “minor-attracted persons” pride.

The post uses the acronym LGBTIQ+P and demands the “official inclusion of pedophiles” within the LGBT movement. Describing the symbolism of the MAP flag, Krumme-13 says that the colors “connect pedo-, hebe- and/or also partheno-/ephebophiles,” which are sexual paraphilias that distinguish the preferred age ranges for sexual abusers. The baby blue and pink stripes in the MAP flag which symbolize a sexual interest in young boys and young girls, respectively, correspond with those seen in the transgender pride flag.

Popular fact-check website Snopes has claimed that the MAP pride flag does not exist, despite its documented use by pro-pedophile activists. Instead, Snopes states the flag was a “troll experiment on Tumblr” created as part of a “fear-mongering campaign” intended to “link pedophilia to the LGBTQ community.”

At the Pride event in Cologne, pro-pedophile activists also carried signs opposing the “censorship” of the organization and advocated for a “diversity of opinions” within the LGBT community.

Krumme-13, along with other German child sex abuse advocates, call for the inclusion of pedophilia as a protected “sexual identity” in accordance with Article 3 of Germany’s Basic Law, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of certain characteristics, including race and sex.

On the community’s main forum, activists are already planning out a presence at the next Pride parade.

“In 2023 there will be CSD [parades] again in many cities. K13online is already calling on the German pedophile scene to actively participate in one way or another in the [demonstrations] of the LGBTIQ+(P) communities,” a post reads.

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